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    Hello! This will be apart of a forums series of answering questions why you can't do certain things on Minehut's console/panel or in-game! Minehut has a exploit with custom player-made plugins. You can manipulate the root files and change the player count of you server without paying. To anyone who wants to add a custom plugin this is the reason why you cant! If you have any questions about anything else please comment them or message me on the forums! EDIT - Benny corrected me, the original reason is not valid. (The part about getting into a persons server.) IF YOU ENJOYED MAKE SURE TO LIKE AND COMMENT!
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    It would taste of Trent-made Christmas cookies in the shape of trees. The goal of my content is always to entertain. I don’t expect to be forgiven. Sorry.
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    Looks like the plugin you are suggesting has already been added to Minehut a while ago.
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    We'll look into adding this plugin. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Yep, we are going to be adding this plugin like previously suggested. I'm going to lock this post now. We usually post plugin updates in our News and Updates category so stay tuned in that channel.
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    What if you put it on a christmas tree? Does it then taste of evergreen? (tis the season)
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    0 o 0 that;s awesome I could never do something like that, how can I use this on my server since you said it only works on urs? (I use PerrmissionsEX if that helps, idk)
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    Yea now you made my xray go to waste.
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    A friend and I wanna use mods on a server. Do mods work? If so how do I enable the mods? Any answer is helpful.
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