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    I have looked into this as well and I really like the idea, it would be great for my server *coughs* leached.minehut.gg
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    For years, humanity has been plagued by having bread that tastes like bread. We're in the 21st century. This should not be an issue. Because of this, I'm proud to announce to you the Minehut bread. With more nutrients than ever, you can carb load and eat your favorite Minecraft server at the same time. Now while polling customers about the product, some were confused as to the purpose of it. Those people are obviously not the targeted audience so if you don't understand it, then leave. Below are some quotes from our satisfied customers: McThistle2 - "Bread is like bready. I love it" Appleflavored - "Minehut bread, as stated in the name, is known for many disappointing but promising characteristics. It's fluffy, but can be unexpectedly crunchy when it's not supposed to be. 5/5" CyberRyan - "Ok" DeephEriksen - " I gave Jackson85 a quote, it was the yeast I could do." So what do you say? Are you ready today to pay for the bread you'll eat on feast day?Okay! In only 9 easy payments of 10,000 Trent credits, the Minehut bread can be yours!
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    Hi! On the last forums (eeeew), I made a post similar to this. Now, with 2 managers, a metric ton of new mods and some Jr. Mods I thought it was time to refresh the winner (gg gingey :D). https://strawpoll.com/d6b8f1yg Note: The staff members are sorted from Mod to Jr Mod, alphabetically. I have not put in any Super League, Build Team, Support Team, Managers or Admins. Only mods allowed! Edit: HOLY COW DID THIS GET POPULAR
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    So I was think of a a chat prefix plugin that run separately from the rank prefixes and also allow players to create their own tags was a great idea, also being a simple setup is another reason I think that this would be a great addition to Minehut. Minehut already has DeluxeChat (which would work perfectly with DeluxeTags) plus it is a free plugin. I am aware that Minehut has NameTag Edit, but that doesn't work with chat, only with scoreboards/tablist and above their heads. I think this would be a great addition and would help people like me that just want a simple tag before player's names in chat that players can purchase and flex to the rest of my server members. I know there are other ways to do this but I really like this plugin and I would really hope that a developer sees this and agrees with me since it would really help me and a lot of others trying to grow their community. To learn more vist https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/deluxetags.4390/ Thank you and I hope you consider this FREE plugin since it would go great with DeluxeChat and NameTag Edit. Thank you and have an amazing day.
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    I don't see why this should be relevant to applying for and getting staff, seems kind of biased that knowing staff could potentially raise your status to get accepted.
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    From my experience, I believe the most essential plugins for most Minehut servers to have would be Skript, Essentials, Holographic Displays, Worldedit, Worldguard, Kiteboard, and any Skript addons you need. Hope this helps!
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    @McThistle, this problem was solved. Could you please lock it?
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    every 3 seconds: drop 2 dirt at location(215, 149, 489, world "world") You were using the location() function incorrectly, it requires commas and a world. For further Skript help I suggest using the #skript text channel on the Minehut discord, responses will come much faster.
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    Just watch this, or go to https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/kiteboard.13694/ for help!
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    If I'm voted as favourite I promise to give out all of the staff's cookies to the community..
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    lol , I love that self promo, also thanks for your feedback.
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    little demon monster jackjack. He'll destroy us all....
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    Instead of asking on here, you should look in market place on the MInehut Discord. You'll find many people here willing to give you their services for free. Have a nice day!
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    You can block /minecraft:me with a permission node. The same thing with /me. Not a point to make a skript for it.
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    The whole reasoning of the hibernation feature is to move servers offline to create more space for servers who are starting. Hibernation occurs when no one is active or on the server. A simple solution is to stay on the server while you edit files.
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    Polls closing in 1 day! Current victor would be Jackson85, followed by _C02!
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    people can bypass this with /minecraft:me
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    Hello. I have an survival server. I want to make unbreakable areas with the world guard plugin. I only don't really know how it works. The commands //wand or /rg dont work. Can anyone help me please?
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    I think that Jackson guy is pretty cool.
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    Ready to apply? Click here or visit the Build Team Applications category to get started!
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    Minehut Build Team Thanks for taking interest into joining the Minehut build team! We are currently looking for two new builders to join the Minehut build team! We need people to help assist us in building our new Minehut lobby, as well as to help work on a few other projects we currently have going up. Format (Copy + Paste) Username: Age: Location (Country/State): Timezone: How much time can you dedicate per week? Previous Experience (Please include if you are currently on another build team as well and if so, whether you currently get paid or not): Portfolio/Pictures of your previous builds:
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    Hey joejeroen, to use worldguard, make sure you also have the world edit plugin and that you are opped. do //wand and left + right click the selection of the area you want to claim. do /rg flags to see a list of region flags and then do /rg flag <id>. Here is a worldguard command guide for more info: https://worldguard.enginehub.org/en/latest/regions/commands/
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    I think Kailum is a good staff member, nice guy he is.

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