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    I get bored alot and decide to just join random servers, its so frustrating when over half these servers whitelisted, I don't see a point in putting them on the server finder, people who are whitelisted would just do /join anyways.
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    Alright, thank you :D!
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    Good point heh heh, anyone? No? okay..
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    Staff Applications Open & Staff Roles Updated Staff Applications are now open! Applications will be running from today Saturday June 29th through next week Saturday July 6th make sure to get it in as fast as possible so you don't miss out Staff Applications won't open back up for another 2 months! Head over to the Staff Application category or click here to start your application process! Make sure you copy the format posted and follow all of the requirements! Staff Changes & Role Updates ‣ Admins (Leadership Team) @Trent @ZeroParticle ‣ Managers (Staff Managers) @BennyDoesStuff @Motionq @Spazzs ‣ Senior Moderators (Team Leaders) @_Gingey_ Reports and Appeals Manager - makes sure reports and ban appeals get handled quickly. @_Rascal Build Team Manager - manages the build team entirely, applications and projects. @Ceppy Events Manager - runs Minehut Events club on forums, comes up with events, creates events, runs events, coordinate with Super League Gaming to promote events. @Criticyl Community Support Manager - makes sure community support is well organized, setup !tags in discord, make sure questions on forums are answered, and threads are clean meaning one clear, correct answer in response to questions so they are easily searchable in the future. @Faacto Suggestions Manager - manages suggestions discord, organizing features, working with Trent on what should get on the roadmap, spurs conversation in suggestions discord. @ThatOneTqnk Plugin Manager - manages plugin updates, handling reports of broken plugins adds new plugins after verifying safe. Newly Promoted Moderators Welcome the newest Minehut Moderators to the staff team, make sure to congratulate them on making it through their 2 month trial and successfully join our team full time! @JackJack33 @MikeTheAngel @Tresre @Xounaut
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    permissions plugin (Permissionex - Groupmanager - Luckperms - zpermission)
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