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    Ok so @Vocall and I made this thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSlPo8nk7xk&feature=youtu.be. Make sure to like and shoot the subscribe button with your musket.
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    This Week's New Plugins! This week we added 10 new plugins to Minehut! Check out the list of ones we added below. BetterSleeping DiscordSRV Staff Chat EasterEggs HebrewFix ItemEdit MoneyNote QualityArmory TC Coasters WolfyUtilities WorldGuard Extra Flags Updates: View the plugins we updated this week here! Have a plugin you think we should add? Suggest it to us right here on the forums! Use the "Plugins" category to do so.
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    You could download your world with "/dl world", unzip it, put the datapack in the "datapacks" folder, rezip the world, and then reupload the world from control panel (make sure server is offline before reuploading).
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    Unfortunately, I'm not really an expert on datapacks, so I don't know exactly; however, I think you need to go into your File Manager tab, select the folder titled "world", then within the folder titled "datapacks" create a new folder for your datapack, and then transfer all of your datapack's files, one-by-one into there. The tutorial here might help (timestamp: 1:51)
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    Unfortunately, you cannot upload folders, but you can make them. In order to do this, go into the File Manager on your Minehut control panel and select the following icon: After creating your folder, you will need to upload each file from your datapack manually, one-by-one.
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    +1 (https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/multiverse-core) (https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/multiverse-core/files/2729939)
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    This is already planned by the minehut team.
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    This happened to me as well. It got replaced with a completely different world. I hope a response is issued soon as I have contacted support and DM'ed support on twitter
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    same. really hope this can be fixed.
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    This Week's New Plugins! This week we added 8 new plugins to Minehut! Check out the list of ones we added below. + BetterNick + Emerald Tools + Experience Plus + Kit Preview (Essentials) + Player Notify + QuickClose + SmoothTimber + Syntax Blocker Updates: View the plugins we added this week here! Have a plugin you think we should add? Suggest it to us right here on the forums! Use the "Plugins" category to do so.
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    Quick Info: Server Name: TIMH (Trouble in Minehut) Server IP: timh.minehut.gg Server Discord: https://discord.gg/ZbwdUM2 Server Owner: Team Empire Happy Friday! This week’s Featured Server, TIMH (Trouble in Minehut), is a server based off of the popular Garry's Mod Gamemode TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town). The game works like this: Once in-game, players are given one of three roles: innocent, detective, or traitor. Innocents must work with the detective to find and kill all of the traitors, while the traitors try to wipe out the other team. But heres the catch: the traitors are hidden amongst the innocents! Lucky for you, theres a machine called the Traitor Tester! Have your suspected traitors enter the machine and press the button. After 3 seconds, if the machine lights up, the player is a traitor. If not, they're an innocent. The game also features a karma system that either punishes or rewards you for killing another player. If a traitor kills an innocent, or vice versa, they will be rewarded with a small amount of karma. However, if an innocent kills an innocent, they will lose a large amount of karma. This system serves to prevent rdming, or random deathmatch-ing. Traitors also have access to several special mechanics such as traitor chat (/tc) and the traitor shop (/ts). The shop sells special weapons and items to the traitors to help them win the game. The perks can be bought with kill points, which are awarded when the traitor kills an innocent. When a player dies in the game, they will leave behind a corpse that players can investigate. Upon clicking the corpse, the role of the person will be revealed. This can be used to help the innocents figure out who the traitors are and where they were. Try the game out for yourself! Hop into the server (/join TIMH or timh.minehut.gg) and join the queue! (You can also auto queue by using /q auto) Oh, one last thing. TIMH is hosting an event next weekend on July 20th! Find event details here to join in on the fun.
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    @cowconut because that name is a good name and everything else doesn't matter
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    Minehut Moderation Application Hey there, thanks for taking interest into applying for the Minehut moderation team! The main goals of this team is to help players who need help with their Minehut servers, to keep our lobbies, Discord server, and forums fully moderated as well as other tasks such as but not limited to hosting fun events with the community or responding to reports and appeals. If you are interested in joining the staff team, please make sure you have first read up and memorized all of the Minehut rules located here as well as how the staff team is organized and how we filter out potential applicants here. Staff Requirements At least 14 years of age. This is because all staff members are required to use Discord as it's our main form of communication throughout the staff team and according to the Discord TOS, they require everyone to be at least 13 years old to have an account. Must be apart of the Minehut community for at least 2 months. One of the main responsibilities of the moderation team is to help out players with their Minehut servers. Because of this, we require that all staff members have a good understanding of how Minehut works and how to use it. Have a working and understandable microphone. One of the steps of the application process is coming into a Discord call with the staff managers and doing a private interview to better understand who you are. Because of this, we require that all applicants have a working and understandable microphone. This could be your headset, your phone, or maybe a webcam built into your laptop. Able to contribute a few hours a week on Minehut services. The moderation team would not work properly if none of the staff members were active enough to accomplish its goals. While we aren't expecting you to spend a crazy amount of time, we do expect that you are spending a few hours a week either in game, on our forums, or talking in the Minehut Discord server. No major punishments within the last 30 days. While we are completely fine if you got a mute or 2 for some minor infraction, we ask that you may not have any punishments longer than a week issued within the past month of submitting your moderation application. Have a Discord account you use actively. As stated above, all of our staff members are required to have a Discord account. This is mainly because our main platform for communication is within our private staff Discord server. Communication is key for a successful team so it is extremely important that you are quite active on our Discord servers to be considered for the staff team. Application Guidelines Do not harass or ask any staff members to read or look at your application. It will be instantly denied. You must follow the application format and follow any staff or application requirements located in this forums post. Your application has to be 100% honest and lying in your application might result in a blacklist from applying. Do not share or discuss your application with any other players or staff members while it is pending. If you're punished while your application is being reviewed, it will be denied depending on the severity of the infraction. If you do get your application accepted, you're not allowed to share your results until you receive your final verdict of joining the staff team. Application Format (Copy + Paste) Personal Questions: Name: Minecraft Username: Gender: Age: Timezone: Discord Tag (eg. User#0000): Are you multilingual? (fluent, not learning): General Questions: What made you want to apply for a staff position here? How much time can you contribute to being online and available? Have you applied for the staff team previously? (If so, how did it go and what have you done to improve upon it?) Do you have any connections to members of the current staff team? (If so, who?) Have you been staff on any server inside or outside of Minehut? (If so, where and what did you do?) Are you currently staff on any servers outside of Minehut? (If so, how will this affect your activity on Minehut?) Have you broken any rules on Minehut or other servers in the past? (How have you changed since then?) What are some of your accomplishments, skills, hobbies, or other recreations outside of Minecraft? What would you consider to be your proudest accomplishment, no matter how small or large: Situations: A player has just told you that their Minehut server isn't starting up. What should you first ask or tell them? You have just been muted on the Discord server, but you feel the mute was a false one. How will you handle this? You noticed a staff member being biased towards/against certain players. What would you do? Describe a time where you were extremely stressful or anxious about something. How did you overcome it? Explain a situation where you have shown maturity / good handling of a situation. Would you rather prioritize sending well-written responses or replying in a short amount of time and why? Ready to apply? Click "New Topic" in the Applications category or click here to start your application! Make sure you copied the format posted above and followed all the requirements.
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