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    Hey Traviesito08, if your world is stuck in "starting" or is not restarting, try simply force stopping the server (found under the Danger Tab) or waiting for a little while. Also, this post belongs in the Community Support forum, this is the Servers forum meant for advertising minehut servers. thanks.
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    Hello, I am a bit unexperienced with minecraft servers and minehut. Please can someone tell me how to add Forge onto mine Munehut mincraft server? Thanks
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    Hello. I have an survival server. I want to make unbreakable areas with the world guard plugin. I only don't really know how it works. The commands //wand or /rg dont work. Can anyone help me please?
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    Quick Info: Server Name: TIMH (Trouble in Minehut) Server IP: timh.minehut.gg Server Discord: https://discord.gg/ZbwdUM2 Server Owner: Team Empire Happy Friday! This week’s Featured Server, TIMH (Trouble in Minehut), is a server based off of the popular Garry's Mod Gamemode TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town). The game works like this: Once in-game, players are given one of three roles: innocent, detective, or traitor. Innocents must work with the detective to find and kill all of the traitors, while the traitors try to wipe out the other team. But heres the catch: the traitors are hidden amongst the innocents! Lucky for you, theres a machine called the Traitor Tester! Have your suspected traitors enter the machine and press the button. After 3 seconds, if the machine lights up, the player is a traitor. If not, they're an innocent. The game also features a karma system that either punishes or rewards you for killing another player. If a traitor kills an innocent, or vice versa, they will be rewarded with a small amount of karma. However, if an innocent kills an innocent, they will lose a large amount of karma. This system serves to prevent rdming, or random deathmatch-ing. Traitors also have access to several special mechanics such as traitor chat (/tc) and the traitor shop (/ts). The shop sells special weapons and items to the traitors to help them win the game. The perks can be bought with kill points, which are awarded when the traitor kills an innocent. When a player dies in the game, they will leave behind a corpse that players can investigate. Upon clicking the corpse, the role of the person will be revealed. This can be used to help the innocents figure out who the traitors are and where they were. Try the game out for yourself! Hop into the server (/join TIMH or timh.minehut.gg) and join the queue! (You can also auto queue by using /q auto) Oh, one last thing. TIMH is hosting an event next weekend on July 20th! Find event details here to join in on the fun.
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    please update GroupManager. Its broken and i can't use it and i dont wanna use other permission plugins! https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/groupmanager.38875/
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    michael could grow his beard down to his knees but we still wouldn't have a restart button
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    bro im currently in portugal for vacation right now haha
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    Haha, this really does bring back memories. Thanks for posting this.
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    Using Commands: make sure you are using the correct command and that you are opped (/op {username}) in the console. Changing server gamemode: make sure you change the server gamemode from the server properties tab in the console, save your server, and restart. once you do this, new players who join will be in creative mode. If you want, you can turn on "force gamemode" which is also in the server properties tab of console. doing this makes everyone automatically in creative mode every time they join. also, this is in the wrong category, it belongs in Community Support, not general. thanks!
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    Hey corgi, after you change your world generation settings to something other than flat, remember to "reset world"
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    Hey korki, if you want to change your main world, upload the world using any of these two methods: "On Minehut, we offer the ability to upload your very own world (or one you found online, we don't judge!) to your server. As long as the world size is under 500MB you're good to go Uploading the World: To begin the world must not contain spaces or uppercase letters. If the world is not already in a zip file, drag the folder of the world into an empty zip file (you can title it whatever you want!) Afterwards you can choose between two methods First Method: 1. Upload the world zip to a file uploader like Mediafire, File.io, or Dropbox 2. Get the direct link to the upload, which ALWAYS ends in .zip (this is important, it won't work if you skip this step!) You can do this in most file uploaders by right-clicking on the download button and clicking copy link 3. Run the command /ul world <worldname> <direct link> in your server. (ex: '/ul world myworld https://www.file.io/`) Second Method: 1. Go to the https://minehut.com/panel/minecraft/world section of the panel 2. Under Upload World click onChoose File, 3. Select the .zip file from your computer and then click on Open After uploading you will be able to do /worlds (requires op) and click on the name of the uploaded world Note: if it was uploaded using /ul world the world will be called ul_NAME where NAME is what you called the uploaded world." After that, go to the server console on the website, go into the server properties tab, and change "Level name" to the uploaded world that you want to make your main world! Also, to get back into your server (since you deleted your world files) you may have to "Reset world". This option is found in Server Appearance.
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    Hey supahsassy, as I just posted on your other post, try installing the world guard plugin, and doing "/region flag __global__ tnt <allow|deny>"
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    Hmm,Hm, try adding the world guard plugin, and do "/region flag __global__ tnt <allow|deny>"
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    Hey supahsassy, you can turn off TNT by doing "/gamerule tntexplodes false" in game. You can also turn off mob griefing (creepers, ghasts, etc.) By doing "/gamerule MobGriefing False" Also, this belongs in community support, not general, thanks.
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    I'm sorry but you can't as Minehut doesn't support modded servers. If you have any more questions let me know.
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    Go head to the appeals section in the forums HERE FORMAT HERE
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    If It's still not letting you join follow this DANGER ZONE -> Repair Files By clicking that it may cause data loss and clicking it you agree to what may happen.
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    Reset your world, make sure It isn't flat and add the seed restart and then It should be there, Also, make sure the seed isn't courted and make sure to get one that you know that works for sure.
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    That will not be needed, @PumpfakeLEFT, Before you leave always do /save-all
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    Hello! If you having trouble please do the following commands! Permissions Ex /pex group {groupname} add backpacksplus.use.small /pex group {groupname} add backpacksplus.use.medium /pex group {groupname} add backpacksplus.use.large /pex group {groupname} add backpacksplus.use.extralarge Group Manager /mangaddp {group} backpacksplus.use.small /mangaddp {group} backpacksplus.use.medium /mangaddp {group} backpacksplus.use.large /mangaddp {group} backpacksplus.use.extralarge Luck Perms /lp group {groupname} permission set backpacksplus.use.small /lp group {groupname} permission set backpacksplus.use.medium /lp group {groupname} permission set backpacksplus.use.large /lp group {groupname} permission set backpacksplus.use.extralarge What this does is gives the group permission to anything you want. Do that command that falls under what ranking system they have. for tp is essentials.tpa or essentials.tp. For all essentials permission nodes here is a link https://pastebin.com/z3ZYjqKW Hope this solved your problem! To support me like this post!
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    If you're still having this problem follow the steps below Open Panel -> Danger Zone -> Repair Files This may cause some data loss but It'll fix your issue if you're still having trobule!
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    Did you op you and your admins?

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