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    This sounds like it could be a really cool minehut event @Ceppy
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    Hello, Everyone! I'm currently creating a server where you have 10 days to build/collect resources for your bunker, you may team up with others if you wish! And until the 11th day of that month, you must go into your bunker! because you may not step foot on the surface. The last to survive underground is crowned champion of that month, you have 1 life throughout that month and when you die you are banned until the server resets the following month. To stay alive underground you can, Create Farms. Make obsidian structures around your builds. Etc. Although you must stay alert of non-peaceful players, from destroying your bunker etc. However it would be much appreciated if anyone is willing to help with the building of the server. Feel free to apply over on my discord for DoomDay, https://discord.gg/nwXgPA7 Thanks for reading this.
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    Hey, we'll be updating to 1.14.3 soon. We're waiting on a few third party programs we use to update. Spigot updated Bungeecord updated ProtocolSupport hasn't updated yet (lets previous versions join) Once ProtocolSupport updates, we'll update all of Minehut to 1.14.3 and support versions back to 1.8. If we updated now, we would only support 1.14.3 and no previous versions, so we're going to wait a little bit
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    Are you guys on the latest version? Currently Minehut is not on 1.14.3, but will be as soon as possible, so for the meantime you have to be on 1.14.2 until there is a stable bungeecord release. Moved to community support.
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    I was playing around with commands and I accidentally killed the server by spawning too many eggs and now I can't get on the website to edit it or use admin commands PLEASE HELP! It keeps loading! It loaded it just was having a hard time
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    Minehut is having some issues right now, and therefore many things such as logging into the panel and slow and unresponsive. The admins are fixing it.
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    so minecraft just updated to 1.14.3 and i was wondering if i would be able to get my world to 1.14.3? please help
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    Kind of sounds like an extended UHC, however, @Smjokster if you could shoot me a dm on either here or discord then it would be appreciated
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    Indeed. Status page is back up.
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    Hello BogeyGaming, the scripts you requested are really easy to make: options: apply_link: #replace this with the link to your application form# discord_server_link: #replace this with your discord invite link# command /discord: trigger: send "&7You can join our discord by clicking this link &e%{@discord_server_link}%" command /apply: trigger: send "&7You can apply here &e%{@apply_link}%"
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    Sounds like an interesting idea. Hope it takes off!
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    This does sound fun.
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    My new pack! @RealRedMatt007 I got a texture pack to work!
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    uhh Make a club, don't have your forums here...
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    Down with the mods. #NoMods

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