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    I was promoted to admin! Thanks everyone for the support, I really appreciate it. I will be trying to make the server better even more now. Ily
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    I think you deserve to be an admin Bear :).
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    Welcome to StarUltra!
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    You can move the spawn location to somewhere else. Moved to Community Support (Please make sure to use Community Support next time for help)
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    GoDead is the winner!!! You should be recieving your rank shortly
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    Seeing as I can't choose myself :< @Ceppy he's chill.
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    Fishbros is able to be played
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    Due to the Elytras being overpowered, the staff team removed them, turn them over to staff or you will face punishment.
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    The club reached 20 members today! Invite your friends, lets hit 50 next!
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    Perfect. Glad I was able to help!
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    The dark theme is nice, but definitely needs improvements. I think the italic headers should be changed to non italic. The glowing effects look ugly imo The colors are definitely off, doesn't seem like a smooth transition from black to gray, for example in the index the headers have dark black backgrounds and the category backgrounds are light gray The dark purple that's around the forums doesn't really fit, especially in the profile page section I also don't think black should be part of the dark theme, I think it should just be dark gray to light gray I think that the dark them should literally just be the light theme but darker, no changes except color
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    On behalf of the StarUltra staff team, we apologize for the issue that happened. It was Ryanor's friend on his account, While some of you may be mad that he wasn't punished further, I understand. All posts criticizing our decision will be taken down.
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    Proof of bear using a abusing item
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    Hey! We know that some of you with VIP are experiencing some issues! We apologize for this, any issues that arise should be posted in the comment section of Support Tickets/Help. Please be patient! Enjoy your rank Bear, on behalf of StarUltra
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    Thor Shop is to work your pay up for [VIP] QUESTION ANSWERED POST LOCKED
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    Moved to General for you
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    This is how I personally upload my world files. 1. Download a specific world from anywhere (PMC) 2. Drag and drop to Desktop. 3. Create and name a new WinRAR Zip Archive (WinRAR must be installed) 4. Open the downloaded world folder, and move region & level.dat into the named WinRAR Archive. 5. Open a browser and go to file.io 6. Upload your WinRAR Archive Folder to file.io 7. DO NOT HIT COPY LINK! (Reference Image) 8. Open your server, and do /mh >World Management > Upload a world > (name it) >Paste the link using CTRL + V If all goes well, It would've upload with no problem. Hope this helps in some way.

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