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    I don't even want to read that oml I was joking either way consider joining
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    Ay, it works. But the site looks ugly.
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    Hey everyone! Time for a Kahoot event! An idea proposed by AttendantFox, the events team has decided to host a Kahoot event where we’ll all come together and play a couple rounds of Kahoot. Here are some of the event details: Details: This Saturday at 3pm EST! https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ Make sure you're available to join the voice channel when the event starts on Saturday! ~Events Team Also make sure to join the Events club if you have not already done so.
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    I would like to suggest adding the name of the plugin's author to the description of the plugin. I obviously understand this can't be added to ALL of the current plugins, but maybe just added to new plugins, and when plugins are updated? It would be nice (without having to click the link to the plugin's Spigot page) to see the author of the plugin While you are at it, maybe also include plugin version? This way when someone goes to install a plugin on their server, they can at least see beforehand which version it is. Special thank you to @Rip_Turtlz for reminding me to re-post this on the new forums!
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    Dope, will be spending a lot of time on here so if you would like lets get to know each other!
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    List me 3 unique things about your server, people may consider joining then
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    I have a chrome extension but its not working, which one are you using?
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    Basics Everything your server needs, in one plugin. Full Latest Documentation View previews on the Spigot Page Fully-Featured Punishment System Kick + kickall Warn & Unwarn Mute system (Timed + Perm) Ban System (Timed + Perm) Mute chat Command Blocker Accessible in-game Works like you'd expect it to 15+ Essential Commands Lightweight Spawn System Configurable Unique Connecting Join/Leave Messages Unique Join Counter Accounts Per IP Fully configurable Set the amount of accounts allowed to be connected to the same IP on your server at once Toggle Hunger across your server In config Staff chat Configurable, toggled. Basics uses its own custom time-parsing function so it bypasses the limitations of Skript's built in timespans. "forever", "perm", and "permanent" are all acceptable where [timespan] is mentioned. [Required Params] <Optional Params> /ban [player] [timespan] <reason> * basics.ban * basics.ban.perm /basics [reload|version] * basics.admin /commandblocker [add|remove|list] [<command>] * basics.commandblocker /clear <player> * basics.clear * basics.clear.other /clearchat * basics.clearchat /feed * basics.feed * basics.feed.others /fly <player> * basics.fly * basics.fly.others /gamemode [gamemode] [player] * basics.gamemode * basics.gamemode.others /gmc <player> * basics.gamemode.creative /gms <player> * basics.gamemode.survival /gma <player> * basics.gamemode.adventure /gmsp <player> * basics.gamemode.spectator /heal <player> * basics.heal * basics.heal.others /kick [player] <reason> * basics.kick /kickall <reason> * basics.kickall /mute [player] [timespan] <reason> * basics.mute * basics.mute.perm /revertwarn [player] <reason> * basics.revertwarn /setspawn * basics.setspawn /spawn <player> * basics.spawn * basics.spawn.others * basics.spawn.bypassDelay /unban [player] <reason> * basics.unban /unmute [player] <reason> * basics.unmute /warn [player] <reason> * basics.warn Before installing Basics, you'll need: Skript [Hard Dependancy] (bensku's fork) skQuery [Hard Dependancy] Once you have all the dependencies, navigate through your server files to the Skript plugin folder. Then click the "scripts" folder. Upload/paste the downloaded file in the "scripts" folder. By download, or utilizing this plugin in any way, you, the consumer, agree to all of the following terms. You may not claim this project as yours, in any way, or take credit for any part of it. You will not redistribute this plugin, but redirect people here. Before leaving a bad review because something doesn't work, please contact me either through Spigot or the Vector Software discord server.
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    Welcome to the new Minehut forums! I hope you guys are as excited as I am about the new forums. This is a huge upgrade compared to the forums software we were using before this, we now have a ton of new and exciting features for the community that we didn't have before such as private messaging, following other users, and more! If you have any suggestions on things we could modify or change up with these forums, let us know in the Suggestions category here. Some key changes with the new forums: No need to make yourself a new account. All Minehut panel accounts are the same accounts for the forums! New dedicated categories now exist for Skript, advertising your servers, suggesting plugins, and more. You can now link your forums account with the Minehut Discord! Doing so will get you a role on the Discord server. All users now have a dedicated profile page where you can post status updates, follow others, and more! Create your own club for your Minehut server with your own private forum categories and moderators. Coming soon: A new dark theme for all those that hate the white color. Getting started on the new forums: Login to the Minehut panel using the account you would like to use for the forums. After you come back to the forums link, it will ask you for your username and you'll be able to use the forums right away! You can also click the sign in button in the top right of the forums. Link your Discord account to your forums account and make sure you join the Discord server! While you're at it, add yourself a fancy profile picture and a signature to pop up below all of your posts on the forums. Let the Minehut community know who you are and what you like! We have an Introduce Yourself category over here where you can show off the world everything about you and whatever else you would like others to know about you. Make yourself home! Create your own club for your Minehut server and set it up to work for YOUR server! You can customize the club to be however you want it to be very easily and quickly without any hassle. How to create a club for your Minehut server: Make sure you're logged in and click the Clubs button located near the top or click here. In the top right, click Start a Club. Type in the name of your server and choose the appropriate privacy options you feel is correct. Fill in the rest of the boxes accordingly. Your club will then be put in an approval queue to be approved by our mods. After it is approved, you'll be able to start inviting players to your server's club and populate it with all the posts and information you need for your Minehut server. Enjoy! If you want to take some inspiration from other clubs, you can check out my club for Warzone here or @_Rascal's upcoming RPG server called Spelunking here. Additional Comments: If you have any other questions or thoughts that you would like to ask or let me know, you can contact me by sending me @BennyDoesStuff a private message through the forums or by contacting me on Discord by joining the Minehut Discord here and messaging my Discord account (@BennyDoesTheStuff#0001).
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    Have fun in Portugal
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    All trent cares about is the trees And also about his 1000 Laptops. *insert image of his desk here*
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    you can backup worlds using command: /dl world <world name> Uploading a world: *Name example*: `world_light or light, use _ for space and no caps, NOT world light or Light` **zip** the world folder..then **Option 1.** use *world settings* to upload zip file and your world will be in */worlds* (make sure server is running while uploading and someone is online so dont go in **hibernation**) **Option 2.** upload zipped world folder to a data site i.e (**www.file.io** or **other**) copy *link*.. then ingame chat type `/ul world <world name> <link>` **i.e** `/ul world wonder https://file.io/UWiZBg ... You can use and see in */worlds*, no saving or restarting needed.. with prefix `ul_<NAME>` - (restart server if don't show). If you use *multiverse* it wont show until you **import** the world `/mv import <world name> normal` ... Extra: uploading a *schematics*.. use **option 2** but dont need to be a zipped file. `/ul schematic <name.schematic/schem> <link>` **i.e** `/ul schematic test.schematic https://file.io/UWiZBg To make it a default world: in server properties in level name. add name of world u want as default
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    Idlers die quick, so good luck. The one idler that hasn't died is the original one.
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    Nice, Requesting Lock
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    Item Display (Skript) Be able to display your item on the chat by typing [item]. If the tool does not have a lore and no enchants, It'll say "No Enchants" and "No Lores". If it has an enchant, but does not have a lore.. It'll say the enchant but say "No Lore"... Stuff like those. Script (17 lines) on chat: if message contains "[item]": cancel event player is not holding air set {_count} to amount of player's held item in player's inventory if player's tool is enchanted: if line 1 of lore of player's tool is set: replace all "[item]" in message with "&8[<tooltip:&e%tool's name ? type of tool% &8(&f%{_count}%x&8)%nl%&7%tool's enchantments%%nl%%tool's lore%>&f%{_count}%x %name of tool ? type of tool%&8]&7" else: replace all "[item]" in message with "&8[<tooltip:&e%tool's name ? type of tool% &8(&f%{_count}%x&8)%nl%%tool's enchantments%%nl%&7No Lores.>&f%{_count}%x %name of tool ? type of tool%&8]&7" if player's tool is not enchanted: if line 1 of lore of player's tool is set: replace all "[item]" in message with "&8[<tooltip:&e%tool's name ? type of tool% &8(&f%{_count}%x&8)%nl%&7No Enchantments.%nl%%tool's lore%>&f%{_count}%x %name of tool ? type of tool%&8]&7" else: replace all "[item]" in message with "&8[<tooltip:&e%tool's name ? type of tool% &8(&f%{_count}%x&8)%nl%&7No Enchantments.%nl%&7No Lores.>&f%{_count}%x %name of tool ? type of tool%&8]&7" replace all "||" with "%nl%" in message send "%player's displayname%&f: &7%message%" to all players
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    say a sentence to continue the story once upon a time, there was a turtle...
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    If I'm correct, skQuery's ``text from url`` expression was disabled on Minehut. Will it ever be enabled again?
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    yo already know I'm gonna be reppin the water block as a smart man once said... just keep swimming - Dory
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    Cops and Crims Paintball Warfare Survival SkyWars Speed UHC Crazy Walls The Walls Mega Walls Murder Mystery Bed Wars UHC Champions The TNT Games Competitive Arena Brawl Warlords Smash Heroes Duels Turbo Kart Racers King Of The Hill The Bridge The Pit Adventure Lobby Housing Parkour
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    Desktop, god help you if you play on a laptop with a trackpad.
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    the turtle was a fat turtle, although, unlike all turtles the turtle was super, super evil.
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    We uh... we don't talk about that era
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    It is my 100 post on the Forums! Including the Forum Games and even before it was released.
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    eggs (I saw trent's post and that was the first thought lol)
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    Woah that'd be the best script ever
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    In confusion follows you and likes post.
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    if you don't follow me and like this you have caught confusion x5000... so do it!!! i already have confusion x5000.
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    Ayy first birthday on the forums
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    Ice cream shop exclusive to our town has a flavor called Cookie Monster. It’s like cookie dough, but somehow not. And it’s blue. Tastes amazing! https://www.flapdoodlesicecream.com/flavors/
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    Currently all servers have 20 player slots with 2gb.
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    Anything other than strawberry or mint choc chip and you’re a weirdo
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    no, dead memes are not against the rules here
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    What if you could just review clubs? o_O Then servers could have like... 5 star ratings like plugins do on spigot lol.
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    get your fricking 9 year old army to penetrate my defenses. You can not lock this shit anymore!
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    Yeah definitely, I'll update this next Monday. Thanks for letting us know!
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    We currently cannot add this because of the possibility that someone could use this maliciously. You can, however suggest plugins for us to add to the plugin list in the plugin Suggestions category.
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    Agreed, the forums are very clean. And it'll take time for all of us to get use to everything that this new forums brings to the table
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    Have you considered pursuing a career as a photographer?
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    I'd say either Salted Caramel or Cookie Dough

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