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    Hey everyone! Time for a Kahoot event! An idea proposed by AttendantFox, the events team has decided to host a Kahoot event where we’ll all come together and play a couple rounds of Kahoot. Here are some of the event details: Details: This Saturday at 3pm EST! https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ Make sure you're available to join the voice channel when the event starts on Saturday! ~Events Team Also make sure to join the Events club if you have not already done so.
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    List me 3 unique things about your server, people may consider joining then
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    I have a chrome extension but its not working, which one are you using?
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    Have fun in Portugal
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    Idlers die quick, so good luck. The one idler that hasn't died is the original one.
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    Nice, Requesting Lock
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    Simple report sys. /Report To see reports - Reports.see Report.sk
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    Item Display (Skript) Be able to display your item on the chat by typing [item]. If the tool does not have a lore and no enchants, It'll say "No Enchants" and "No Lores". If it has an enchant, but does not have a lore.. It'll say the enchant but say "No Lore"... Stuff like those. Script (17 lines) on chat: if message contains "[item]": cancel event player is not holding air set {_count} to amount of player's held item in player's inventory if player's tool is enchanted: if line 1 of lore of player's tool is set: replace all "[item]" in message with "&8[<tooltip:&e%tool's name ? type of tool% &8(&f%{_count}%x&8)%nl%&7%tool's enchantments%%nl%%tool's lore%>&f%{_count}%x %name of tool ? type of tool%&8]&7" else: replace all "[item]" in message with "&8[<tooltip:&e%tool's name ? type of tool% &8(&f%{_count}%x&8)%nl%%tool's enchantments%%nl%&7No Lores.>&f%{_count}%x %name of tool ? type of tool%&8]&7" if player's tool is not enchanted: if line 1 of lore of player's tool is set: replace all "[item]" in message with "&8[<tooltip:&e%tool's name ? type of tool% &8(&f%{_count}%x&8)%nl%&7No Enchantments.%nl%%tool's lore%>&f%{_count}%x %name of tool ? type of tool%&8]&7" else: replace all "[item]" in message with "&8[<tooltip:&e%tool's name ? type of tool% &8(&f%{_count}%x&8)%nl%&7No Enchantments.%nl%&7No Lores.>&f%{_count}%x %name of tool ? type of tool%&8]&7" replace all "||" with "%nl%" in message send "%player's displayname%&f: &7%message%" to all players
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    say a sentence to continue the story once upon a time, there was a turtle...
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    I also wonderinh uhhhh, whats the well werecoddemed ram for server? The jokes aside, can a staff member check how much ram each player slot package gives you?
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    Hello! Just one simple question, what is your favorite block in Minecraft? The person with the coolest answer will recieve VIP! (due date is June 20th 2019) - Fav Block - Reason For example: - Structure Void - Good placeholder for minigame making
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    yo already know I'm gonna be reppin the water block as a smart man once said... just keep swimming - Dory
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    Cops and Crims Paintball Warfare Survival SkyWars Speed UHC Crazy Walls The Walls Mega Walls Murder Mystery Bed Wars UHC Champions The TNT Games Competitive Arena Brawl Warlords Smash Heroes Duels Turbo Kart Racers King Of The Hill The Bridge The Pit Adventure Lobby Housing Parkour
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    Trent's showed a teaser of dark mode for these forums on Discord a few days ago, anyone have any idea of how to actually turn it on? This light theme is making my eyes bleed horribly.
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    Desktop, god help you if you play on a laptop with a trackpad.
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    We uh... we don't talk about that era
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    It is my 100 post on the Forums! Including the Forum Games and even before it was released.
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    Whitelisting First turn on the whitelist with the command /whitelist on. Then you can add all your friends by typing /whitelist add <username>. Once they're whitelisted, they can join the server. Blacklisting To "blacklist" or remove someone from your server, ban them by typing /ban <username>. Once you have banned them, they will not be able to join your server unless you revoke the ban (/pardon <username>). Hope this helps!
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    You have just become the most irrelevant person I’ve ever met.
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    You lied to me. It's 1609.344
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    You probably have the autoop plugin. Remove that and issue fixed.
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    eggs (I saw trent's post and that was the first thought lol)
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    You could always make a post in the Community Support (Unless you have and I just haven't seen it) section, and I'd be happy to help.
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    Yes you heard it right, Thanos has made the earth square. Skript (Sorry for tab spacing, whatever editor I use, they only do 2 spaces): command /gauntlet: trigger: send "&aYou have recieved a &6Infinity &5Gauntlet&a!" give player a cactus named "&6Infinity 75Gauntlet" with lore "&bMade by NitroRayZ" on right click: if player's held item is a cactus named "&6Infinity 75Gauntlet" with lore "&bMade by NitroRayZ": push player upwards at speed 5 wait 500 ticks push player forwards at speed 20 on left click: if player's held item is a cactus named "&6Infinity 75Gauntlet" with lore "&bMade by NitroRayZ": send "&bMade By NitroRayZ" send "&aVersion: &c1.0"
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    I'm using this one It's a bit glitchy sometimes tho
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    Anything other than strawberry or mint choc chip and you’re a weirdo
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    I have the same complaint
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    no, dead memes are not against the rules here
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    Nothing else, all we need is a new 'Forum Games' subforum. LETS START A POLL EITHER YES OR NO REPLY TO THIS FORUM GOO
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    We currently cannot add this because of the possibility that someone could use this maliciously. You can, however suggest plugins for us to add to the plugin list in the plugin Suggestions category.
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    @Kailum you need to see this
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    This is a test.
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    I love orange juice as well!!
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    Updated Plugins for the week of June 3rd! Holographic Displays Simple Elevators Hunger Games GPack CombatLogX TempFly DefensiveTurrets Matrix AntiCheat Staff+ CoreProtect RankGrant+ Server Tutorial Plus AnimatedFrames MapManager PacketListenerAPI Enjin Factions Blue Chat Manager Mob Hunting ProtocolSupport Epic Skyblock CratesPlus StackMob SurvivalPlus XP Boost Found a plugin that needs to be updated? Let us know right here on the forums! Click here.
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    smh, trying to farm likes now are we?
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    Love the thread quality.
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