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    This week's Updated Plugins for June 10th AuctionHouse BedWars Big Doors BuildBattle ChestCleaner CraftBook CratesPlus Custom Jumppads CustomOreGen Dupe Fixes/Illegal Stack Remover Epic Skyblock GadgetsMenu GriefPrevention Flags GSit HeadsPlus Holographic Displays Hopper Filter Horizon HungerGames ItemEditor mcMMO MF Hoppers Minepacks Murder Mystery MyPets Nameless OldCombatMechanics PrisonRanksX QuickShop Reremake RandomTP Simple Portals SkRayFall SS Dynamic Shop SuperVanish TAB Time is Money UHC-Core Ultra Chests Village Defense WorldEdit WorldEditSelectionVisualizer WorldGuard Found a plugin that needs to be updated? Let us know right here on the forums! Click here
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    Welcome to the new Minehut forums! I hope you guys are as excited as I am about the new forums. This is a huge upgrade compared to the forums software we were using before this, we now have a ton of new and exciting features for the community that we didn't have before such as private messaging, following other users, and more! If you have any suggestions on things we could modify or change up with these forums, let us know in the Suggestions category here. Some key changes with the new forums: No need to make yourself a new account. All Minehut panel accounts are the same accounts for the forums! New dedicated categories now exist for Skript, advertising your servers, suggesting plugins, and more. You can now link your forums account with the Minehut Discord! Doing so will get you a role on the Discord server. All users now have a dedicated profile page where you can post status updates, follow others, and more! Create your own club for your Minehut server with your own private forum categories and moderators. Coming soon: A new dark theme for all those that hate the white color. Getting started on the new forums: Login to the Minehut panel using the account you would like to use for the forums. After you come back to the forums link, it will ask you for your username and you'll be able to use the forums right away! You can also click the sign in button in the top right of the forums. Link your Discord account to your forums account and make sure you join the Discord server! While you're at it, add yourself a fancy profile picture and a signature to pop up below all of your posts on the forums. Let the Minehut community know who you are and what you like! We have an Introduce Yourself category over here where you can show off the world everything about you and whatever else you would like others to know about you. Make yourself home! Create your own club for your Minehut server and set it up to work for YOUR server! You can customize the club to be however you want it to be very easily and quickly without any hassle. How to create a club for your Minehut server: Make sure you're logged in and click the Clubs button located near the top or click here. In the top right, click Start a Club. Type in the name of your server and choose the appropriate privacy options you feel is correct. Fill in the rest of the boxes accordingly. Your club will then be put in an approval queue to be approved by our mods. After it is approved, you'll be able to start inviting players to your server's club and populate it with all the posts and information you need for your Minehut server. Enjoy! If you want to take some inspiration from other clubs, you can check out my club for Warzone here or @_Rascal's upcoming RPG server called Spelunking here. Additional Comments: If you have any other questions or thoughts that you would like to ask or let me know, you can contact me by sending me @BennyDoesStuff a private message through the forums or by contacting me on Discord by joining the Minehut Discord here and messaging my Discord account (@BennyDoesTheStuff#0001).
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    So, I’m on vacation; that’s kind of cool? Right? Heres some amazing pictures for you dank people- I know, I know, these pictures are incredible and I should quit everything I do to become a photographer!
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    hehe xd made you look! This has been the first official EPIC MEMER prank on the new forums
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    Please react so I get more reputation, I'm lonely
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    Soup. ItzNic_ or MHF_Doge
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    This is a test.
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    Minerr Progress I currently only have a few more things I have to do before I can fully release the server. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask here at the moment.
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    im jk nice formatting
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    Nice, well formatted
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    The forums look really good!
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    Hello, my name is Josh or commonly known as Gingey. I just wanted to take this time to introduce myself, I am currently 18 years old, graduating high school, officially, this Saturday! I am looking forward to graduating, but I am also afraid of what will happen next. Anyways, I have been a member of the Minehut staff team for over a year now, and it has been amazing! Alright, that'll be it for this, see you all around on the forums. And remember if you ever need help you can message me here, on discord, or in-game (when I am online)!
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    The forums are so clean!
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    Dark theme is currently in development
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    Gamemode 1: command /gmc: trigger: set player's gamemode to creative send "(whatever message you want)" Time Set Day command /day: trigger: set time to day send "(whatever message you want)" Time Set Night command /night: trigger: set time to night send "(whatever message you want)" Weather Rain command /rain: trigger: set weather to rain send "(whatever message you want)" Suicide Command command /kms: trigger: kill player Kill All Items command /dropsgone: trigger: kill all dropped items TP command /tape [<player>]: trigger: teleport the player to arg 1 TPHere command /tapehere [<player>]: trigger: teleport arg 1 to player Setspawn command /setspawn: trigger: set {spawn} to location of player put suggestions pls i want to learn skript but not too difficult
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    Let's do this, count to 1000!
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    Hello everyone! I want to be more active in this community, so I have decided to release 1 or 2 scripts every week. I will post all my upcoming scripts on my own status page, so make sure to follow me . This week I'm publishing my createNexus.sk script. I used this script in my game Paranoia. A nexus is basically a block that you need to hit a couple of times to destroy it. You can add mulitple if you like! The health of the nexus (nexus? nexuses?.. nexi??) will appear as a boss bar. You can create a nexus by placing down a coal block and then by typing /nexus create <name>. The main command is /nexus and you can see other commands after typing that. This script requires the following plugins: skRayfall HolographicDisplays It's been a long time since I used this script, so there might be more plugins needed. However I doubt it. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to also add the nexusBreak.sk script! This script allows players to actually break the nexus. You can also merge these two scripts into one script. Feel free to share these scripts with whoever you want! (Just make sure you link this post or my profile, thanks <3) Overview of downloads createNexus.sk nexusBreak.sk
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    You can embed things in your post automatically by just linking to it. Check out the Minehut Events club You can suggest an event here
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    If I were a mod it would be locked rn
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    Hi I have a new signature
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    Atleast add an cooldown, otherwise players can spam staff members their chat.
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    Windows 100% Warzone or minehut?
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    Text from URL was disabled, if I remember correctly.
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    Yeah true, you have a point. Keep up the good work on those skriptssss!
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    Logo wars, anyway I like the skript, personally however, I would configurate it a bit.
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    originally there was only supposed to be one chargeback but the bank did like 80 lmao
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    you're actually so boring this is so stupid why dont you get it the legit way
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    Love the enthusiasm! Looking forward to the server!
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    u guys still married right
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    to which i added "what ever floats your boat"
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    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!!
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    is it going to be epic
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    I honestly have to agree! Strawberry is one of my favorite flavors!
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    that was the joke though haha rekt xdxd
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    Because I wasn’t paying attention n I sneezed n BOOM. If you wanna think they’re photoshopped, then you can think that
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    Lemon ice cream = best flavour
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    is this thing on

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