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    So, I’m on vacation; that’s kind of cool? Right? Heres some amazing pictures for you dank people- I know, I know, these pictures are incredible and I should quit everything I do to become a photographer!
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    This is a test.
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    Minerr Progress I currently only have a few more things I have to do before I can fully release the server. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask here at the moment.
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    im jk nice formatting
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    Nice, well formatted
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    The forums are so clean!
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    Hello everyone! I want to be more active in this community, so I have decided to release 1 or 2 scripts every week. I will post all my upcoming scripts on my own status page, so make sure to follow me . This week I'm publishing my createNexus.sk script. I used this script in my game Paranoia. A nexus is basically a block that you need to hit a couple of times to destroy it. You can add mulitple if you like! The health of the nexus (nexus? nexuses?.. nexi??) will appear as a boss bar. You can create a nexus by placing down a coal block and then by typing /nexus create <name>. The main command is /nexus and you can see other commands after typing that. This script requires the following plugins: skRayfall HolographicDisplays It's been a long time since I used this script, so there might be more plugins needed. However I doubt it. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to also add the nexusBreak.sk script! This script allows players to actually break the nexus. You can also merge these two scripts into one script. Feel free to share these scripts with whoever you want! (Just make sure you link this post or my profile, thanks <3) Overview of downloads createNexus.sk nexusBreak.sk
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    Hi, I'm Drew. My discord is MrScopes#5548, and my twitter is MrScopes23. I like rocket league and minecraft.
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    Yay! You saw the title! I turned 16 years old today Shoutout to all the amazing people I have met on Minehut!
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    Hi I have a new signature
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    Minehut Default or Staff?
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    Italic. Windows or mac?
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    Or ForestHunters or HuntersForest
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    Text from URL was disabled, if I remember correctly.
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    Perhaps. For now, we want to keep them to just servers for a little bit to see how they're used.
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    Yeah true, you have a point. Keep up the good work on those skriptssss!
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    I love orange juice as well!!
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    Realist thing I’ve seen all day
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    PandaChan has a gif for her cover and her pfp on the forums, but whenever I try to link my Discord's pfp it says GIFs aren't allowed. Why can't I use GIFs but she can?
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    originally there was only supposed to be one chargeback but the bank did like 80 lmao
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    i remember when you got relevant cause you donated tons of money and your mom forced you to chargeback you big man @Faacto
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    Love the enthusiasm! Looking forward to the server!
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    yay new forums woohoo also follow4follow kthx bye
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    Looking forward to this so much!!! I'm so passionate to play this server immediately when it comes out. Thank you for the reply!!!!!!!
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    is it going to be epic
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    I honestly have to agree! Strawberry is one of my favorite flavors!
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    3 Lets see if this is as good as the original
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    H-how? Also the pics look photoshopped
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    Lemon ice cream = best flavour
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    Damn, that looks amazing!
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    darn, what do you like then
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    These forums are way better than our last one.
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    is this thing on
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    Updated Plugins for the week of June 3rd! Holographic Displays Simple Elevators Hunger Games GPack CombatLogX TempFly DefensiveTurrets Matrix AntiCheat Staff+ CoreProtect RankGrant+ Server Tutorial Plus AnimatedFrames MapManager PacketListenerAPI Enjin Factions Blue Chat Manager Mob Hunting ProtocolSupport Epic Skyblock CratesPlus StackMob SurvivalPlus XP Boost Found a plugin that needs to be updated? Let us know right here on the forums! Click here.
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    Hmmm.. I'll think about it.
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    let me just top this server rq
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    Just over looking things, don't mind me!
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