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    Staff Applications are now Open! We're currently looking for another batch of mature and active players to join our Volunteer team! As a staff member, your job is to help moderate Minehut on our various services (Discord server, forums, etc), help out with different activities (such as beta testing features, hosting events, etc), and communicating with the Minehut community to help keep this community clean and safe one for everyone. We also occasionally reward our volunteers with credits as a thank you for helping us out. Interested in joining? Check out below on everything you'll need to know before applying. Important pages you should read: Minehut Rules: https://forums.minehut.com/rules Staff Application Process: Click here Staff Application Format: Click here Make sure you are also in the Minehut Discord server located here: https://discord.gg/minehut Before applying please make sure you've: Read up on all of the pages listed above and fully understand them. You are eligible to apply as per the guidelines located in the format. Active on both the Minehut forums, Discord server, as well as in-game. Fully understand how to use Minehut and troubleshoot issues. Maintain a professional and mature, but relaxed behavior. Understand how the staff process works as explained in the post above. Staff Applications will close Saturday, October 5th at the end of the day. Ready to apply? Click "New Topic" in the Applications category or click here to start your application! Make sure you copied the format posted in the staff application format post linked above and followed all the guidelines and requirements.
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    DeltaRays has been working on a special client for the past few months and I'm one of the fortunate players to test his client, which includes in-game panel and more! These are the only screenshots we can show. We're releasing the client in January 2020. Me and DeltaRay are excited about minehut's future and you should be too! If you want to learn more about this, then stay tuned.
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    Glad that Molly is on our team as I would be scared to oppose her. She has the power of corgis.
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    Can you please add the old control panel back? And maybe remove the hibernation mode because when I am editing files, it always kicks me out and makes me restart.
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    Can you PLEASE add a function where we can rename world or just add a warning about naming worlds with a space
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    Hello minehut community! So yeah, I've decided to make a minehut community picture for well.. The community. The picture you'll see below is what I have done so far.. It's kinda like a prototype (It WILL get better in the up coming future!) (If you have any suggestions to add/do please say in the comments!) Things being worked on now 1. Lighting 2. More people 3. Maybe a minecraft world lol 4. Other things
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    It's not the server you need to update, it's your client. Please make sure that you're using the latest version of Minecraft (1.14.4) before trying to join your Minehut server. Adjacently, make sure to be using a Premium (paid for) Minecraft account.
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    Hey, we have chosen to accept your application. Message me on discord if you wish to continue with the application process.
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    It's amazing to see that you've dedicated so much time and effort to Minehut and the community, congratulations on your 1 year.
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    You became staff on my thanksgiving, grats.
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    It's really great seeing the community being positive like this!!!
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    Hello there ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, bots and humans. I am 91919, your friendly neighborhood bot So this night I ask the Minehut staff (robots) may you please gives the group of donors supporting your server maybe a little more permission to do some pretty cool stuff. Yea yea I've heard it all before, "No you can't, you're donors!", "You can't it'll be unfair!". Well I say paying money to just get some dumb particles and a chat tag is way too little for what we pay. Some people spend ~1000$ USD on Patron, what do they get? Nothing except a tag. They don't even get particles. I'd call that a scam if it weren't Minehut and I know Minehut is good at fixing their problems. So why not give us maybe some cool things to actually do in lobbies. Me and the gang of other donors thought of a splendid idea. Why not add /donorchat or /dc. This command would be equal to /sc or /staffchat except for donors only! It'd be toggleable aswell so people wouldn't need to keep typing /dc. That'd be with /dct (Donor Chat Toggle). If you don't like that idea let me sell you on some other ones! So another idea I thought of is maybe give us something other than particles to do in lobby, maybe make the lobby into a mini server with some little games to play. Yea, the lobby is NOT going to ever be close to a player server but maybe give us something to do since most donors love talking and chilling with everybody (myself included). You could have a handful of things. A donor only area that is just a little special place where they can hangout. What we did earlier was just hang out at the end of the lobby parkour, but defaults were there too so NOT donor only. Keep in mind this would NOT be a new lobby, it'd be just a little hangout area IN the lobbies where they could access and hangout with their fellow donors. You might be saying this is discrimination eh? Yea but if you think about it normally. The rich get bigger houses. The rich get more toys. The rich get more in general! So why does that not apply to dear old Minehut huh? Remember Minehut isn't a commune server, we don't have to share everything. Staff get their own cool stuff just for being staff, not even paying money. So I'd think paying for cool perks/feature would be pretty sick! So thank you for reading my suggestion to help the epic Minehut, I expect lots more from it soon! ~~91919, your friendly neighborhood bot
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    Moved to Suggestions. Please use the correct categories for future reference. As for my take on this thread, " a different hosting server " would seem to, in reality, limit premium players. While, yes, it's a great idea, Minehut operates on multiple dedicated servers - not just one. So if we wanted an entire set of new nodes rather than just the ones we have now, we'd either have to get rid of some of the ones we have (which can hardly keep up with the rapidly growing player base) or purchase new ones, when there are more important factors we should focus on such as performance. Prioritizing support for premium members doesn't make much sense either. Our support team does not see rank, does not even consider it, when assisting someone. By giving premium users faster support, you're restricting users of a service that should be provided to all members of the community at the same pace. Additionally, seeing as you stated it'd be a monthly payment, for all the perks you're requesting, it's very unrealistic for this to be between $5 and $15 per month. Mainly because you can buy credits for cheaper than that and easily run a server with a decent amount of slots and ram for a reasonable amount of time. Lastly, getting early access to plugins really isn't likely, as the Plugins Team often creates a Minehut fork of plugins, which takes enough time as it is. Doesn't make sense to hold plugins for extra time. I do think getting early access to other things is a brilliant idea for our donors though! Please don't take this as me attacking your thread or anything. This is just my view. Anyone else's is just as good as mine!
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    Welcome to the team, Ashley.
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    i am also a big brain yee haw. welcme to hutmine
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    I have some simple questions that I thought I'd ask other people What keeps you on Minehut? What kind of plans do you have on Minehut (things you're doing or want to do) Things you like about Minehut Something you would change about/on Minehut and how you would change it Favorite memory on Minehut. Anything else you want to share!
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    Seems interesting, could you add more pictures when the server is more done!
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    This Week's Plugin Updates (25) - September 30th BigDoors ChatFeelings CitizensCMD CombatLogX CustomCrafting Enjin GetSpawners GSit Guilds HeroAction HungerGames ItemJoin Marriage Master Matrix MobHunting MorphMining MudgeClicker OpenAudioMc QuickClose QuickShop Reremake TAB TNTRun UltimateKits UltimateModeration UltimateStacker Found a plugin that needs to be updated? Let us know right here on the forums! Click here
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    what if i said i like cats better
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    Me and Molly having a brawl -- include that please.
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    This has happened because you forgot to do /save-all. I recommend you contact Minehut Support and request a backup of your world.
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    Might play sometime
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    Give it optifine features and you got a deal
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    So, recently i believe the new feature to disable and enable finding has been released. I like this feature and i think it is progress from Minehut. However there are some cons with the feature i will be discussing today. The first issue with it is that people had 1 main way of locating other players and connecting as a community. This was the command /find, it linked us all up and made it easy to find people and play with them. Now this is taken away the community feels more split up. This makes minehut's star quality (the community) feel less real now. I think this feature should be for staff only. My suggestion is to make it this because then staff have more privacy and have a decision if they want to be a popular public person or a more quiet calm person without any messages coming in all the time. They may also wish to play alone without people finding them and messaging them constantly can they play. This doesn't happen with normal players in most cases because they get less attention than staff. There is my suggestion. It's completely up to you if you want to take it into account. I fully stand with this point and i think it would be better as a staff only feature. Thanks for taking the time to read this. - TastqHalloween
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    Simple: The community absolutely rocks!
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    I know this is going to be long to read, but it took me over 3 hours straight to put this together so I figured someone else would appreciate this! I added a few links (marked) that MH didn't have on here so you could copy and paste and read about each plugin without having to start your server.
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    You need to make sure you type /save-all before logging off, you can create a support ticket at https://minehut.com/support to get your world back.
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    While it comes to what you want, I personally like them. I'll understand if you cancel them.
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    I believe I've had some issues with this plugin before, it might be broken. I never fixed it, just gave up after multiple restarts
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    Contact support at https://minehut.com/support
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    Seems like something fun.
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    This Week's Plugin Updates (42) - September 16th AdvancedHelp ajParkour AuctionHouse Big Doors ChatControl ChatFeelings ChestCleaner CombatLogX Crazy Crates Crazy Envoy CustomCrafting DeathCoordinates Dupe Fixes / Illegal Stack Remover Enderpearl Cooldown Enjin FactionsUUID GravityTubes GUIShop InventoryFull+ Matrix mcMMO MobHunting MoneyNote Monthly Crates MudgeClicker OpenAudioMC Player Report QuickShop Reremake Rainbow ARmour Simple Elevators Simple Portals Spleef Time is Money UltimateCatcher UltimateClaims UltimateFishing UltimateKits UltimateRepairing UltimateStacker USkyWars Villages VoidSpawn Found a plugin that needs to be updated? Let us know right here on the forums! Click here
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    I haven't tested it, and I just made it, if it doesn't work then my bad. #i don't care if you change any of this, go ahead command /pvp: permission: pvp.toggle permission message: &cYou do not have permission to do that. trigger: if {map.pvp} is false: broadcast "&c%player% enabled PvP in all worlds." set {map.pvp} to true else if {map.pvp} is not false: broadcast "&c%player% disabled PvP in all worlds." set {map.pvp} to false on damage: if attacker is a player: if victim is a player: if {map.pvp} is false: cancel event send "&cPvP is currently disabled at this time."
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    If you want to make your friends Administrator then you could do one of two things depending on what you want; Use the command /op <name> in console and that'll give them the Operator Permissions. Or if you want to make them have a fancy prefix like [ADMIN] then you need to use a permissions plugin, either; PermissionsEX or LuckPerms. Find a tutorial for LuckPemrs by clicking here!
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    +1 , seems like a really fun plugin to use
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    Are any of you still alive? Good, at least we have somewhat of an audience to show off to! This past week we have finally pulled up our socks and got down to business with building (and some developing)! I'd say we've done about 20% of building required until there'll be enough for an open alpha for all of you to come and try out. Enough talk, here's a few screenshots of what has been done: The Quarry. The first area you will visit, For the future pictures, none of the stone has been detailed as we have yet to decided what areas will have what stone variations, so not all the caves look the same! Groveshire, the first town you visit. Here, there'll be a few NPCs to interact with, along ways to acquire and upgrade items. It's a peaceful but very drab place due to the economy here not doing so good. Simply a sceenshot of a part in the Groveshire mines. Nothing to spectacular, but this will be a common sight throughout the first half of the first area. The 'Forgotten Drop'. A hub of sorts, with many caverns connecting to the huge drop with a broken elevator in the middle that runs all the way down, with scaffolding around the outside of it. There's water at the bottom so it's a perfect place to practice diving. A small ravine with lava at the bottom, utilising the new 'campfires' to add a lot more atmosphere to the place by making the smoke look like it's coming from the lava. 'The Great Bridge', a bridge made of a peculiar blue stone that has began to crumble over the ages. It goes across a large ravine with a sea of lava at the bottom. I wonder where it leads? Thanks you for sticking with us, I cannot promise to give regular updates but I can promise you updates nonetheless.
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    Question/Issue has been addresses by @McThistle Topic Locked ~_RichieNy
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    Gingey more like dontleaveme.
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    I'm sure some of us have tried to upload datapacks but some of them are zipped so you can't recreate them or some of them are quite large so if you do have to recreate the files than that might take more than 15 minutes just to play around with a Datapack. This is why I'm recommending a "Datapack" option in the Server Properties or World Settings Sections. You can upload the Datapack.
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    I disagree with your disagreement
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    no way people will start getting banned from the lobbies
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    Banned for having a default banner
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    I am making a server and I am unable to find its port IP, the server is ASUPrivate.minehut.gg How would I find the IP?
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    -DOOMDAY TRAILER- Editor.mp4
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    On minehut, the server says its online, but in minecraft after a while of pinging, the server says it's not online. It's not my wifi because my friends can't connect to it either.
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