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    Alright so there's a lot I'd like to touch on here. I'm taking everything from the document, nothing from your past or anything else. "They usually have no interest in retaining the qualities that made the project interesting or attract users in the first place." What features changed that made Minehut unenjoyable? What about Minehut does not attract growth/users, and if this is so, why has Minehut grown exponentially? "Super League Gaming wants money, and as such, they acquired Minehut" Yeah, I don't think any company in the world would acquire something if they didn't see some kind of mutual benefit. However, if this was purely the case, I think we'd see a lot more executive influence. There really isn't. "The only goal here is personal gain for SLG, not to make Minehut a better place" Does not make sense. You cannot get more "personal gain" without putting anything into something else. Also, I think there'd be more executive influence if this was the case. "Another big issue that unveiled as SLG presence on Minehut increased, was the lack of communication and transparency with players" I know I've already said this several times, but on the staff side of things, I want to be more transparent. "Luke was more in touch with the community" What do you mean by this? Do you mean he was on the server a lot, or activity network wide? How can I improve this? I doubt Trent has any problem talking more often to everyone but I don't want to speak for him. "Nowadays you’re making support tickets instead of getting help directly from an admin" Minehut now has a dedicated support team. As much as I hate to say it, Admins are too busy to constantly be assisting users. Also keep in mind Minehut has grown substancially, it's in everyone's best interest that there is a dedicated support team rather than "Oh, just DM Trent." If you need direct help, I have no doubt a Moderator/Junior Moderator will have any issue responding to you. Minehut still continues to be based heavily on community support, hence why a lot of questions/concerns are answered in #help on the Discord and in the help category on the forums by community members. "Completely ignoring the days, weeks, or sometimes, even months, it takes for them to be read, you aren’t even getting help from a Minehut official" They are Minehut officials? And if it is taking that long to get a response, message me. "You’re getting support from people who don’t even use Minehut regularly" The Support Team is pretty small, and while yes I will admit that some of them don't use Minehut actively, Kurtis does. "SLG does not care about user experience, or appreciation for Minehut" Not sure what exactly you're going for here, but yes they do. If user experience was not cared for, Minehut would not be maintained and there'd be no updates. "In fact, they actually censor and filter any sort of slightly negative comment towards Minehut anywhere" If your comments are negatively affecting user experience (like yours were, by going on the lobbies and telling people not to use the service) then Moderators reserve the right to mute you. "You’re instantly deemed ‘toxic’ for voicing your opinion" You should voice your opinion in a non-toxic manner then. "As seen above, the main argument for denying freedom of speech on Minehut, is a legal point of view. If you take a moment to think about why people at Minehut would give you legal responses on a free server host for Minecraft, you’ll realize, they would not. At least, they wouldn’t have years ago. Now that SLG has acquired Minehut, legal responses are the extent of support you’ll get. " I didn't think I really needed to attach the screenshot. This is not a SLG rule, this is a government rule. You referenced the U.S. Constitution for legal reasons, and as such I gave you a legal response. I would've done it when I was a Sr.Mod in 2016 if someone said it then too, and I did. "If I fully expose staff members here I’ll continue to get targeted on the network even harsher." Expose them in my DM, if a staff member has done something to warrant termination then I will do so. You're helping nothing by hiding evidence. "Anyways, the staff team is really corrupt. I don’t blame the individuals, but the higher-ups. If you think about it from an honest point of view, the individuals that are volunteering for Minehut, aren’t working for a company, rather, their higher-ups are." I'm not working for Super League. "For the record, I was not spamming, flooding chat, attempting to promote any sort of agenda, political view, or continue any form of drama" You were promoting users to leave Minehut, negatively affecting user experience. "I was simply using my rights and expressing freedom of speech." Doubt I have to say it again, but no company is required to allow you to have free speech. The 1st Amendment protects you from governmental interference. "After this experience, it became more clear than it ever has been, that the Minehut staff team, or some members of it, simply do not like me, and target me because of my name" This goes for anybody, Minehut Moderators are human beings too. If you dig yourself in a grave by constantly saying things that are borderline rule violations you will have a reputation among the staff, and your punishment history always contributes to this. "I went to the forums to appeal as instructed. I waited over 7 hours for my 24 hour mute appeal to even be read and responded to. " Some of our staff have things they like to do outside of Minecraft. "As you can see in the screenshot above, they’ve denied my appeal. The thing that really caught my eye, was the part of the response that instructed me to wait 2 weeks to appeal again" From what I'm aware, this was incorrect. You are not required to wait 2 weeks. "Instead, they neglected it, because as stated previously, they target me." This was nothing against you. All denied appeals have a waiting period before being allowed to appeal again. "At this point I should be tired of it, but since SLG acquired Minehut, there is virtually nobody I can go to, in order to address this corruption" I'm right here, but only if you have valid evidence. "For years Minehut has struggled to get basic features out. Some are features that come automatically in PC hosted servers. Including but not limited to; Live console." I know live console has been discussed a lot and I don't want to speak on the dev team's behalf, but I think it'd be a valuable feature. I think they all do. "They’re already profiting tons off of Minehut. But they want more. If something doesn’t make them money, or boost their stock price, it won’t be added." I'm curious, how much do you think SLG is making from Minehut? By the way you're talking, it's making me think you believe Super League has hit the mega millions lottery. That's basically every point I wanted to touch on. Thanks for taking the time to make this post and I think it's important to come forward with any concerns you have. This isn't a personal attack against you as you may perceive it to be; this is just a collection of my thoughts as that document was. When this thread was brought to my attention a few hours ago, I changed my priorities around for the day so I could give you a response. Again, this isn't a personal attack against you. I'd also like to say once more that you can come to me with evidence to "expose staff members." There's no reason to keep someone on the team is there is physical evidence of something they've done that should warrant termination.
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    Minehut Community Support Team The time has come again. Community Support Team applications are open! What is the Support Team? The support team is a community team on Minehut. Our goal is to provide support to the community so that everyone can feel happy with using Minehut's services. Some of our jobs include: Creating and Publishing Community FAQs Answering questions on forums and discord Responding to Youtube Comments on Tutorials Helping users with a range of scenarios Be sure to join the Minehut Discord server before submitting your applications Ready to apply? Visit this link!
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    There is so much I could say about the staff team from lies, bias, breaking their own rules, making up rules, to power trips, and most of all hypocrisy. I wouldn't judge them as harsh as I do because its a Minecraft server, but sense they want to push the "professionalism" equal to a real job I am 100% justified to do so. As they proved yesterday they are looking for any little thing to get rid of me it's only community pressure that keeps me from being perm banned. They of course will deny this lol #baguette
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    M I N E H U T C O M M U N I T Y F A Q HOW TO UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD WORLDS DIFFICULTY: EASY Instruction to uploading a world: Minehut allows you to easily upload worlds from your computer to your server. This means that you can upload one you find online or your favourite survival world so you can share it with your friends. What is uploading a world? Uploading a world is simple. You have a couple of methods to choose from. You can either upload the world in-game or upload it via the panel. Please note that you can upload files up to 500mb in-game, however only smaller files can be uploaded using the panel as you have a 50mb limit. Method one in-game: To upload a world to your server in-game, you must first upload it to a site such as file.io, however you can use dropbox or mediafire instead. Once you have the link to your file, you can head in-game and type /ul world <name> <link>. This will create a world with the name ul_<name>. To travel to this world, type /world ul_<name>. Make sure you have OP permissions! Method two panel: Using the navbar (the set of tabs at the top of the panel), select World. From there, click Select a zip file under Upload World. Select the file, hit upload and restart the server. To travel to this world, type /world ul_<filename>. Again, make sure you have OP permissions! Introduction to downloading worlds: Downloading your world allows you to save a copy of it to your computer and upload it later on if you choose to. This is mainly helpful for saving ‘backups’ of your world in case anything goes wrong. So, how do you download your world? Downloading a world is simple, go to the world you want to download using the command /worlds. Then click on the world you want to download. Once you’ve been teleported to that world, simply enter the command /dl world. This will compress the world into a file and return a file.io link in chat. When you click the link it’ll start downloading it, save the file wherever you want to keep the world and you’re done! There's also another way to download your world: Another way of downloading a world is by using the same command but specifying the world name. You can do this by typing in-game /dl world (name). If you wish to download an uploaded world then you will need to include the “ul_” (eg. ul_Map) however we suggest using the first method for minimal errors. NOTE: You can only use the file.io link once. If you would like to get another copy of the world then you will have to follow these steps again. Require further assistance? If you need extra assistance on this topic, leave a comment, someone will be able to help! Additionally, join our Discord, found here, or head over to the help category of forums, found here! Tutorial on how to upload a world & Tutorial on how to download a world Compiled by the Minehut Support Team
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    New Minehut Staff Members! Give a round of applause to the 8 new players that will be joining the Minehut staff team as Junior Mods! Over the next couple of months, they will be going through a trial to see if they will make it to the Moderator rank. If you see them in-game, on the Discord server, or in the forums make sure to give them a congratulations! Check out below to learn more about the hobbies and adventures of our new staff members. @Chilkins Hey, I'm Chilkins. I'm 16 years old and I'm from Ireland. Some hobbies of mine are playing football/soccer and a sport more commonly known in Ireland called Gaelic. Some other games I enjoy would consist of Valorant and SCP Secret Laboratory. My favourite food would be pizza, although it's not the best for me but I try and have it every once in a while. Something I can't live without would be tea, I genuinely think it fuels me. Luckily, I have just finished my Junior Cert so I have quite a lot of free time on my hands. I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity though as its been a long time aspiration of mine. I've always wanted to assist players and moderate for the community and I'm looking forward to fulfilling that. I joined Minehut in 2016 on the 29th of July. Ever since then I've been apart and involved with the community and Minehut has become a huge part of my life and routine. I'm also appreciative of everyone who I've got to know. I won't give names but they know who they are. If you need anything feel free to message me on discord or in-game! Thanks. @nullific Hey gamers, I'm Nullific. I'm mostly known as Neo, or Neo with(out) nitro but either way, call me Neo. I'm from the UK, so don't mess. I've been playing on Minehut since 2015, and playing on Minecraft since 2014. Yes yes, I may be playing way too much but it's a good experience. I'm 15 years old, and glad to be apart of this wave with so many kind faces. If you see me around, don't be afraid to say hi! I won't bite, I promise ;). My hobbies, well they're very fun. It includes sleeping, cars and of course, playing with you guys! Inside of Minehut, I like to do some scripting and make random yet enjoyable features. I'm constantly looking to improve, so if you want to teach me a thing or two feel free. If you need me or want me, send a DM on discord. @FandF Hi people (unless you are not a person, then hello to you)! I joined Minehut 2 years ago and my name is fnnf, short for Faithful and Free, you can call me fnnf, faithful, or free! I have a couple of hobbies. I say “couple” because I mean I only have two hobbies. I like Baseball, most of you know what that sport is, but for the couple of people who don’t know, it is a sport where you whack a ball as hard as you can and hope it goes out of the stadium so you can’t find it. The other hobby is Minecraft. I would be surprised if you do not know what this is, but again, if you do not know what the game is, it is a game where you place blocks and break blocks. That is all there is to it. Anyways I am super excited to be apart of the staff team! If you do see me around, do not worry, I am not much of an introvert, so feel free to say hi! I like to script, so I do have 3 hobbies (I am growing my interests by the second)! I like to say I am decent at Skript. You will probably be seeing me in #skript often! I hope to see all of you around, and to grow a bond which each of you! If you need anything, just DM me, forums message me, or message me in games! @P1KE Sup lads and lassies, I'm p1ke also known as Sqyid, ThoughtfulPingu, Back2Mexico, and zephyrxnd and this is indeed a p1ke moment. I am the renowned leader of the Minecraft team Yakuza, and I am looking forward to helping the staff team in moderation. I'm pretty thankful for this opportunity given the circumstances, so hopefully I won't blow it. For now, I'll see you guys soon, whether it's in game, or in another Masterclass video on my Youtube channel. If you need help or anything just let me know, I've got the fastest hands in the west when it comes to typing (whether it's to type a response or search up the answer is for you to decide) @DeltaRays Hello everyone, users and bots! I'm DeltaRays, but you can call me Delta. I've been on Minehut since 2018 and have since learned tons of things about coding, scripting, many different plugins, and moderating! Minehut has been a big part of my life for two years and I've grown a lot thanks to the community and the staff team! Outside of Minehut, I have a few hobbies. I love coding, playing tennis, golf, reading books, mountain biking, and, of course, playing Minecraft! If you need any help feel free to DM me as I'm eager to help you with anything from configuring your plugins to using custom domains! @Untreated Hello all, I'm Untreated. Before we begin, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm from California, I love going to the beach, I have a boat, dogs are my favorite pet, and summer is my favorite holiday. Outside of Minecraft, I'm the class president, homecoming king, and a straight A student. I've been apart of the Minehut community since February of 2016, and I have fallen in love with it. It's the server I go to every day, and enjoy playing no matter what is happening. I took about a year break from Minehut and came back better than ever, so here I am. I was the Administrator on the server, AspireMine, which was once the top server on Minehut. You may have seen me in the Discord chatting away in general, or in the lobbies helping players out. I was a pretty well known player in about 2016-2017 and am looking forward to be one once again. For those of you who don't know me, hello! Nice to meet you. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity, and I look forward to working with each and every other Junior Moderator along with the rest of the staff team. I love helping players out when needed, so if you need something, don't hesitate to message me on Discord. Thank you all @ReportCards Hello everyone! I'm ReportCards but I usually go by Riley. I do be a viber, so I tend to listen to a lot of underground music artists. I also enjoy development in any way whether it be through JavaScript or Skript, I have a decent amount of experience in both, I've been using JS for almost 4 years, and I've been using Skript for over 5 years. I like to play a few other games such as SCP Secret Laboratory (This wave got me back into playing it), and a few pew pew games. I don't know what Minehut is or how to do anything on it, I haven't been here at all. No, seriously though I've been on Minehut since April of 2016, and I am really proud of the community and Minehut. And I'm really thankful for this opportunity and can't wait to see how I can help others! But a little bit more about my personal life, I live in Washington State and I've been here my whole life, and I have a few pets, 1 dog and 2 cats. I love Mac and Cheese with extra cheese added on to it, like a lot, so if you get the chance to get me some I will take it right away. @iGalaxy Hi there! I’m iGalaxy. I’m from California, and I have 3 cats. I’m a full-stack web developer with a huge passion for Minecraft. I’ve been playing Minecraft ever since I first got it for Christmas in 2013, and I joined the Minehut community in June 2016. I’ve worked on many projects and interacted with many people on Minehut over the years. It’s something that’s helped shape me into the person I am today. As for web development, I picked up Node.js in 2017 and I’ve been building web applications with it ever since. I haven’t worked on anything notable, just some hobby projects. My DMs are always open, so feel free to stop by if you have any questions for me. I look forward to helping keep Minehut a fun and safe experience for you all! (Oh, and just for reference, I like Mac and Cheese more than ReportCards).
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    Hello everyone! Today I'm proud to finally announce the project that the Creative Team has been working on: the Minehut Newsletter! We hope to achieve many things with it, however, the main goal is to help give our community more opportunities to be involved. This is another way we're trying to be transparent with y'all. Every edition, we'll cover topics ranging from the events which happened during the month to current and future updates! I'm going to try to answer some questions that I anticipate will be asked. I'd like to start off by stating that an issue will be published every month. Unless some weird circumstances occur, we intend on consistently posting then. Releases will be made in the events channel on Discord and the Newsletter category on forums. We will also allow community members to join, however not right now. Applications will open after we post the next issue. Keep in mind that we will be looking for some writers and graphic designers, so be sure to sharpen your skills before then. There is an exception for Digital Artists as we are in dire need of them. The main goal of these artists would be drawing the front cover. If you are interested, please message me on the forums or contact me via Discord. Ceppy designed the current edition. All feedback is appreciated and you can help us improve by going to bit.ly/mhnewsjuly. Submissions for our contests can also be made there! That covers it and you can read the first Newsletter below. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YnmNr4n_b8ozDGXdnK2E5OxU3yZ_5oq-/view?usp=sharing
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    These look like fake screenshots.
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    Depending on Paper Spigot and other Minehut plugins could be anywhere between 1 week to 3 weeks.
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    Hello Gamers! I am here because I would like to announce that Spiderlogical is 100% no joke, and I'm not lying or being sarcastic, just doing my job and simping for Spiderlogical. Spider please let your ego just boost. love u... wait what?
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    This has just brought up my ego, thank you so much kind sir. I'm definitely not the best mod but I appreciate the kindness.
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    Thanks for the feedback! If you want to provide more useful information for us: - What specifically sucks, and what's a better way to handle it in your opinion? Do you have other ideas you think could help improve things for the community? - Why do you need more than 12 plugins? Just so you know, you can vote everyday for a month and be able to afford our lowest plan - which allows more than 12 plugins. Thanks again!
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    I really want to do the runner vs. hunter thing with player tracking that Dream did. Link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfeNh8E3O4c And I found the plugin here: https://github.com/NateKomodo/DreamManHunt How do I install it? Can y'all please get this up? Thanks :)
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    Hey! Server's will not have the nether update until 1.16 is officially out for Minecraft. Then a few extra days to get ready for minehut to update it
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    Hey, Minehut is currently 1.15.2 and 1.16 is coming soon. I saw in another thread that minehut updates the server versions automatically and was wondering if I delete the nether dimension files when minehut becomes 1.16, will the nether generate 1.16 style or will it generate a new nether dimension 1.15.2 style? Theoretically it should generate like 1.16 right? thanks in advance.
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    I've taken the time to write an article that outlines and describes the corrupt behavior that goes on in Minehut. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LDR6oyvanWJ3O3uNIkbFMvit2kRIPOADfj2oDRL_BL4/edit?usp=sharing Make sure to save the link because as you'll find out in the document, the staff team don't like me too much. pce
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    Yeah I'm treated differently as well, pretty annoying. Anything I say will and has been twisted so the minehut staff can find a way to punish me.
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    Thank you everyone who participated in our Summer Icon Competition! We have a lot of talented artists in our community and were very impressed by a lot of the entries. With that being said, we have our top 3 winners listed below: 1st Place: Haasty & Flowwave 2nd Place: nullific 3rd Place: DanYKrafT_Omega I'll be reaching out to each of the winners. Congratulations again, and thank you all for participating!
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    ikr. the 2nd one is just a pixelated real world stock photo background and the logo can barely be seen because the contrast is really bad
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    tough scenes
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    Okay. So I have been making a custom plugin for my server for a while now. I was planning on only using that plugin - so I had coded everything the server needed, however, now I have found out you can't upload custom plugins? Why? I think its ridiculous especially if having a custom plugin could make your server more popular and could even get minehut more money. Like.. why can't we upload them? If there is a valid reason for this, ok, please explain, but I think it is quite a pushback for Minehut. I'm interested in seeing your replies, thanks.
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    You can literally just prop up your phone in an angle that shows both the screen and your mouse. Also, in your first video, the video you took that you posted in your appeal, the CPS test shows that you were hitting a CPS of over 100 on the graph. Care to explain that?
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    ngl all of the other staff members here are amazing in their own way. filr's dope ngl ashley here is super kind and spider's literally spider like what else do you want from him?
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    Ring Ring. This will require some extensive evidence, however, I am down for the challenge.
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    If you don't like it, you can either leave, or politely make a suggestion about something that needs to be improved/altered. Making an angry forums post won't do you any favors.
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    oof but most of the good bukkit and spigot plugins arent there on minehut, especially the hunter vs speedrunners one by dream. I rly wanna play it. I would love it if minehut added it. Oh and the world edit plugin needs to be updated as well, i tried importing structures but it didnt work soo.... yeah.
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    I suggest that Minehut should make it so that we can change the versions of our servers. (Example: You can change your server version to like 1.13 or something.) They should also make it so that you can add mods. (Minecraft Forge)
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    I've been messaged alot lately about people wanting me to do a minehut Mod Series. So I thought, Sure why not. So what video would you guys like me to make? Server reviews, mod story's and ect. Have them listed in the comments and if you see an Idea you like in the comments, Just give it a positive reaction!
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    Nah, I wouldn’t. Mainly because people getting promoted out of the blue would cause issues, I’d rather make my way through the system and prove myself first.
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    TNT duping with dead coral fan is not working. When the slime blocks are pushed forward, the dead coral fan just breaks. I've tested it on a singleplayer world that's in 1.16.1 and it works fine. Please fix this.
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    Tough scenes, cya Oh my dude I swear I know you too. Did you do a skyblock server that got destroyed by Skyblocksminers? Or was it Skyblocksminers the server you did? I know I know you but I also cant remember xD Anyway cya and same! Boi I even mentioned you in the beggining xD I know I will be missed until I go to the ultimate graveyard of the forgotten players. Cya dude it was nice to talk to you here on the forums even tho I dont remember ever playing with you on minehut haha Went on mcnames: Fluffy955. My dude I do recall that nickname from somewhere Farewell, Chilkins. Wish you a good future too man Ah cmon for the 16th time I am not Gamer xD bye man o no zoly dont be sad It was fun pwning you on warzone but also getting pwned by you on warzone haha Cya my dude
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    Hi Minehutters! I'm not sure if anybody really needed to know this but I think my brain is slowly deteriorating. Like seriously. On Sunday, I purchased credits. However, what I didn't know was I spent the money on the wrong Minehut account. I didn't even realise before buying VIP that I had indeed spent $18 AUD on my old Minehut account. So now I'm creating a KitPvP server to make sure those credits don't go to waste. Now if I had never spent those $18 AUD then I wouldn't need to create a KitPvP server because I wouldn't be wasting any credits. But now I am. And I am ashamed that I was this stupid. Today, I was also very stupid. The world in my KitPvP for some reason or another corrupted, and crashed anybody's game if they dared join the server. But I didn't know that. Of course I didn't. So, I went on the Discord and asked for help and nobody knew why this was happening, which is fair, considering I described the issue very vaguely. I then went on to delete my Minecraft and reinstall it. And to my surprise, I still crashed after I joined my server. My friend Adam then told me the world was probably corrupted and I should probably reinstall it. And so I did. And I didn't crash anymore. What makes me mad about this is that my previous preferences are now gone because I didn't know that my world was corrupted. So, Minehutters, now you know how incredibly stupid I am. Please join my server when it comes out, I lost my minecraft settings and $18 for this. Thanks for reading.
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    In the Minecraft 1.16.1 update a feature to swap offhand items by pressing F while hovering over items in an inventory was added. This feature isn't blocked by TuSKe menus, so if someone were to press F while hovering over items in a TuSKe menu they would be able to get their item into their offhand and then utilize it. Me and Nichxlxs found how to prevent that bug from happening and here is the code on how to do it: on inventory click: if inv name of event-player's current inventory contains "Shop": if "%event-inventoryaction%" = "unknown": cancel event #This one will make it so if they have an inventory named Shop open they won't be able to press F to swap items, #and since inventory names are broken in skript it requires skBee to get the inventory name #If you want to disable it altogether you can use on inventory click: if "%event-inventoryaction%" = "unknown": cancel event #which doesn't require skBee #If you want to make it so it doesn't let them do it only if their currently open inventory has no name, you can use on inventory click: if inv name of event-player's current inventory is set: if "%event-inventoryaction%" = "unknown": cancel event
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    I agree with a lot of the things you said in the document, but if we are already judging based on the past, we all know minehut is far from a perfect or good host, but it isn't going to change either. Although minehut is starting to take action now that they are in a bad financial situation, the new features are going to be more money making machines, while they continue to ignore basic needs. The rush 1.16 update is a perfect example of how minehut either doesn't care about the users or is just really bad at decision making (Something we already know based on how they broke their own economy for some time), and it's not the first time minehut updates the second it's possible while disregarding everything else, this happens almost every time there is a major update. Now the staff team is trying to connect with the community by doing Q&A and such, that helps to some extent but that doesn't solve the main problem. Minehut or rather super league isn't the only company with the goal to earn money, but usually the successful ones don't ignore their customers or disregard basic functionality of their product for more money. Now they are working on unneeded features solely for money instead of making their product better, so people will have a better reason to pay for it. I don't think it's coincidental that most of the successful servers on minehut either leave or die, minehut isn't a platform for successful servers, it's a go fund me at best. Now that my reputation is officially ruined, you know why when I get banned for toxicity (lol)
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    Imo, Minehut ignores everyone who haven't paid a penny to them. This doesn't include MOST of the Minehut Jr. Mods, Mods, and Sr. Mods. Most of them are pretty chill. Oh yeah, _C02 is chill too. I have unfortunately paid Minehut out of my own pocket, years ago. But Minehut doesn't know about that, and why would they care? $10 is nothing when they have people giving them thousands of dollars for a cosmetic rank, and rights on Minehut.
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    yeah that makes sense. the first one is really well made
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    Did you even read the appeal where I explained that doing it in single player is completely different than on a server? You have your own appeal to worry about, there is no need to butt in on this one, especially if you're not even going to read the entire thing.
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    congratulations to all, and well done for all who participated
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    The 1,000 messages is an outlier, remove it for better accuracy
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    Heyo, saw a thread on here from last year about Vivecraft being added. I see it never got a follow up, so I'm posting a new thread. Vivecraft is up to date now with 1.15.2, so it would be great to see it added. Here's the Github link: https://github.com/jrbudda/Vivecraft_Spigot_Extensions/releases Hoping this one gets some traction! Thanks.
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    In my opinion most rules are common sense, and you should know to read the rules when you first join. Yes I know people usually don't and I've had my fair share of punishments from years ago. But if you do happen to get punished for something that does make sense you should of known already.
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    So some friends want to join my server but they have a cracked minecraft account, so I wanted to know how could I let non-premium accounts join?
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    PLEXPVP APPLICATIONS Thank you for wanting to apply for staff on PlexPvP. Before you apply, be sure you meet the following requirements: - 14+ (exceptions will be made) - Strong understanding of the server - Understandable microphone - Active in-game and in discord - Strong understanding and knowledge of rules APPLICATION FORMAT Personal Details: Minecraft In-Game Name: Previous In-Game Names: Discord Name and Tag (Ex: Pndq#2240): Age: Time zone: Do you have access to a working microphone? (yes/no): Do you have the ability to record hackers?: What languages do you speak (fluently)?: General Details: Why did you decide to apply for staff on PlexPvP? Why should we accept you over other applicants? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What moderation experience do you have? Explain what you learned from these experiences: Have you ever been punished on Plex or any other Minecraft servers? If so, why were you punished and how did you learn from it? What are some hobbies, activities or achievements you have outside of Minecraft? Situational Questions: If the server is being botted, what would you do? When was a time you got into a disagreement with somebody? If you came to an agreement, how did you get there? If you didn't, why didn't you? Tell us about a mistake you made in the past. What did you learn from this mistake and how did you deal with it? If a staff members account was hacked, what would you do? Anything else you would like to tell us? Thank you for applying. You will receive a response within 3 days. Please be patient.
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    Check out that thread for info. We run default Spigot and Bungeecord. Spigot is a fork of Craftbukkit, which is an implementation of the vanilla server that Bukkit, the API, can hook into so plugins can work. Spigot is run by md_5, who used to be a moderator in the Bukkit community until he was fired for being inactive (because he started Spigot while Bukkit was still a thing). The Bukkit community no longer updates Craftbukkit since some copyright issues a few years ago. Many of the people that started Bukkit went on to work at Mojang, such as Dinnerbone, Grum, and EvilSeph (no longer there). Check out https://dinnerbone.com/blog/2013/01/06/story-bone-and-bukkit/
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    I think minehut should be mod free, because even if Minehut can support giving 2,000+ servers each individually containing at least 2mb/s, they need a good balance of income, and even if they do, Minehut would become "Laghut" if Minehut ended adding mod support because some people here on the Minehut server would be making their server contain a lot of mods, so if Minehut adds mod support, their should be a limit and you can purchase more with coins or something like that, im betting that the starting mods should be at least like 50-10 or something like that, Idk, its up to minehut to take this in their hands!
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    We would love to eventually support mods and modpacks on Minehut! The only issue though is something like this would take quite a while to add if our developers do get time to work on this so I wouldn't expect a feature like this to be added sometime in the immediate future.
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