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    Welcome to the new Minehut forums! I hope you guys are as excited as I am about the new forums. This is a huge upgrade compared to the forums software we were using before this, we now have a ton of new and exciting features for the community that we didn't have before such as private messaging, following other users, and more! If you have any suggestions on things we could modify or change up with these forums, let us know in the Suggestions category here. Some key changes with the new forums: No need to make yourself a new account. All Minehut panel accounts are the same accounts for the forums! New dedicated categories now exist for Skript, advertising your servers, suggesting plugins, and more. You can now link your forums account with the Minehut Discord! Doing so will get you a role on the Discord server. All users now have a dedicated profile page where you can post status updates, follow others, and more! Create your own club for your Minehut server with your own private forum categories and moderators. Coming soon: A new dark theme for all those that hate the white color. Getting started on the new forums: Login to the Minehut panel using the account you would like to use for the forums. After you come back to the forums link, it will ask you for your username and you'll be able to use the forums right away! You can also click the sign in button in the top right of the forums. Link your Discord account to your forums account and make sure you join the Discord server! While you're at it, add yourself a fancy profile picture and a signature to pop up below all of your posts on the forums. Let the Minehut community know who you are and what you like! We have an Introduce Yourself category over here where you can show off the world everything about you and whatever else you would like others to know about you. Make yourself home! Create your own club for your Minehut server and set it up to work for YOUR server! You can customize the club to be however you want it to be very easily and quickly without any hassle. How to create a club for your Minehut server: Make sure you're logged in and click the Clubs button located near the top or click here. In the top right, click Start a Club. Type in the name of your server and choose the appropriate privacy options you feel is correct. Fill in the rest of the boxes accordingly. Your club will then be put in an approval queue to be approved by our mods. After it is approved, you'll be able to start inviting players to your server's club and populate it with all the posts and information you need for your Minehut server. Enjoy! If you want to take some inspiration from other clubs, you can check out my club for Warzone here or @_Rascal's upcoming RPG server called Spelunking here. Additional Comments: If you have any other questions or thoughts that you would like to ask or let me know, you can contact me by sending me @BennyDoesStuff a private message through the forums or by contacting me on Discord by joining the Minehut Discord here and messaging my Discord account (@BennyDoesTheStuff#0001).
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    This is very useless and probably very inconvenient for small servers but it kinda looks cool and professional (i guess). So here are the commands: - /banwave add [players name] - This will add a player to the banwave - /banwave remove [players name] - This will remove a player from the banwave - /banwave start Permissions: admin.banwave Features: Bans every 5 minutes all players in the banwave. I will also be updating this and try making it more complex and make it easier to use (GUI). So check back regularly! https://paste.md-5.net/mebobilaho.cpp I think this could be a good pair with a good No Cheat Plus config that autobans (make it run this command then). Thanks for reading, like my post or you arent getting a cookie
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    This week's Updated Plugins for June 10th AuctionHouse BedWars Big Doors BuildBattle ChestCleaner CraftBook CratesPlus Custom Jumppads CustomOreGen Dupe Fixes/Illegal Stack Remover Epic Skyblock GadgetsMenu GriefPrevention Flags GSit HeadsPlus Holographic Displays Hopper Filter Horizon HungerGames ItemEditor mcMMO MF Hoppers Minepacks Murder Mystery MyPets Nameless OldCombatMechanics PrisonRanksX QuickShop Reremake RandomTP Simple Portals SkRayFall SS Dynamic Shop SuperVanish TAB Time is Money UHC-Core Ultra Chests Village Defense WorldEdit WorldEditSelectionVisualizer WorldGuard Found a plugin that needs to be updated? Let us know right here on the forums! Click here
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    If you decide to report a player, please make sure you follow the correct format listed below. The format you should use differs based on what type of report you are making and who you are reporting. Creating fake reports on purpose to get another player punished will result in an instant ban. Reporting a Server When reporting a server, please make sure the server is in violation of a rule that is enforced on player servers. An example could be an inappropriate server name, inappropriate MOTD, blocking Minehut commands, or bypassing its player slots limit. Please note that we do not enforce Mojang's EULA. You can read up and learn more about how to report a server to Mojang for breaking Minecraft's EULA by clicking here. Server Name: Offense: Date of Report: Reporting a Player When reporting a player, please be considerate of where you are making the report. If you are reporting a player breaking a chat offense in the lobbies or in private messages, you will need to provide an uncropped, unedited screenshot of the offense. If you are reporting something more severe such as a player griefing a server, please make sure you provide sufficient evidence to support the report such as the logs (/dl logs) or a video of the grief. If the server that was griefed has a plugin such as CoreProtect installed, make sure you include that in the report as well in "Additional Comments." Player Name: Offense: Evidence: Additional Information:
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    Out of boredom I created a library that allows you to easily draw in 2D and in 3D on maps (and you can even animate it) Only requirements are Skript (duh) and Skellet Links Script: https://pastebin.com/raw/raHinyEV Documentation (it's a Google Doc because I'm lazy): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1T0uYPSHtfQVMXpez1zM_cyHGsU_FTCGaF0FTGPdtfXc/edit?usp=sharing You can create something like this or even cooler! (it's not this choppy) Because making this script took WAY longer than expected, credit is appreciated So yea... that's about it...
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    I have just one thing to say.
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    It's in the title. I will bring it back if it gets 14 hearts. For all of you uncultured people, Flood was a recreation of the minehut lobby with a twist. (Also mods, this is related to minehut so dont move this post)
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    Air block. 1. You can breath underwater with it. 2. You will never run out of air. 3. You don’t have to mine it it’s always there for you. 4. In my opinion it’s the best looking block in the game. 5. We all use it in our builds don’t we?
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    Hi, I think skript-yaml would be a great plugin to have, its great for storing stuff etc.. and it doesn’t have performance issues.
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    I don't even want to read that oml I was joking either way consider joining
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    Dope, will be spending a lot of time on here so if you would like lets get to know each other!
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    Ay, it works. But the site looks ugly.
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    This Week's Plugin Updates (39) - June 25th AuctionHouse BedWars Big Doors ChatControl Citizens CrazyCrates CrazyEnvoy Custom Heads DefensiveTurrets Dupe Fixes/Illegal Stack Remover GadgetsMenu GameAPI GriefPrevention Flags HeadsPlus Horizon Landlord 2 Matrix mcMMO MineableSpawners MobHunting PhysicsToGo PlaceholderAPI PlotSquared PrisonRAnksX QuickShop Reremake RandomTP SellWands Sk-Perm skDragon skript-db SS Dynamic Shop StackMob StaffChatReloaded SurvivalPlus Tablisknu TempFly TrainCarts UHC-Core VillageDefense Found a plugin that needs to be updated? Let us know right here on the forums! Click here
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    This Week's Plugin Updates (44) - June 17th AuctionHouse BeautyQuests BuildBattle ChatControl CitizensCMD ClearLag CombatLogX CommandDoesNotExist CraftBook Custom Jumppads CustomCrafting Enerpearl Cooldown Factions Blue GSit HeadsPlus Horizon HungerGames Jobs Reborn KillerMoney KitPvP LuckPerms in GUI Matrix mcMMO MF Hoppers MineableSpawners Minepacks MyPet Parkour PhysicsToGo PlotSquared PrisonRanksX Quests QuickShop Reremake RandomTP RedProtect Residence ShopKeepers Simple Elevators Sk-NBeeT Super Vanish Survival Plus TDG TempFly UltimateStacker Found a plugin that needs to be updated? Let us know right here on the forums! Click here
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    say a sentence to continue the story once upon a time, there was a turtle...
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    I reached out to the author.
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    This is a more technical update, but I'm sure some people will be interested in this We're now running PaperSpigot again instead of regular Spigot. It's a "high performance" fork of Spigot (which is a high performance fork of Craftbukkit) that helps make servers run a bit more smoothly. You can check out their documentation at the link below. Upstream project: https://papermc.io/ Our fork: https://github.com/Minehut/Paper/tree/ver/1.14 The only change we made to Paper was to rotate log files. This means that once your logs/latest.log gets to 10mb, it will be compressed and renamed to log<timestamp>.tar.gz. There's a limit to 7 .gz files to be rotated out. Once you hit 8, the oldest will be deleted. This will prevent servers that spam logs from automatically hibernating. This will also fix ProtocolSupportStuff not functioning correctly, as well as a few other plugins such as ProtocolLib that hook directly into PaperSpigot. EDIT: Paper was causing issues with not telling the panel the server was done starting (even though it was). Until we can fix this, we're back on Spigot 1.14.2. I rebuilt from BuildTools so we have the latest fixes.
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    Whaaaat's up Minehut Alert nation I'm your host KillerKailum. Let's get rooooiiiight into the news!!!
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    Hey everyone! Time for a Kahoot event! An idea proposed by AttendantFox, the events team has decided to host a Kahoot event where we’ll all come together and play a couple rounds of Kahoot. Here are some of the event details: Details: This Saturday at 3pm EST! https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ Make sure you're available to join the voice channel when the event starts on Saturday! ~Events Team Also make sure to join the Events club if you have not already done so.
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    I stand corrected. Hope this gets fixed so you can continue working on your server.
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    I like 1.8 pvp. You will never see me on any pvp server that's using the new combat system.
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    I would like to suggest adding the name of the plugin's author to the description of the plugin. I obviously understand this can't be added to ALL of the current plugins, but maybe just added to new plugins, and when plugins are updated? It would be nice (without having to click the link to the plugin's Spigot page) to see the author of the plugin While you are at it, maybe also include plugin version? This way when someone goes to install a plugin on their server, they can at least see beforehand which version it is. Special thank you to @Rip_Turtlz for reminding me to re-post this on the new forums!
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    hehe xd made you look! This has been the first official EPIC MEMER prank on the new forums
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    Grass Without it, worlds would be all dirty.
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    List me 3 unique things about your server, people may consider joining then
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    I have a chrome extension but its not working, which one are you using?
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    Please react so I get more reputation, I'm lonely
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    This is a test.
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    im breathing
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    reminds me of warvale
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    Updated Plugins for the week of June 3rd! Holographic Displays Simple Elevators Hunger Games GPack CombatLogX TempFly DefensiveTurrets Matrix AntiCheat Staff+ CoreProtect RankGrant+ Server Tutorial Plus AnimatedFrames MapManager PacketListenerAPI Enjin Factions Blue Chat Manager Mob Hunting ProtocolSupport Epic Skyblock CratesPlus StackMob SurvivalPlus XP Boost Found a plugin that needs to be updated? Let us know right here on the forums! Click here.
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    How to make a bot with Skript! Ever since Vixio was added to Minehut, not a lot of people, that I've seen, have been using it. Vixio is a skript addon that lets you fully setup, and launch a bot for your server. The steps aren't too hard, but they can get a little tricky. It's not a lot different than making one with Javascript. Make sure your server is fully stopped, and make sure Vixio is actually installed (Sounds dumb, but i forget to install it every time). Setup 1. First, what you need to do is setup your bot. Create your bot Here. From here, click "New Application", as shown in the image below. After this, you will need to name your bot, you may choose any name, but just know, mine's better. After you have chosen a name for your bot, click "Create". This will then take you to your application page. From here, click the "Bot" category on the left side of the page. After this, it should ask if you would like to, "BUILD-A-BOT", from here, click "Add Bot", and then "Yes, Do it!" There ya go, you created a discord bot! However, you are only half way done. You still need to get this bot online. Getting the bot online Getting the bot online isn't too hard. Just make sure you don't show anyone your bot token. This could lead to some things that you really don't want to get into. Below the name of the bot, there should be a blue text saying "Click to Reveal Token". Copy this token! After you have copied the bot token, this is where you start writing your skript. on skript load: login to "TOKEN" with name "NAME" After this, invite your bot to the discord server you want it in. Do this by getting your Client_Id. Your Client_Id should be located where the bot token was. After this is copied, paste your Client_ID into this link, replacing the X's. https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=XXXXXXXXX&scope=bot&permissions=0and This is what it should look like, Click, "Authorize". Complete the captcha, and check your discord for the bot. After this is completed, restart your server, and there ya go. You just created a bot with skript. No code needed, + the skript is 2 lines! Note, that this isn't EVERYTHING, Vixio offers. Sure it got your bot online, but you can also link your variables, events, commands, etc to your bot. You can create a variety of cool things with this. For my server, Multiples, i created a report system. You type "/report (reason)", into Minecraft, afterwards, it logs it into a discord channel, where the staff members can handle it through there. This makes it so the staff team has a log of the reports on Discord. Report prompt: Report Message: Discord Message: The reaction will check if the report was handled or not! Hope you enjoyed the Vixio tutorial, if this helped you, be a kind soul and react to the post! If you want to learn how to make bot commands, I will be making another tutorial on that, so keep an eye out!
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    We (Minehut) occasionally suspend servers for breaking our rules located here. If we do find your server in violation of our rules and you would like to appeal your server's suspension, copy the format below and post it in the "Appeals" category right here on the Minehut forums. Please make sure that you are the owner of the server before you start making an appeal for the suspension. Server Name: Why do you think the server is suspended? Why should we unsuspend your server? Additional Information: If you have any additional questions concerning anything related to server suspensions and what we do exactly suspend servers for, feel free to contact me or a senior moderator+ right here on the forums or to my Discord account (@BennyDoesTheStuff#0001) by joining the Minehut Discord server here.
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    Trent is aware of it, working on it as we speak.
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    Desktop, god help you if you play on a laptop with a trackpad.
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    you can backup worlds using command: /dl world <world name> Uploading a world: *Name example*: `world_light or light, use _ for space and no caps, NOT world light or Light` **zip** the world folder..then **Option 1.** use *world settings* to upload zip file and your world will be in */worlds* (make sure server is running while uploading and someone is online so dont go in **hibernation**) **Option 2.** upload zipped world folder to a data site i.e (**www.file.io** or **other**) copy *link*.. then ingame chat type `/ul world <world name> <link>` **i.e** `/ul world wonder https://file.io/UWiZBg ... You can use and see in */worlds*, no saving or restarting needed.. with prefix `ul_<NAME>` - (restart server if don't show). If you use *multiverse* it wont show until you **import** the world `/mv import <world name> normal` ... Extra: uploading a *schematics*.. use **option 2** but dont need to be a zipped file. `/ul schematic <name.schematic/schem> <link>` **i.e** `/ul schematic test.schematic https://file.io/UWiZBg To make it a default world: in server properties in level name. add name of world u want as default
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    Idlers die quick, so good luck. The one idler that hasn't died is the original one.
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    Mint chocolate chip
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    I love orange juice as well!!
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    Hello, my name is Josh or commonly known as Gingey. I just wanted to take this time to introduce myself, I am currently 18 years old, graduating high school, officially, this Saturday! I am looking forward to graduating, but I am also afraid of what will happen next. Anyways, I have been a member of the Minehut staff team for over a year now, and it has been amazing! Alright, that'll be it for this, see you all around on the forums. And remember if you ever need help you can message me here, on discord, or in-game (when I am online)!
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