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    Hey minehut! I feel that currently, the 10gb allocated on the highest plan is not sufficient for servers trying to run a server with 50+ players on at one time without compromising performance. I have personally had issues with this on many of my own servers such as the one i have now (CoronaPR) (We had to limit our slots manually to 50 because the server could not cope) and would be willing to pay more to get more ram in increments such as the following: 15gb ram: 425 Credits/day 25gb ram: 600 Credits/day 32gb ram: 750 Credits/day (This is the kind of ram i am looking for personally) Maybe even the possibility of 48gb and 64gb for servers trying to actually run with 200 players online (however i understand that this is rare.) This would benifit both parties as minehut would have a larger pool of revenue to pull from and server owners can have much more flexibility with their servers. I hope this idea could be considered as it could be very useful for the bigger servers on minehut. Thanks.
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    i said i would do a face reveal when Minehut hits 10k players online and we hit it somehow
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    New Minehut Staff Members! Give a round of applause to the 8 new players that will be joining the Minehut staff team as Junior Mods! Over the next couple of months, they will be going through a trial to see if they will make it to the Moderator rank. If you see them in-game, on the Discord server, or in the forums make sure to give them a congratulations! Check out below to learn more about the hobbies and adventures of our new staff members. @Vinixs Hey, I’m Vinixs and i’m 18 years old. You may of seen me around dating back to 2016, when i joined back in August. I enjoy conversing in the lobbies, discord, and the forums as well as assist some players who need it. I’m from Chicago, and currently in my last year of high school. In my free time, i love to Skript and create applications. I’ve been skripting for a couple of years now, and can’t wait to work alongside everyone on the staff team! @PandaChan Hia! I'm PandaChan, mostly known as Emily or just as Panda. I've been playing Minehut for almost 4 years, I'm most active in Discord and will usually be found there helping people. I love watching anime, reading Webtoons, just watching YouTube or playing Minecraft with people. Some other random things about me: I'm currently 16 years old, live in the Netherlands (I speak two languages, unless you count my dialect which is technically a language but no one speaks it ;;) and I'm currently working towards studying psychology ^^ @Nichxlxs Hello, my name is Nicholas and I go by the name 'Nichxlxs' in-game. I am 16 years old, I live in Australia and am currently interested in computer science and software engineering. I first got minecraft back in beta 2010 when I was recommended by my cousin. Since then, I have played for many many years both with friends and complete strangers. I joined minehut about halfway through 2015 and quit early 2018 until recently in 2019 when I got back into it. I've had many name changes over the past years, though my most known ones are iHaveSkills, Retrical and Deterno. I love to watch anime (favourites are shield hero and ngnl) and mainly spend my time playing games with a bunch of friends. I also play other games such as CSGO and Gmod, and I have a lot of free time on my hands (because of coronavirus) so if you want to have a chat with me or just want to play games let me know! Looking forward to meeting more of you guys in the future! @Puro_OwO Greetings, my name is Puro of the OwO. I am 20 years old originally from Romania, but I reside in the US of A. I have played Minehut for something like five years now. Some may remember me as “Senpia” I was a moderator back in 2016-2017 so I am not new to this. I am a furry feel free to bully me lmao. My passion in life is Anthropology (the study of humans) because let’s face it we are total freaks of nature. That’s about it cya around friendos. @Lightning Thank you everyone! Thank you everyone! I love you all so much! Hah. I-I don't know what to say. I never thought that this day would come (starts to tear up). I can't thank you all enough for this Oscar. This is all because of you guys! I would like to thank everyone that helped me to get here! I would also like to thank my Mom, my Dad, my- ... Wait... What's this? (Immediatly stops crying) This is just a Junior Moderator introduction? Oh, come on man, and here I came all dressed, actually wearing clothes for once. Well, guess I'll have to introduce myself, huh?... Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok... Testing 1, 2, 3... Testing 1, 2, 3... Everything seems to be good?.. Alright... Konichiwa Minasan! Ore wa Lightning-chan desu! The new super kawaii Junior Mod here- and I can't... I just can't... What the heck am I doing? I-I'm sorry you had to go through that. That was just... terrible... Utterly atrocious... Who even let someone like him on the stage? Oh my god. Well, whatever, as you guys can see, I'm extremely qualified for this job! Anyways, time to get down to business (very quickly and robotically) I am Lightning, age 19, born and raised in Canada, my blood type is "I have no clue" and my credit card info is bleep bleep bleep. I shouldn't have said that, huh? What, it was already cut out in post? Perfect. Uhh, don't mind that. What else can I say, I've been studying in applied sciences, I'm a huge weeb, oh, and I've been a part of Minehut for almost 5 years I believe, I don't know if you guys would believe me but... I was once staff here... Keep this a secret between us. Anywho, I'm back and ready for anything! I just want to have fun with people and I just wish everyone to have a good time! And, finally, I'm sorry you had to go through all of this, I should have just said (Caveman) "Hi, my name Lightning. I am new Junior. Goodbye". I think that would have been better than this whole mess. Yeahh... Well, guess that's that! All I can say now is that I hope to see you all later! @fjsu Hello people of Minehut! My name is fjsu, you've probably seen me around in the lobbies before, and if you haven't then you must be blind, how are you reading this? Anyways, I've been playing Minecraft since late 2010 and have been on Minehut since early 2018, My hobbies include, building, graphic design, video editing, tax fraud, sleeping, and producing music. I spend most of my time playing Minecraft, however. I like most foods, some of my favorites being sushi and tempura, chicken strips and french fries, and I love some fast food from time to time. I'm from Canada, and I can speak both English and French, if you ever want to have a conversation in either language or even just want to say hi, I am legitimately on almost all the time either on player servers, in the lobby or on discord so feel free to message me! I normally watch YouTube videos while I'm in the lobbies, so if you have a Minecraft related, or otherwise interesting video you'd like to show me, feel free to link me it in DMs, I'm also always listening to random songs YouTube music feeds me so if you have a song you'd like to show me I'd be glad to hear it! I'm very excited to be representing the wonderful Minehut community having been a part of the community for a while now! Anyways, I hope to see you around in the lobby, a player server, or the discord sometime soon! @Anonymous192 Hi there, I'm Anonymous192 also known as like hundred other names. I am 17 years old, and I am from Auckland, New Zealand, which most of you probably don't even know existed since you hardly can see it on the map. I started playing Minecraft in 2013, and I have been playing on Minehut since 2017. I'm currently in my last few weeks of High School before I finish school seven months early yea I am that smart and I have no idea what I will become in the future. I am mostly active on discord so come talk to me I will probably be bored from living in lockdown for four weeks. Well, the things I like to do is watch Netflix/Youtube, coding different stuff like discord bots, playing Minecraft with my friends and exercising you know the gym life. I can't think of anything else to write so that is it and I will look forward to becoming a Minehut staff member and helping Minehut itself and the players. See you around @Koronotchi Yo yo yo! My name's Koronotchi, but you can call me Koro or Tom. I'm 14 and I'm from Liverpool, UK. I joined Minehut in 2018 when my friend told me about his server, which I became active on. After it closed, I started playing on other Minehut servers, and I learned more and more about how Minehut works and what's available for us. In terms of Minecraft in general, I started playing PE around 2013/14, and I switched to Java around mid/late 2014 on a public alt that my Mum and Dad bought from eBay. (I didn't know what a public alt was lol, I was pretty young.) This account was banned from a few servers because others had used it for hacking, which I didn't understand at the time. I eventually got fed up with this and decided that I wanted a proper account. So on the 30th of June, 2015, Koronotchi was born (with another name obviously), and I haven't changed account since. I've recently handed in my GCSE options, and they are Computer Science and Triple Science, with History as my required Humanity. Alongside these, I have 2 reserved options, which are GCSE German and BTEC Health and Social Care. My current dream job is a Paramedic, but I've recently been thinking of being a Software Developer instead. In terms of hobbies, I love cycling. I did it every day, to and from school (until it broke), and I've always enjoyed it, regardless of the minor injuries and near misses I've had, that's just cycling for you. I'm also going to be learning Java soon, this is because I want to develop Spigot Plugins in the future, and I'll need a good knowledge of Java to do that. I'm also interested in learning other coding languages, like Python, and JS for Discord Bots. I'm also a handwriting freak, so I practise quite a bit. I play the drums too, and I play Grade 2 pieces. Outside of Minecraft, the only game I actively play is osu!, it's very addicting but I enjoy it. (Help me, I can't stop clicking circles! Help!) I'm glad to be on this journey, see you all on Minehut!
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    Hellooooo everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and welcome (or welcome back) to the Minehut Forums! Recently, I've seen a spike in category misuse, and I want to divert our attention to more important things than moving topics for category misuse. So, I'm here to tell you what the General category is all about! I know that the topic this category presents can get confusing - after all, isn't "general discussion relating to Minehut or Minecraft" including of support, server advertisements, and other things like those? The quickest answer is no. Allow me to explain. We host several categories that help us maintain a decent forum structure and make moderation, and thread relevance, more user-friendly. Allow me to explain what the categories are for! GENERAL: Intended for discussion about anything Minehut and Minecraft. Talk about a recent Minecraft snapshot, your favorite mob, hub secrets, etc. OFF-TOPIC: Any discussion that does not fit into General, or any other categories available. Discussion about things such as other games, daily life occurrences, funny stories, etc. INTRODUCE YOURSELF: Plain and simple, introducing yourself to the Minehut Community. NOT FOR LEAVING MINEHUT POSTS. SUGGESTIONS: Constructive criticism and feedback to better Minehut's services can be presented here. This category contains two sub-categories: Plugins and Features. The Plugins category is designed to suggest plugins to be updated, or added to the plugin list. The Features category is intended to be used for suggesting useful things to improve Minehut's services. COMMUNITY SUPPORT: This category is intended to be used for any questions. If you need help opping yourself, this is the place to go! Need help with uploading a world? Got you, in this category! (Not for Skript help, though. That's coming up!) SKRIPT: This category is intended to be used for everything involving the popular and revolutionary plugin Skript. There are also two sub-categories in this category, just as there was in Suggestions! This category includes Discussion and Releases sub-categories. Discussion is for help, questions about getting started, and tutorials. Releases is only for people who have scripts they'd like to share with the rest of the community! SERVERS: Intended to be used for advertising your Minehut server! This is NOT the place to request support/help for your server! MARKETPLACE: This is the place to recruit staff or offer your services to the Minehut community! Looking for server staff? Check here! Are you a Skript Developer, looking for work? Come to the Marketplace and offer your services! That's all for the public text channels! Any topic you create in the categories posted below will only be visible by Moderators, Senior Moderators, and Administrators. STAFF APPLICATION: This contains the staff application format. Note that applications are not always open, and sometimes you may not be able to access this category! You can stay updated on when applications open and close by joining the Minehut Discord. REPORT FORMATS: This area contains the required formats for player reports and server reports. If you notice a server violating the EULA (End User License Agreement), please contact MOJANG and they will contact Minehut from there. However, if you see a server violating another rule (such as a discriminatory name/motd), you can follow the report format to help us keep our community safe! The same can be said for player reports. If a player is breaking rules on the lobby and there's no staff member online, you can follow the player report format and help us deal with them! APPEAL FORMATS: This section is for appealing server suspensions and punishments. Servers can be suspended for EULA Violations or Minehut Rule Violations. If your server was suspended, this is the place to go to begin the process of playing again. If you were punished on Minehut, and that punishment was LONGER than 2 weeks, or it was unfair, you can appeal that punishment by following the instructions in the player appeal format. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy your forum adventures!
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    Yo, I'm Vinixs o/ If you haven't found out yet, I just recently came back to the Minehut staff team! I want to thank everyone who congratulated me as well as the other Juniors! We all appreciate all of your love, and can't wait to interact with everyone in the Minehut communtiy. I first joined Minehut on August 1st, 2016. Ever since, I knew this was the community I wanted to be apart of. I first joined the staff team around 2017-2018, and left the team late 2018 due to activity reasons. I came back to Minehut 3-4 months ago after I bought a new pc. I like to skript things on Minehut, both on my server and other player servers. I can't wait to see you guys around!
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    I'm trying to put the randomizer to my server but I don't want to put the files one by one cause my computer is way too slow.
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    We have 0 tolerance for sexual harassment.
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    I suggest the following to be implemented on the minehut services (Discord and on the minecraft server mainly) I suggest we add the following ranks to the staff roles, Builder Helper Trialmod Jrmod Mod Mod+ Srmod Jradmin Admin Sradmin Jr development team Development team Sr development team Jr management team Management team Sr management team Jr founder Founder Sr founder Jr OP OP Sr OP Jr SLG SLG Sr SLG Omega Sr SLG And the following gangs for player to be apart! Jackjack gang Trent gang Hazry gang Missyeru gang Dog Gang Spud Gang Raptor Gang Kailum Gang Jackson85 Gang YouStoleMy gang Jellz Gang
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    I said I would do it at 15k so here.
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    Dear Minehut Community, Most people do not know, but last night myself and a few other people in the Minehut Discord, were fooling around, and I posted some inappropriate pictures and made some nasty comments to an SLG Staff Member known by Ashley. At first I thought it was plain old having fun, but then It turned out not to be, when I was banned from the discord and stripped of my rank as Builder. I was so mad at first on how I had screwed up, but then realized how stupid of a person I am to have said and done such stupid things. So many people know me as the builder who helps people with free spawns, and the second creator of the lobby. I wanted to sincerely express my apologies to the SLG Team, Trent and Ashley. I overstepped and I messed up badly and I had no intentions of hurting anyone. I've been a part of Minehut since It was first opened by Luke. I wanted to be a builder so bad, and with the help from a good friend of mine that has dealt with me and my problems for years, BennyDoesStuff, I was finally able to become a builder. It was an honor and honestly such a fun experience to be able to be part of such an awesome team. I always love helping people and encouraging people to strive for the greatest they can be. I love helping out players with there builds so much, because it gives me a new experience and a new person that I can be friends with or talk to. I'm probably not the nicest person or the most liked, But I just wanna ask for a second chance at redemption. I really do love this community and I never meant to harm anyone. I please ask that I can redeem myself to be a better person. I've never done anything like this before, but because of this guilt that I feel, I wanted to make it public. Again I sincerely apologize for my actions and behavior towards SLG and Trent, and on behalf of Minehut. I hope you all can forgive me and give me a second chance. I promise, that you wont forget it. - TrollFarts / Alex
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    Effective today, we are enforcing updated rules on Minehut. Highlights Minehut is now entirely SFW and kid friendly. No swearing anywhere on Minehut (except player servers) Includes voice, lobby, Discord, forums Until the end of March, we'll be giving out extra warnings before punishing for any rules that changed. Rules diff: https://www.diffchecker.com/LUVdwlWp Rules page: https://forums.minehut.com/rules/ You must have at least some English characters in your Discord handle to make it easy for staff to tag you. But Why?! Minehut has always been sorta kid friendly with an exception for Discord. This update brings the entire community under the same rules and will help us root out more toxicity. We also think that this will help foster a more welcoming environment and help people feel more comfortable being part of our awesome community.
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    Here's my entry for the Creative Writing Contest! The void wrapped around the goose, shrouding him in darkness. There was nothing to see except for below his feet and the blue sparks flickering ahead. "Honk?" The goose asked out of fear, but mostly curiosity. "Honk, hooonk..." The goose kept honking, awaiting an answer, but to no avail. The goose tip-toed to the blue sparks, but the sparks floated further away with each step. Then, they disappeared. A figure bloomed in its place. Its shroud covered its face and rendered it difficult to see. "Why have you come here, wanderer?" The figure spoke in a grave tone, creating a sense of unwelcome and unease for the goose. The goose unsheathed his sword and waved it among the darkness. Chills were sent down his spine. He was frightened. "Honk?" The goose questioned the figure again. "I see you're still a coward, wanderer. You've never been here, have you? Such a shame." The figure began his boring monologue. "I've controlled this land for centuries and didn't realize how someone would have to go such great lengths to come here. It could be a dare. It could be the credits. Perhaps, love?" "HONK!" The goose responded defensively. He quivered upon the last word. "Honk, honk, HONK!" The goose began running aimlessly in a circle, searching for the figure. Death suddenly appeared at the opposite end of the darkness. Motionless, yet gliding across the fog. He pointed to the goose. "Accept your fate, wanderer, for I am Death. Your time has come, but I greatly pity you," Death began. "I had believed you would show with power, but my assumptions were disproved upon your arrival." "Honk!" The goose finally stops in his tracks and glares at Death. He prepares to strike. "You dare try?" The goose honks furiously as he speeds toward Death. He raises his sword. A scythe appeared in Death's hand from the fog surrounding him. It glistened with blue sparks, flickering. "Your existence here is unneeded. You only waste my time, and you can't listen," Death spoke in an eerie tone. The goose dashed and struck for Death's head. But Death was hasty; his scythe blocked the goose's and the fog traps the goose in place, rendering it impossible for motion. "Honk..." The goose honked in fear. His sword was taken swiftly from his grasp and shattered upon touching the fog. His potions were wrested away and disintegrated. Death walked closer and closer to the goose, his blue eyes glaring at him. "Such a shame. You would have made a great addition to the earth. You could've stopped the pandemic. You could've stopped global warming. The April crisis would've been prevented. And yet you choose to be selfish. Yet, you choose to go down a path that is nothing but me." Death scolded the goose for all the good he could've done and chosen to avoid them. "Honk. Honk, honk.. Honk. Honk? Honk." The goose responded with sarcasm. "What?" Death questioned. "You merely chose the life of regret. I'm simply here to grant you your consequences." Death raised his scythe in the air and swiftly swung it upon goose's head. Goose's vision went black. And then, he opened his eyes in an unfamiliar room. It was his bedroom. At the front, posters covered the wall around the clock. The clock ticked. Benny finally opens his eyes fully and groans at the clock. It was 3:00 AM. He got up and opened the bedroom door to the hallway and headed to the bathroom. He turned on the lights but winced at the brightness. He looked at the mirror to see the deep dark circles and rubbed his eyes. "That was a dream, wasn't it?" Benny asked the mirror. Then he sat on the toilet and scrolled through Discord on his phone. Benny returned to the bedroom and threw himself under the blankets. Then, he drifted away to sleep. "Benny, breakfast is ready!" Benny's mom yelled from the kitchen downstairs. "Ok, mom!" He quickly changed his clothes and hopped straight out of the room. Then he waltzed back in, realizing that it was still 3:00 AM. "Why is she making breakfast at three? Whatever." "Have a good sleep, Benny?" The mom was preparing pancakes, his favorite since forever. She carefully put strawberries around it and made a smiley face with banana slices. Benny plopped down on the chair, waiting with his fork and syrup. His smile widened as his mom walks over with the plate of pancakes. Then he gobbles it in one bite. "Wow, Benny... You were hungry, weren't you?" The mom commented. Benny burped and got up. He returned to his room and plopped back in bed. Benny flipped around, unable to sleep until he saw a figure standing at the edge of the bed. The flickering blue sparks looked familiar. Benny realized that it was Death. Death raised his scythe and swung it down upon Benny, but a bird appeared out of nowhere, stopping his strike. It was the goose! "Yo, what the hell?!" Benny jumped backward in shock. Has his dream taken over reality, or was he in the dream all along? The goose and Death began to fight a brutal fight. The exchange of the sword and scythe slashing against one another was deafening. The goose then yelled to Benny. "Honk! Honk, honk, HONK!!" For whatever reason, Benny immediately understood and jumped from his bed and ran to the door, but a scythe appeared in his way. Another hooded figure appeared at the door, prancing towards Benny with an unparalleled evil shrouding him. The goose and Death were still exchanging blows, and Benny stumbled backward into a corner with nowhere to go. "Honk!" The goose quickly looked at Benny and honked. Only this time, Benny didn't understand it. The slashes were too loud for him to listen, but the goose couldn't repeat himself and continued swinging his sword. Benny hid under the bed. But then, Benny's surroundings disappeared. The clashing became muted and the goose and Death faded away. "Honk." The goose called Benny a coward as he last disappeared. Then Benny's limbs began to fade away into dust, then up to his chest. Then his head. "And that is the end," a voice sounded. Trent slammed the book closed and then rambled on how good the story was to supposedly his imaginary friends. "Poor guy..." A person said outside the room. "How is he going to get treated?" Ashley asked the doctor. "He won't. His mind and body have gone so twisted that anything we try to do won't have an effect on him," the doctor said to Ashley. "I think it's best to consider that he just doesn't exist anymore in his mind." "Looks like I'll be taking over the company now," Ashley commented with an eerie sense of confidence.
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    Creative Writing Contest Are you into writing and love to write for fun? Come enter into our creative writing contest! For the whole week, you can submit your own piece right into this category which will be voted on by staff and other players to find who has the best of the best. Think you might have a shot at winning this whole thing? Try it out, there's nothing you could lose! Read below to learn more about this contest's requirements, rules, prizes, and anything else you might need to know to win and take home the championship! Requirements It must either include or the theme must be based around the follow words: Exists, Listen, and Frighten It can be a short story, a poem, or anything you might enjoy as long as it's not longer than 2000 words. The writing must be PG, which means nothing inappropriate and no swearing. As long as you follow the 3 bullets above, the story can be about anything, it even could be a Minehut fan-fiction. Additional Information Once you're completed with your story, post it right here in this category or by clicking here. Submissions close April 10th, and winners will be announced that weekend. The winner of this contest will win 1000 credits. You could give them to any account you wish. What are you waiting for?! Go write to your heart's desire and get those submissions in!
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    Weekly Schedule Check out the image below to view this week's Minehut schedule and everything going on. This week is JAMMED packed with stuff you guys are going to enjoy! We also was able to fit in a few events in other timezones.
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    Hello everyone, I'll make this brief. When I attempt to do /dl world world (which is the name of my world found from /worlds), I am told the world is compressing, then creating a download link, but after that no text or link appears. I found a few threads on the issue but all of them seemed to be quite outdated. Would appreciate help asap. Thank you all in advance.
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    some of these people have been staff longer than you
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    Congrats everyone! I look forward to be working with you all!
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    Looking forward to working alongside these amazing people!
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    I vouch for TrollFarts, he is a great builder and a major part of the team. It's a shame to see him leave, as him and I work well together when working on build projects. I understand that some form of punishment should be given, but as this is his first offence and he regrets making the choices he made, a perm demotion seems kinda harsh. I do not know the full story of what happened but I would suggest to reconsider the punishment due to the impact that the build team has taken.
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    Hello! As a frequent of the Discord server, everyday I see people asking the same thing over and over: ''how do I download my world?'' and as a lot of you know, the /dl world command is broken (has been for months). Everytime someone asks this, I see people saying the same thing: use a world downloader mod. However, mods like these only let you download worlds complete with their chest contents if you manually fly around AND open each and every chest that's in the server. I think it could and should be a lot simpler, by simply letting users install this plugin. It has the ability to create a download link for you to be able to download your world and can run back-ups as much as you like. It's exactly what people are asking for, what they need and, most importantly, what they deserve. Here is the link of the plugin: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/simplebackup I sincerely hope you consider adding this plugin. Regards, noamelody
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    I agree that this should be available, I've had to manually "create" datapacks for my world and it's becoming more and more tedious. Either allowing us to add .zip files to our "world" folder, or actually have a working "world" exporter so we can download our worlds, put whatever datapack we need inside, and import it back. This GUI that y'all have created for these servers are very restrictive and don't allow players the functionality that they're looking for when creating their own server. Don't get me wrong, Y'all are hosting servers for free, I think that's awesome. But not having access to files that we need is making it ridiculous.
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    Hello, I own a server called hyp1xel which is pretty much a remake of hypixel with a load of mini games. When minehut updated to 1.15 my buildbattle pluggin no longer worked as it wasnt compattible and my players really wanted the mini game back. Please could you update the buildbattle plugin so that it works with 1.15, the owner of the plugin linked in the description has already updated the resource so that it works with 1.15, here is the link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/buildbattle-1-9-1-13-2.44703/ I hope this plugin will be updated as it was a awesome thing to have on my server and have a nice day <3. -DaddyPippin
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    Woot woot we hit 10K!!! Also hi!
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    everyone need a datapack so add .zip support for the datapacks
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    Alright guys, we all know what it is. If you have it, gg, you will NOT die theres a big chance you survive, don't be sad, bare it. As all of you know, most schools are down due the the virus, playing minehut is essential to cure the needs and to forget all about COVID - 19. Well guys, stay safe, don't go near others to remain healthy and to live a great life without the Corona Virus! Thank you fellow minehut peers, and stay safe. APRIL FOOLS Haha sike, I am immune lol, and your not HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA I win. jk again
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    I'd like to thank Benny, Gingey and the minehut staff team for this amazing opportunity, looking forward to meeting most of you guys in-game!
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    I have an antivirus so I'm immune
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    For his first offence it's pretty harsh, he's made a bunch of maps for minehut and it's sad to see it all just wasted. Think about all the things he's done for minehut to help, would you really believe he wasn't sorry about his actions.
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    Please add bedrock as quick you can because there is no other serverhost which provides features like you I request you sir.
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    I think being able to change the server icon would be a neat addition. I don't know if you guys could get it working or not, but it'd be a really good way to personalize servers more.
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    im guessing its still a problem with transfer.sh (the service minehut uses to download worlds) hoenstly minehut should just let us downlaod our worlds from their website directly but they havent implemented that so....
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    Multiples Moderator Application Format If you do not meet our requirements (15+ years old, 2+ hours of playtime, access to our Discord server, ability to record, and working microphone), you will be instantly denied. Do not ask a staff member to read your application! (This will result in automatic denial) Click here to start your application. Here is the current moderator application format; copy and paste into a new thread, and fill it in to apply: 1 - Basic Information - • Minecraft Username: • Previous Minecraft Usernames [Use NameMC.com]: • Age: • Country of Residence: • Timezone: • Do you have access to our Discord server? [https://discord.gg/CUBJV8M]: • Discord Username [EX: BreakfastDeliqht#0801]: • Do you have a working microphone?: • How much time can you contribute to the role?: • Do you have any past staff experience? If so, explain in detail what you've done: • What is your current playtime on the server? [Check in statistics in your ESC menu]: • Have you ever been banned or punished on the server?: • Any other information we need to know about you?: 2 - Scenarios - • Suppose that someone is spamming racial slurs in the chat. What would you do?: • Suppose that someone were to be flying around and using kill aura. People are yelling at you in chat to do something about it. What do you do?: • Suppose that someone were to be advertising in chat. What would be your first response?: 3 - Letter of Understanding - If you do not sign the Letter of Understanding below, you will be automatically denied. I, (insert IGN here), do acknowledge that I can be removed from the staff team at any point, I hereby understand that if I have lied about anything on this application, that I will not have a chance at being staff after this point. I understand that I can not ask staff to read my application. I acknowledge that I am not able to reapply until 3 days have passed since being denied. Sincerely, (insert IGN here).
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    minehut is pg-13 not kindergarten
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    I suggest that Minehut should make it so that we can change the versions of our servers. (Example: You can change your server version to like 1.13 or something.) They should also make it so that you can add mods. (Minecraft Forge)
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    So, since MC Mondays went down a while ago.. and the owner of the Minehut server 'mhmondays' changed the name of it, I decided to remake it! So, when everything is set up, every Monday I will host an event and if the staff team are nice, maybe you could give out some credits to the winner It would be better to have it as a server per minigame, as I said in a previous post Minehut runs on bungeecord, so it would be better like that. Again, if Minehut are willing to give me extra server slots for the event it would help a lot and you can remove those once I stop doing the event Anyways, what do you think? Our current minigames are: SkyBlock Bingo (first to get __ in skyblock) SkyWars TnT Run Battle Royale (short UHC) Survival Games
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    Minehut Plugins Update - April 1, 2020 We've got a ton of updates to be sent out this week! We've updated 101 plugins, if you notice any plugins that aren't working correctly or are broken, please reply to this thread and I'll be sure to get them fixed ASAP. Enjoy! Updates Advanced Achievements (5.14.1 -> 5.15.1) AdvancedBan (3.0.1??? -> 2.1.7) ajParkour (2.6.0 -> 2.7.8) AnimatedFrames (4.11.4-SNAPSHOT -> 4.11.5-SNAPSHOT) Annihilation (15.7.0 -> 15.7.5) BetterRTP (2.9.3 -> 2.10.0) BKCommonLib (1.15.2-v1 -> 1.15.2-v3 (Build 742)) BlocksHub (3.1.0 -> 3.1.1) BuildBattle (4.1.0 -> 4.3.0) BuycraftX (12.0.2 -> 12.0.6) ChatFeelings (4.5.6 -> 4.6.2) Checkpoints (2.4.0 -> 2.4.1) ChestCleaner (1.7 -> 1.7.1) Citizens (2.0.26-b1790 -> 2.0.26-b1860) CombatLogX ( -> Custom Jumppads (1.24.2 -> 1.24.8) CustomCrafting ( -> DefensiveTurrets (3.9.1 -> 3.10.2) DeluxeMenus (1.12.0 -> 1.13.1) Dupe Fixes / Illegal Stack Remover (2.0.9e -> 2.1.0) eGlow (2.0.4 -> 2.0.5) EssentialsX ( -> 2.17.2) FactionsUUID ( -> FastAsyncVoxelSniper (1.14-4 -> 1.0.3) FastAsyncWorldEdit (1.15-81 -> 1.15-157) GadgetsMenu (4.3.29 -> 4.3.32) goBrush (3.0.0 -> 3.3.25) Gravity Tubes (1.9.0 -> 1.10.0) Gravy (1.4.6 -> 1.4.7) Group Manager (3.2 -> 3.3) GroupManager PEX (1.5 -> 1.6) GSit ( -> Guilds ( -> GUIShop (7.3.5 -> 7.3.8) HeadsPlus (6.8.2 -> 6.9.5) HeroAction (3.4 -> 3.5) HungerGames (4.13.7 -> 4.13.9) Inventory Rollback (1.3.6 -> 1.3.7) InventoryFull+ (2.5.5 -> 2.5.6) Island Border (Build 1 -> Build 3) ItemEdit (1.7.4 -> 2.0.7) ItemJoin (5.0.5 -> 5.0.6) Jobs Reborn (4.15.5 -> 4.15.6) KillerMoney (4.4.0 -> 4.5.0) LuckPerms (4.4.1 -> 5.0.72) Marriage Master (2.1.2 -> 2.1.4) MaxBans Plus (1.9 -> 2.0) mcMMO (PaperMC Build #902 -> PaperMC Build #941) MF Hoppers (3.16 -> 3.18) Minepacks (2.2 -> 2.3.5) MobHunting (7.0.0 -> 7.0.2) MoneyNote (1.2.5 -> 1.2.8) Murder Mystery (1.5 -> 1.5.1) MythicMobs (4.7.2 -> 4.9.0) OpenAudioMC ( -> 6.1.4) PhysicsToGo (1.9.4b -> 2.0) PlayerVaultsX (4.1.4 -> 4.1.6) PrisonRanksX (2.4.13b -> 2.5.6a) Quests (3.8.7 -> 3.9.0) QuickShop Reremake ( -> Reports ( -> 1.8) RPGItems (3.8-27 -> 3.8-76) Seasons (2.3.2 -> 2.3.3) Simple Elevators (3.9.2 -> 3.9.8) Simple Portals (1.4.4 -> 1.4.5) skRayFall (1.9.18 -> 1.9.20) Skript-db (0.2.0 -> 0.2.1) SkUniversal (2.9.5 -> 2.10) SkyChanger (3.0.1 -> 3.1.1) SmoothTimber (1.5.0 -> 1.6.1) StackMob (5.0.2 -> 5.1.0) Survival Plus (3.9.3 -> 3.11.1) TAB (2.6.5 -> 2.7.2) Tablisknu (1.0-BETA.8 -> 1.0) TC Coasters (1.14.4-v1 -> 1.15.2-v2 (Build 118)) TempFly (1.9.0 -> 2.0.1) TNTRun Reloaded (8.8 -> 8.9) TrainCarts (1.15.2-v1 -> 1.15.2-v2 (Build 609)) TrMenu (1.18 -> 1.21) UhcCore (1.15.7 -> 1.15.8) Ultimate Economy (1.2.5b -> 1.2.5e) Ultimate Vote (2.1 -> 2.2) UltimateCatcher (1.3.1 -> 1.3.3) UltimateClaims (1.1.15 -> 1.2.1) UltimateFishing (1.2.5 -> 1.2.6) UltimateKits (2.5.1 -> 2.6) UltimateModeration (1.2.4 -> 1.2.5) UltimatePerms (1.4 -> 3.2) Ultra Chests (2.2.1 -> 2.2.3) UltraRepair (2.0.1 -> 3.0.0) VentureChat (2.17.3 -> 2.18.2) Village Defense (4.3.1 -> 4.4.1) VoidGenerator (1.4.2 -> 1.5.5) WolfyUtilities ( -> WorldSystem ( -> xRay (3.012 -> 3.12) New Plugins SkBee ( -> 1.1.0) Found a plugin that you would like to see added or updated? Let us know right here on the forums! Click here.
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    i waz told 2 lead comet, here is comet i waz told 2 leaf. u r walcom
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    Server categories would allow server owners to set a server type for their server, for example you could set it to mining, skyblock, prison, rp etc... so that when the server list menu is opened in-game you would be able to select a server type in which you would be able to find all servers marked with the selected type. This would be a great way for a player to find the ideal server to play on.
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    Hello, Minehut staff! I encountered this problem while I was playing on my survival server, which has to do with 0-tick farms. I noticed that on Minehut servers, 0-tick farms do not work and after some quick research I found out that it has to do with the new "paper.yml" file. I was asking if you guys would enable us to change the file or add a on/of switch for 0-tick farms. I would love to be able to! Thanks! Niek
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    Hm, should I join in?
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    I'm joining the party
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    Very easy task, It only took me 8 minutes. I am not releasing the coordinates.
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    Minehut Moderation Application Hey there, thanks for taking interest in applying for the Minehut moderation team! The main goals of this team are to help players who need help with their Minehut servers, to keep our lobbies, Discord server, and forums fully moderated as well as other tasks such as but not limited to hosting fun events with the community or responding to reports and appeals. If you are interested in joining the staff team, please make sure you have first read up and memorized all of the Minehut rules located here as well as how the staff team is organized and how we filter out potential applicants here. Staff Requirements: At least 16 years of age. The age limit was increased to 16 because we believe that applicants that have been 16 years or older have shown that they have more life experience and are more emotionally able to handle situations. With the past age limit of 14, we have seen a series of staff members that have come and go because they just cannot handle it and just are not as emotionally able to. This has helped us confirm that this change is for the better. Must be a part of the Minehut community for at least 2 months. One of the main responsibilities of the moderation team is to help out players with their Minehut servers. Because of this, we require that all staff members have a good understanding of how Minehut works and how to use it. Have a working and understandable microphone. One of the steps of the application process is coming into a Discord call with the staff managers and doing a private interview to better understand who you are. Because of this, we require that all applicants have a working and understandable microphone. This could be your headset, your phone, or maybe a webcam built into your laptop. Able to contribute a few hours a week on Minehut services. The moderation team would not work properly if none of the staff members were active enough to accomplish its goals. While we aren't expecting you to spend a crazy amount of time, we do expect that you are spending a few hours a week either in-game, on our forums, or talking in the Minehut Discord server. No major punishments within the last 30 days. While we are completely fine if you got a mute or 2 for some minor infraction, we ask that you may not have any punishments longer than a week issued within the past month of submitting your moderation application. Have a Discord account you use actively. As stated above, all of our staff members are required to have a Discord account. This is mainly because our main platform for communication is within our private staff Discord server. Communication is key for a successful team so it is extremely important that you are quite active on our Discord servers to be considered for the staff team. Discord accounts should also have two-factor authentication enabled as it adds that extra step of security to your discord account to help prevent malicious actions against you, the community, or the staff team. Application Guidelines: Do not harass or ask any staff members to read or look at your application. It will be instantly denied. You must follow the application format and follow any and all staff or application requirements located in this forums post. Your application has to be 100% honest and lying in your application will result in an instant denial. Do not share or discuss your application with any other players or staff members while it is pending. If you're punished while your application is being reviewed, it will be denied depending on the severity of the infraction. If you do get your application accepted, you're not allowed to share your results until you receive your final verdict of joining the staff team. When submitting your application you agree to the terms listed above and meet all the requirements. Application Format (Copy + Paste) Personal Questions: First Name: Minecraft Username: Age: Timezone: Discord Tag (eg. User#0000) Are you multilingual? (fluent, not learning) General Questions: What made you want to apply for a staff position here? How much time can you contribute to being online and available? Have you applied for the staff team previously? (If so, how did it go and what have you done to improve upon it?) Do you have any connections to members of the current staff team? (If so, who?) Have you been staff on any server inside or outside of Minehut? (If so, where and what did you do?) Are you currently staff on any servers outside of Minehut? (If so, how will this affect your activity on Minehut?) Have you broken any rules on Minehut or other servers in the past? (How have you changed since then?) What are some of your accomplishments, skills, hobbies, or other recreations outside of Minecraft? Situations: You were just informed by a player that their Minehut server isn’t starting up. What should you ask them first or tell them? Name a time when you disagreed with something someone said or did? What agreement did you two come to and how did you get there? (If you didn’t come to an agreement, why didn’t you?) You’ve found yourself in a situation that you’re not familiar with and you’re not sure what to do, how do you handle this? Explain a situation where you have shown maturity / good handling of a situation. You noticed a staff member being biased towards/against certain players. What would you do? Would you rather prioritize sending well-written responses or replying in a short amount of time and why? Ready to apply? Click "New Topic" in the Applications category or click here to start your application! Make sure you copied the format posted above and follow all the requirements.
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    Minehut Application Process Thank you for taking interest in the Minehut application process! This process is set up in a way to make sure everyone has a fair chance to join the Minehut staff team and show their potential to the Senior Moderator(s) of the staff team and show them what you can offer. With the size of Minehut and its community, we do require all applicants to go through multiple steps and interviews before we consider bringing someone onto the staff team. Continue reading below to learn more about how we have everything set up and what you will need to do to potentially join the staff team. If you have any additional questions about the application process after reading this, feel free to contact a Minehut staff member. Application Section The first section of the application process starts out with a simple application. This application is extremely important as it's one of the first impressions we will have about you and showcases the amount of effort and dedication you have towards Minehut and joining the staff team. While judging applications, we follow a few points as we consider you a potential applicant to accept. Below are a few points/tips you should follow while writing up your application for staff. Make sure your grammar is as perfect as possible and that you aren't misspelling any words. Doing so will show your lack of effort to look and read through your application. We understand that English is not everyone’s first language and it may be more difficult for you to use perfect grammar, you can use a web extension such as grammar.ly to help you out with any misspelling and grammar, this can be helpful to both native and non-native English speakers. The amount of details and effort you include is way more important compared to the length of your application or question answers. While we do expect some answers to be a certain length (having only a sentence for long response questions isn't acceptable), we aren't judging anyone's application based on how long the application is or how many sentences you included in each question. Do not make any experience or piece of information look better than it actually is. If your birthday is in 3 weeks and you are 16 years old, your age is 16 not 16 3/4 or 16 339/365. This is just an example, but it goes for the same thing with any experience or activity you might include in your application. If you were staff but got demoted, just explain that you got demoted and don't use any weird wording. One thing you should never do is lie anywhere in your application. One thing this process filters out is anyone that lies about something to us. We will find out if you do lie about your age, previous experience, or anything else you might not state the truth about. These are just a few points you should follow when working on writing up your staff application. Do note that while you might have the best application in the world, we do check your activity in the lobbies as well as on the forums and on our Discord server. Your chances of getting into the staff team will be extremely narrow if you aren't dedicating some time to playing and communicating on the server and with the rest of the community. Learn more about applying for Minehut and all of our requirements for making an application over here. Collaboration Section After we close applications, we read through the rest of the applications and consider who we feel would be good as a possible staff member. We reply and invite a group of players and move them onto the next section of the process, the collaboration section. This section is where all the accepted applicants are invited into a private Discord server and have the ability to communicate and talk with all the rest of the players that had their applications accepted. Our main focus in this section is to understand and learn how social you are to other people you both have and haven't met, how your behavior is with people you might be working with side-to-side in the near future, and how much activity you are able to dedicate into a private Discord server. Below are a few tips on what to do if you are able to get into this section of the application process. You should be quite active in the Discord server. If you aren't going to talk and be that active in the server, it would make it harder for us to judge if you would be fit as a staff member and it shows us that you aren't able to put enough effort in to be active in another Discord server. If you aren't able to be active in a smaller, private Discord server, how can we be sure you are able to be active in the staff server? Be nice and maybe even try becoming friends with some of the other applicants there. The people that will be alongside you in this server are people that you might be working with if you do join the Minehut staff team so it would make your job a bit harder if you come into the staff team with people feeling you are immature or rude to other people. It also won't really look good to us if you are disrespecting others and causing arguments and different situations to pop up. If you are able to get into this section of the process, do not leak anything going further. After you join the private Discord server, you need to keep everything private including the fact that you are in this section and anything you might experience while in this section. You are able to talk about this to others after you do finish up this section and get kicked out/promoted to the staff team, but you aren't allowed to expose who else was in the server with you and any interviews or talks you might have had with Senior Moderator(s). Interviews Section While the collaboration section is ongoing, every applicant will be invited into an interview. This interview is extremely crucial as it teaches us a few things such as a little bit more about yourself, your knowledge on Minehut if you would be a good fit for the staff team and some other factors such as your ability to talk to higher-up staff members and answer questions on the spot. Each interviewee's interview is different based on the information you include in your application, what we feel are some of your strengths and weaknesses, how you have been behaving, and some of the things we noticed about you during the collaboration section so far. Below are some important things to know about the interview. Try coming in as confident as you can be. This is nothing you should be nervous about as it's really just a chat for us to learn more about you and have a nice conversation. This becomes increasingly harder if you are extremely nervous to the point where you are having trouble talking to us and aren't sure of what to say for some of the questions we might have for you. Don't Try to overwhelm yourself about doing the interview. We aren’t looking for things where you possibly will mess up, we are looking for the positives about you and what you might achieve if you join the Minehut staff team. You might mess up on a few questions or lack knowledge in certain subjects we cover, but that’s completely fine! We are not expecting people to be 100% perfect. After all the interviewees finish up their interviews, we will decide on if we feel you've done a good job so far and if you should continue to move forward. Some people will get kicked out of the process at this point, while others might be asked to come in for a second interview for some additional questions and concerns. The exact details on this section of the application process will completely depend on a ton of factors about you and won't be the same for everyone. Training Section By the time you make it to this section, you've definitely proved yourself so far and are showing us that you might be quite qualified to join the Minehut staff team! As you go through each section of the application process, the number of people moving onto the next section will lessen and lessen. This is because we need to narrow down how many people we bring into the staff team and make sure that everyone that joins the staff team is extremely dedicated to the server and staff team and is here to help out Minehut and players as much as they can. The exact specifics of this section varies from staff wave to staff wave but the bullets below sums up some of the things that happen in this section. Trainees will be given specific documents on how the staff team is set up and what to expect when joining the Minehut staff team. They will also learn about how they are supposed to behave as a staff member and some of the expectations we have in place. Depending on the size of the staff wave and some of the strengths and weaknesses we notice in each trainee, we sometimes have private 1-on-1's with a few of the trainees and discuss any questions or concerns we or they might have about certain things. A few days after the documents are handed out, all Trainees will be required to take a quiz based on their knowledge of Minehut, the Minehut staff team, and of the information provided and shown to them inside of the documents. If a trainee happens to fail the quiz, they will not be eligible to move on and become a Junior Mod. The results of the quiz show that you've been paying attention and reading up on the information we've been given out. This is extremely crucial as this information is required to join the Minehut staff team. Exceptions may be given for various reasons, but are rare. Junior Moderator Trial Once you have completed and passed the quiz you move onto the Junior Mod Trial, during this you will be invited to our private discord server and you will receive your in-game, forums, and discord ranks. The Junior Mods will be put through a 2 month trial. During this Trial you are required to be active on all platforms, discord, forums, and in-game. The focus of this trial is activity and helping out players correctly. Each Junior Mod will be assigned a mentor to help them throughout the course of the trial. This mentor is to give assistance and answer some questions. The mentor will document and report on them as they progress through their trial. This does not mean that the Junior Mods are not free to ask other staff members questions, but questions that may require more assistance should be directed towards their mentor. Once the trial concludes each Junior Moderator will either get promoted to Moderator or they fail the trial. However, there is a chance that some Junior Mods may get an extended trial, there are many possible reasons for this but it will differ from Junior Mod to Junior Mod.

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