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    I'm unbelievably excited
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    These people seem pretty cool.
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    Read this. I wrote it before this so it may not make sense, if you want more parts just reply kthx bye https://docs.google.com/document/d/12AAS3iXG8UTak0Zj4jIw34-rRQ9fHjX-kaQyUGfaAHE/edit
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    You're getting close kid but not there yet.
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    Kinda late lol but just to refresh you guys, gg
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    Congrats guys! Can't wait to work with you all!
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    Congratulations to all new Jrs! Very good fit as staff members, they'll make great Jrs & maybe even great Mods one day!
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    So recently, Minehut thought it was a great idea to add a feature that will not allow you to use the same command twice. I find that it is kind of pointless and I think it should be removed. What are your (the community's), thoughts on this?
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    here’s to another year?
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    Wow, time flies. GG Matqx!
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    Thanks for the support 835gw
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    Good luck to anybody whom are considering applying!
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    Good luck to anyone applying! Excited to see some new pink names
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    I've watched a lot, in the 300 range. But my favorites would be. Durarara ERASED One Piece and some more I cannot remember at this time ;-;
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    jackson85 vs. jackjack33 its official
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    Probably in future updates
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    Amazing job! Can’t wait to see you guys around!
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    I belive I'm Fadelessbanjo
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    The title explains it. I for one would buy an ostrich farm.
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    Welcome to the official Faithful Team account! Here you will find content relating to our Minecraft server which is hosted on Minehut! If you would like to see other things regarding Faithful 32x, please visit the "About Me" page.
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    There are security concerns around allowing users to access .jar, .zip and other types of files. I'm sure that the Minehut developers over at SLG are trying to create a system which is both safe and gives you more accessibility and control over your server. Personally, I have to agree with you; being able to access otherwise inaccessible files would be extremely helpful. + 1.
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    I'm not exactly sure but I've created a song that explains exactly how spooky this "Trent" guy truly is. Written by @shiba Recorded & Mixed by @Vocall
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    /mute Molly Too. Many. Godamn. Dog. Pictures.
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    /mute Star for being an adorable Wooloo
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    I see what you mean; the Minehut developers over at SLG are constantly working on new security patches and giving users the ability to configure new file types. Considering that you've brought this issue to light, I would assume they should be dealing with this anytime soon.
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    Welcome back! I don’t think you’ll remember me, but you’ve made multiple builds for me in the past
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    We're both pretty great!
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    you should allow people to upload their own plugins for their servers as it will allow people to have a range of plugins you have not put on the plugins pagr
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    I'd buy a new house. Gaming room with PS4, Xbox, and PC and streaming equipment. Art studio also with streaming equipment. Cinema room with maybe a DVD case (can't lose your account haha.) Probably a large garage for parties along with a pool and a nice deck with some shade. Maybe buy myself a second cochlear implant in a different color so that I can switch them out for whatever occasion or as an emergency. Buy a ton of stickers too. LED lights in all rooms just for fun. My college tuition's already paid off so I'm not worried about it. Definitely a good car. Yeah, that's it.
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    Yeah, not sure what they were thinking when they added this, I think it was originally just to stop some swearing but now it's just kinda annoying. They should just make something themselves that they're able to make specifically for the lobby which would be a lot better.
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    Probably not, I have a pretty massive library!
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    The forums are not dying. Just because there aren’t as many off topic posts doesn’t mean that they’re dead. More people are just requesting support and giving support with issues is one of the main purposes of the forums.
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    Try checking if they're logged into the email service itself (gmail for example.)
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    It's not the server you need to update, it's your client. Please make sure that you're using the latest version of Minecraft (1.14.4) before trying to join your Minehut server. Adjacently, make sure to be using a Premium (paid for) Minecraft account.
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    It's amazing to see that you've dedicated so much time and effort to Minehut and the community, congratulations on your 1 year.
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    You became staff on my thanksgiving, grats.
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    Too...much... math.... Your knowledge impresses me! I had to look up 'isomorphic' to remember what it was!
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    Darlowe is back... Tysm I almost had to do these.
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    Banned for having a default banner
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    Item Display (Skript) Be able to display your item on the chat by typing [item]. If the tool does not have a lore and no enchants, It'll say "No Enchants" and "No Lores". If it has an enchant, but does not have a lore.. It'll say the enchant but say "No Lore"... Stuff like those. Script (17 lines) on chat: if message contains "[item]": cancel event player is not holding air set {_count} to amount of player's held item in player's inventory if player's tool is enchanted: if line 1 of lore of player's tool is set: replace all "[item]" in message with "&8[<tooltip:&e%tool's name ? type of tool% &8(&f%{_count}%x&8)%nl%&7%tool's enchantments%%nl%%tool's lore%>&f%{_count}%x %name of tool ? type of tool%&8]&7" else: replace all "[item]" in message with "&8[<tooltip:&e%tool's name ? type of tool% &8(&f%{_count}%x&8)%nl%%tool's enchantments%%nl%&7No Lores.>&f%{_count}%x %name of tool ? type of tool%&8]&7" if player's tool is not enchanted: if line 1 of lore of player's tool is set: replace all "[item]" in message with "&8[<tooltip:&e%tool's name ? type of tool% &8(&f%{_count}%x&8)%nl%&7No Enchantments.%nl%%tool's lore%>&f%{_count}%x %name of tool ? type of tool%&8]&7" else: replace all "[item]" in message with "&8[<tooltip:&e%tool's name ? type of tool% &8(&f%{_count}%x&8)%nl%&7No Enchantments.%nl%&7No Lores.>&f%{_count}%x %name of tool ? type of tool%&8]&7" replace all "||" with "%nl%" in message send "%player's displayname%&f: &7%message%" to all players
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    Rename (Skript) This script is really simple. With this script, you are able to rename your items with colors! Horay. The permission to have access to this command is "rename", It's good for donor perks on your server. Script (17 lines) options: perm: rename no-perm: &3Insufficient Permissions pre: &3[Rename] command /rename [<text>]: permission: {@perm} permission message: "{@no-perm}" trigger: if arg-1 is set: if player's tool is not air: set name of player's tool to "%colored arg-1%" send "{@pre} &7You have set the name of your tool to %colored arg-1%" else: send "{@pre} &7Sorry but you have to hold an item" else: send "{@pre} &7Please provide a name"
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    who is fadeless banjo @BennyDoesStuff
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    Are you going to continue to sit in the mirror and be sorry for yourself or are you going to GET UP AND GRIND! Rise and shine swoleldiers.
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