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Random Thoughts 2: The Pondering0
_RascalSenior Moderator
posted 4 days ago

Recently, I learned about a syndrome known as 'Alice in Wonderland Syndrome'. I looked it up on the wiki and it sounds eerily similar to a few experiences I had when I was much younger. In short, Alice in Wonderland syndrome is where yourself or things around you feel like they're shrinking. It only tends to happen to children but it can happen in some adults in rare occasions. I feel like I should share my thoughts as I have never actually talked about what it feels like with other people, since I always believed I was crazy as a child but I guess this phenomenon actually happens to other people.

Every time it happens to me, I'm always in a dark or very dim room in bed. It seems to only happen when I'm in a bed right against the wall and the room is quite large. What'd happen is I'd be there just staring at my surroundings; completely bored out of my mind because I didn't want to go to bed (typical child thoughts). Suddenly, I'd notice my surrounds slowly but surely started to shrink and grow. Me being around 7 or 8 at the time, didn't think much of it. I found it quite amusing actually. I'd just lay there in bed all snuggled up watching this bizarre show happen right in my room. The room soon began to expand. I'd see my wardrobe move further and further away from me. Before it was maybe 4 or 5 steps away from my bed, now it looked like it'd take about 20. Honestly, my bedroom turned into what could be a huge hall. I felt tiny compared to everything else, but I'd still stare; not moving a muscle (but my eyes) examining what on earth was happening.

It's does sound strange, but that's just one experience. I believe I've had around 4, my last being when I was 11. After that they seemed to have disappeared. However, my last one was by far the strangest. (Yes, even stranger than the shrinking one). I was lying on a mattress on the floor, since I just moved house and we haven't set up my bed yet. So the ceiling looked quite far from me. I'd just blindly stare at the ceiling, looking at the spiky patterns it had on it. All of a sudden, it looked like the ceiling was moving down. I was tired but I could visibly see everything above slowly glide down. It stopped when it felt like my nose was about to just tap it. It was right in my face and I could see every little detail in the ceiling. I tried to reach out and touch it with my arm, but it didn't feel anything. I just saw my arm shrink the more I lifted it up to touch the top of my bedroom. What happened next is hard to put into words. I think my brain interpreted the spiky formation on the ceiling as mountains and so it suddenly looked like I was looking down on some mountainous region.

I believe that's as much I can put into words before my head begins to self combust. Anyways, I'd like to hear what you think and if you've had an experience like this? If so, how was it?

Oh that’s what it’s called? Oh wow I’ve been calling it “honey I shrunk the kids interpret” XD. When I was 10-ish I was on my bed trying to sleep and my room started to look bigger, it kept growing and I was confused. At some point I got out of bed for further investigation and it stopped.

_RascalSenior Moderator
4 days ago0

Ah, yeah. Out of my 4 experiences, for one I decided to sit up so I could get a better look at what was happening, but as soon as I moved my head things suddenly changed back to normal. Also, your welcome for informing you what it's actual name is. I found out about a week ago and I was like "Well that would have been nice to have known about" and knew some people may not be informed of it being a known case which other people have.

Guess this post can be a way to raise awareness of it, haha.