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Minehut19 Server Event! Win a [PRO] Rank1
posted 5 days ago

I am so happy to announce that my server is hosting an event on 16th 8:40 Australia time (UTC+10). click the link to see when the event is on for you!


1.Q: What’s the server ip?

A: You can do /join Minehut19 or to add on the server list

2.Q: What will happen in the event?

A: When you join the sever (Minehut19) You will see a npc with the name Minehut Hero’s! It’s an exciting event game where you get to choose One of minehut’s greatest staff & players to vs each other!!

3.Q: What will be the prize for the event

A: A free rank! What one? A pro rank! But what if you already have one? Then you’ll get an upgrade! But what if I’m staff? Well then, you’ll get an Admin rank!!!! Ok I may have lied about that… I’m sorry you might not be able to get anything cool (OOF I’m sorry)

4.Q: Is there a discord I can visit for the event? Too not just talk to other people but also get updates before, during and after the event?

A: Yes!

5.Q: When will the event be on?

A: Click the link and set/change the time to yours to know the exact time when it’s on!

6.Q: How long will the event go for?

A: The event will go for 3 hours!!!

Event rules!

• The use of any hacked client is strictly forbidden (this includes bots)

• If you're caught abusing any bugs, you'll be removed from the event.

• Please be ethical, any extreme toxic behaviour will get you removed.

That’s all for now! More information might be added later if needed! Hope to see you real soon!

That’s today!

I will try to come. Good luck everyone!

So if I enter I can get Legand rank if I win? :O I might join anyways if I have time.

Hey umm the server says its whitelisted. its almost time for the event.

The event is going on, umm but can't do commands in PVP arena, just to let y'all know. alt + f4 is a lifesaver to people who want to leave.

Good luck to all the people still on :}