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Taking Old Names0
MikeTheAngelJunior Moderator
posted 5 days ago

Recently, been talking on the Discord and a player sparked me an idea that we should have...

I say we should create a section on the forums and on the Discord on name claims and let staff (SRMod+) decide if we can claim the name or not.

The idea is similar to the subreddit called r/redditrequest. The point of that subreddit was to give requests on taking names that weren't active anymore.

This idea is applied on MH where if there is a server has a name you wanted and it's inactive, we could request to have that name.

I think this is a reasonable process to take a name:

• Request the name on Forums/Discord

• Staff takes a look on the name

• Check for inactivity. (Contact server owner, check server activity, etc)

• If activity is shown within a week, name cannot be taken.

• If there is inactivity within a week, the name should be available to the user that requested it.

People on Minehut want OG names and it's unfair to see OG names taken and not even be used so we should give the people a chance to claim an inactive name they want.

I say more than a week.. I say like 2 months cause i know there some time where i don't hop on minecraft for a good week or so.

KailumJunior Moderator
5 days ago0

I personally think Admins should be able to make those decisions and Sr.Mods can help out but the Admins mainly make the call. However, sounds like a good idea.


4 days ago0

A while ago on Minehut if a server was inactive for a year it would be renamed to OwnerName-s. I think the period should be 10 months at the minimum.

I think we should make it longer, I agree with chumcharlie and jellz, maybe like a 3 week span, because what if someone is going on vacation, and they can't access minecraft. But, maybe you could apply for a longer than three week thing, if you needed to.

Possibly, like on some creative servers you contact senior staff members and have your server "protected" where the name won't be taken, etc.

Everyone would do that, then there would be zero point in making the previously stated addon

Good idea, but definitely not 1 week. 1-3 months is prob a good idea.