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Minehut is on 1.13.24
posted a month ago

The update is done! All Minehut servers now run on Spigot 1.13.2.

Things to Know

  • All servers are on this version. There is not an option to pick which version you want your server on.
  • You can install the plugin ProtocolSupport to allow 1.8-1.13.2 clients to connect
  • No data was lost or at risk.


Not all plugins updated to 1.13.2. You can check which plugins were and weren't updated here

Um can't join my server

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rip i joined a server and the clickable NPC's dont even work thanks to 1.13 bad and messy code

Can you redund all the plugins that I've bought or make the premium again?

And also please return the ASkyBlock plugin.

They can't "return" the skyblock plugin. It's not their fault. Askyblock never updated to 1.13.2, therefore, minehut couldn't put it in the plugins list. Just use BSkyblock. It's the same.


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ugh. why is there no option? 1.12 is my favorite version.

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1.13.2 sucks but ok i will play

This sucks I want a vERSION Changer and a version filter

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Congratalations, Trent. Your 1.13.2 killed Skript, ASkyblock, PlotSquared and other 70% plugins.

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74% of plugins were updated to 1.13.2, and maybe of those 26% have alternatives. BSkyblock is an alternative to ASkyblock. Minecraft updates come with changes like this, we waited 9 months Mojang released this update in an effort to make sure as many plugins would update as possible.

Yay 1.13 is out!

2 days since it’s release and laggyness to be, well whatever at least teams are a thing.

Yay 1.13 is out!

2 days since it’s release and laggyness to be, well whatever at least teams are a thing.

Omg oops triple-post, can someone delete the 2 other posts please?

I feel bad for having to diss on this MH update, cuz this is genuinely my favourite free hosting platform, but I now cannot use Skript on my server.

I can no longer use any of my custom commands. I looked it up, thinking that it was quite odd. No results for Skript 1.13.2. Then I found out that this version of Skript for 1.13 is not even a release build - it's purely for testing.

This has screwed up all my custom commands. I'm guessing that none of my other Skripts will work, and to top it all off there is no way to go back to pre-1.13 Skript. According to Minehut themselves.

I don't really want to rely on tons of plugins to make my server, so Skript was the best, most customisable solution and now it's gonna be gone until Skript updates to support 1.13 (which I'm sure will take ages until it's completed.)

EDIT: I have been incredibly foolish. Not only should I have checked the date on the forum post (it was out of date), but I should have checked console errors as well.

This morning I went through my logs after reloading all my scripts, and found that Skript threw up a useful message: that either a Skript error had occurred or one or more addons had messed something up. GameAPI was the most recent addon I had installed, and so I removed this first and re-reloaded all scripts again - my scripts all started functioning as per usual. Sure enough, as ShaneBee mentioned several comments below, GameAPI is causing errors that prevent all other scripts from running.

I would like to apologise to the Minehut team and the Skript team for making such a beginner's mistake, and politely request that the GameAPI addon be removed until the author updates it so as to prevent others from making the same error as me.

Thanks to ShaneBee and Trent for their quick and helpful responses :) I will make sure I know what is causing the issues next time.

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Every Minecraft update comes with changes including plugins updating and changing syntax, or certain plugins just not updating.

Skript 2.3.6 is a working, and stable version of Skript. The 2.3.x series was built specifically for 1.13.2 in mind. It was in beta for several months before finally releasing as 2.3

As for no stable build.... no build since Njols original 2.1.2 release 4 years ago has been posted on Spigot or Bukkit. The Skript team hasn't put it on Spigot because everyone knows where to get it from, their GitHub.

Many MANY people have been using the 2.3 series on MC 1.13.2 for months now with very few issues. The issues that are present are usually bugs that have been presented for a long time, and often have work arounds.

As for your commands not working, if they aren't working, this means something is conflicting with Skript, usually an add-on. Open up your console logs and look for startup errors with Skript. If Skript can't start up correctly, then no, your commands won't work. A known addon that is causing errors is GameAPI. It has broken many peoples scripts. You need to remove that addon, restart your server and look for other errors.

If you are still experiencing issues, your best bet is to copy your entire server to a local host server. This will help you better debug your issues by watching your console. You will need to go thru a cycle of removing addons, and re-adding addons to be able to find out which ones are causing issues.

With the Skript 2.3 update and Minecraft 1.13.2 we had to change a TON of aliases, these were all done to match the names of the actual items in MC, vs the terrible names that were given to Aliases in the original Skript plugin. Make sure to check your errors for things with aliases. You will need to update your aliases to follow suit. All of the new aliases can be found HERE

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gg minehut is stupidity (ATLEAST LET US CHOOSE 1.12!)

why not add an option to run 1.12 because most people use world mods, and forge hasn't released a 1.13 forge version yet?

even though you can use plugins to allow multi-version play, its buggy as hell.

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When can we expect an update to 1.14?

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As soon as a stable 1.14 comes out, we'll look into updating to 1.14