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./dl - "upload failed"?0
posted 3 days ago

THIS HAS BEEN RESOLVED. Look at the replies for a solution.

Hello! I was trying to download my world before Minehut is going to get an upgrade. When I tried that, It goes to "Creating download link". After 15 seconds, it says "Failed to upload file".

Any fixes?



To fix this:

  1. Restart your server

If that doesn't help, use /dl log


I have the same problem but restarting the server doesn't work and i don't know how to use the log, could you help me please?

2 days ago0

We're aware that is offline (what powers the /dl world command). We're unable to provide an alternative on such short notice before the 1.13 update, but are going to work to move to a self hosted solution in the future.

REMINDER: 1.13.2 update is at 4pm pst today. Worlds are not getting deleted or reset! No data will be lost. Worlds will load up on 1.13.2 the first time you start your server after the update.