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posted 3 days ago

1- You should make it so the most successful servers every month itll reset will get atleast 1000 credits for being successful 2- We should be able to code our servers like add some code because some of us use java etc, but we have no way to put it into our servers the only way to do that is by coding your own server. Yes I already coded my own server but I have to connect it to my router to make it public which is a risk of getting my computer/life stolen! And I want to add code to my servers on minehut. That is why I think that please do not judge me. This is just my opinion

a day ago0

These are the worst suggestions I have ever seen -1

-1, why delete a POPULAR server lul, and 2. Its been states users won't be able to upload their own plugins, as it can be unsafe for minehut to do.

i do agree with you but why the fuck delete a server just for 1000 credits cos its successful. Those people worked so hard on that and you gonna reset/delete it and get 1000 credits? I'm actually triggered

Sorry but this suggestion will never be added!

3 days ago0


Do you know how many people would continue to bot their server?

People already bot their server to spoof number 1 spot on the server list, this would just encourage it.

Also the thing you're asking for just increases too much security risk for Minehut, if you want custom stuff, go dedicated.

-1 on the second suggestion, if the developers / admins allowed for players to code their own plugins (using java) they might try and code something malicious. This links back to Matqx's suggestion about custom plugins.

-1 If these suggestions ever got added minehut = RIP

2 days ago0

Not delete

2 days ago0

Just remove them from the list for like a month or two so they don't win again

that would be silly

2 days ago0

You're insane.

I knew you could be ignorant, but this is a new level Fathqr....

2 days ago0

Not delete