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posted 3 days ago

You should add YouTube rank to YouTubers that have over 500 subs because I can apply for it I have 516 subs which is over 500 technically

3 days ago0

-1 500 is too little try going for 30k or 100k :)

3 days ago0

ty u replied fast

It serves 0 purpose having a youtube rank .... like congrats you have 500+ following you, but it just sounds like a bragging thing rather than serving any purpose.

3 days ago0


Well, 500 subs is way too little.

Subs do not = views. You might have 500 subs, but you also might only get 100 or fewer views per video. Considering that Minehut averages almost 2000 players online during the weekends, this is way too small for it to be beneficial for anyone other than the youtuber getting the rank.

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2 days ago0

Yes but still doesn't matter how much u can choose all that matters is the rank gets added

what's the point in a youtube rank? it doesn't exactly benefit the networks in any way other than make certain popular people noticed more



Firstly, there is a YouTube rank however it is awarded to YouTubers who usually sponsor with Minehut with over 100k subs but if your point was 500 subs getting YouTube rank and not sponsors then I still disagree. In my opinion, 500 subs is way too low and I think that if this ever was a thing, it should not just be subs it should be the amount of views you get as well.

16 hours ago0

-1 as Matqx stated, 500 is way to few subscribers

Maybe instead of Subscribers based go for more of a view based approach. Possible going for 5,000 Views?

6 hours ago0

Yeah, having subs doesn't mean that you'll bring more players to the server. It's all about the views.