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Drifting Away (New song)0
posted 3 days ago

I made it into the big leagues, heres my next song. Hope ya'll enjoy this as much as I do <3

Drift Away (Not free to use, copyrighted)

Song Reference (None)

By Offendable uwu

(Verse 1)

The fire in my head's got me on edge

I'm going through a lot and it's tough on me said

Faded on some thread, and i'm not sure whats next

haven't felt right for some time, need to bounce back up and try mine

Mine (ooh) mine

(Verse 2)

I kissed a stranger in a white dress

a crown on top of her head

said she wants me to be with her instead

I said yeah, yeah i'd like that for a while

I'd like to stand here for sometime

While I think about my life,

Go to places we cant stay from

(Verse 3)

Cause she said, hey I think I like your style

I'll let you play me for a while

Play me till I reach the end

Just play me like a pokemon she said

(ooh, ooh oh ooh, oooh ooh oh)

I'm here with you now, not going to let you drown,

Leave my instanity, before I have curiostity.

Up here in the clouds, oxygen I can see

Let the maddness slowly sink in, till I eventually

Start to...


(Verse 4)

oh, no no no no no.

I think i'll just

play for a while

play this song till sunrise said

me in this lonely journey..

I think i'll just, get away

for a while..

(ooh oh ooh)

And drift farther away

out of plain sight you'll say

just here I lay awake

now till I drift away

i'll say

i'm awake...

Background introduction


Thank you all for this opportunity, I am now getting like 70 - 110 views which is INSANE thank you for the support I have also possibly made it on good grief so thank you <3

lol wut