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RPG Based PVP - Fight2Live0
posted 4 days ago

Hello people of Minehut! I have been working for around a week on a skript based server. I have used skript for almost everything, remade the pvp system and calculations to fit my needs, and some more cool stuff. Fight2live contains:

  • Mission guiding system
  • Levels
  • 20+ Classes
  • Abilities and Passives (Example - the Predator class ability is slowing and weakening the enemy on arrow hit)
  • Stats (Levelup to gain stat points to use on: Damage, Armor, Dodge, Health and Health Regen)
  • Custom PVP (Damage is calculated by armor, damage and some ability effects. Also Bow Damage works differently)
  • Unique Kit and Head for every class
  • A prestige system to improve your class ability after you maxed it
  • Prestige shop to buy permanent additions to your kit (Instant use Golden Apples) and Prestige Classes (like Zombie, Skeleton and Snowman)
  • Top kills leaderboard
  • And a lot more is planned

In Fight2Live you start as a starter class without any ability, get kills to levelup and choose a class and upgrade it. Some levels give you stat points and some allow you to choose a class or upgrade your current one. At level 10 you can prestige to improve your class (example Vampire's passive is 20% life steal, after every prestige you get 5% more)

A lot of hours of coding and searching heads online were spent on this project (I think more hours on the heads tho). I don't know if some of you remember my old (and first) server Farm2Live (custom plants farming and stuff) but this one isn't really related and the script is of a higher realm. The project has a lot more planned, but as to now i want to see how it goes before i put in more time

Here is a link to the discord server (link is supposed to be here but its not allowed) The server also has a Buycraft but it doesn't have much because i don't want it to be P2W.

Farewell People of Minehut

P.S - The server will be released 5 minutes after this is posted

Woah, that sounds cool!

Thanks, worked a lot on the skript part (1,500+ lines) so i hope it will turn out to be worth it