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Free Plugins, 1.13 in 7 days7
posted 9 days ago

Today's update is a big one and includes some major changes to Minehut as well as some info on some upcoming features!

Free Plugins

All plugins on Minehut are now free to use! All plugins purchased in the last 7 days have been refunded and the credits are already back on your account. Visit to check for your refunds. Refunds will be displayed in the following format:


You can now go to your panel and install any plugin you want without having to unlock it with credits!

1.13 in 7 days

We will be updating Minehut to run on Spigot 1.13.2 in 7 days on Tuesday, April 16th @ 4pm PDT. This is a massive update for servers and brings all the latest Minecraft features to Minehut. However, not all plugins have been updated to support 1.13.2 and will not be usable on your server after Minehut updates.

If you have any suggestions for new plugins now that we're updating to 1.13, you can suggest them here on the forums over in the suggestions category.

What happens during the update?

  • Minehut will be offline for about 2 hours from 4pm PDT to 6pm PDT
  • All plugins not updated to 1.13 will be disabled (see spreadsheet for details) during that window. These plugins will not be able to be installed on your server and will not show up in the plugin panel following the update
  • After the 2-hour maintenance window is over, your server will automatically convert its worlds the next time it starts. This process might take a few minutes so be patient the first time your server starts up on 1.13.2.

How to prepare

  • Download a copy of your worlds using the /dl world command in game.
  • Command blocks change in 1.13. You can convert them using a few tools available for free online. We don't want to officially endorse any of these tools, but suggest you check the Minecraft forms or research online to find a solution that works best for you.
  • Check the 1.13 plugins sheet to see if any plugins you use are not compatible with this update
    • If a plugin you use isn't updated, you'll need to figure out an alternative plugin that can replicate its functionality.
  • If you find a plugin on Spigot or BukkitDev that is not on Minehut, suggest it on the forums and we can add it.
    • If plugins you use are updated, be sure to check their change logs to see if they have any major changes.

Future Updates

  • Bedrock is updating to 1.11 soon. We're working on updating Bedrock 1.11 to support Java 1.13.2. This will not be available next Tuesday, but we're working on bringing it back after the 1.13 update.
  • Backups that you will be able to save and restore are in the works. This will be a feature you can unlock more space for using credits.
  • Stability improvements. We made some major changes over the weekend and are already seeing the benefits. We're continuing to make sure Minehut is setup to be as stable and scalable as possible.

When is use the download command, I am kicked for spamming, am I doing something wrong? I tried /dl and /dl world

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Make sure you're using 1.12.2 until we update to 1.13.2 next week :)

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rip CreateYourOwnMenus.

Well that just completely screwed over my brand new server that I literally opened 2 days ago.

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guess get skript. its free now anyway

Will we have to use 1.13? Or can we use 1.12 O_O

When we do update to 1.13, you can install the plugin ProtocolSupport on your server to continue using 1.12.2 if you prefer to play on that version.


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Awesome! :)



rip #skript


Go minehut!


are the plugins ever gonna be paid again?

9 days ago0

We won't be charging for access to specific plugins.

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tysm Trent ur the best ever

What about the plugins paid for months ago? Also, what will be the use for the credits, without needing to buy plugins?

9 days ago1

7 days was the cutoff point because we felt if you had the plugin for longer than that, you were able to get value out of your purchase.

You can still purchase ranks and slots / ram with credits. We'll also be adding more things in the future that you can spend credits on like backups.

Trent, what was that "test" plugin yesterday that cost 100000000 credits?

That plugin had been there for a while. I had seen it over 2 weeks ago.

What about the plugins paid for months ago? Also, what will be the use for the credits, without needing to buy plugins?

9 days ago1

Slot/ram ranks etc

Yay free!!!

Aww I wasted atleast 3k credits on plugins, but free is free, canโ€™t argue with that because itโ€™s free! The plugins are free!!! Yay free!

Only 3k? I spent about 10k

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Can you give me an example for a website wich converts the commands?

8 days ago0

No because we don't want to endorse any. Googling "convert command blocks to 1.13" gives plenty of results.

Does this really mean 1.13 will be required for all minehut servers? It's a rather significant update to the game, and for me I feel like vanilla becomes too mod-like in 1.13... it would be nice if servers could optionally still run 1.12.2, or if you guys atleast add a plugin that can remove the new mobs, blocks and items from the world.

8 days ago0

Yes all servers will be running on 1.13.2 after the maintenance window. We have no way of allowing servers to pick which version they want to be on.

If you know of any plugins that allow you to restrict 1.13.2 servers to 1.12.2 features, you can suggest it on the forums here :)

Hey Trent! Would you make version selecting possible? I've spent a lot of time on my server, and I would like us to be able to choose our versions. Will all of our plugins and worlds be wiped? I feel like this update is a bad idea and will result in a lot of people being mad at Minehut for all of the real money and time they spent on their servers.

I'm sorry, but I don't agree with this update.


Also, maybe add a paid multi-version plugin?

8 days ago1

Nothing is going to be wiped. Your world will be upgraded to 1.13, which is just a change in how worlds are saved. Plugins are not going anywhere and all plugins are now free to install!

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Ohok, sorry. I misunderstood!

Mythic Mobs isnt on there?

Will mods that aren't updated to 1.13 but still work on 1.13 be there? because createyourownmenus isn't under 1.13 but the developer said it should still work on 1.13

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That plugin has some exploits iirc.

is this plugin part permanent?

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Skyblock plugin doesnt work explain?

Hey (staff) this might not be possible but if you could you should make it so that each server owner can set their server to a certain release (1.11 / 1.9) It would help a-lot because commands get all funky if its 1.9 and 1.12 and especially with 1.13 coming on because 1.13 updates commands a-lot, and that's awesome though I bought an expensive plugin like 2 weeks ago and I was sad it didn't refund. Keep up the good work! -Lion

7 days ago0

Hey that's something that just isn't possible on our platform at this time.


People paid money a long time before to get plugins and now your just giving them for free. smh You should reconsider the amount of time you can get the refund for...

wait will all commands change? all of our command blocks will break. i just cant do 1.13 commands


reconsider all this please


maybe ill get used to this i geuss ,

Hey um....... The plugins last forever right? like if i purchased it for free in this week it only lasts till the end of the week?

What I Am Trying to say is: The Plugin Only Lasts for this week?

I Can 1.13.2 Already I Am Confused


am I the last one here?

You ain't the last one yet.