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Voting Buff7
posted 3 months ago



With the new month approaching, we have a new chance to get on the front page of the voting site. The front page gets millions of views per month and can expose us to a ton of new potential players that haven’t heard about the wonders of Minehut. We got close to the front page in January and are determined to get there for February. With that, we’re making some updates to reward you guys for helping us get there (outside of you guys getting more players to join your servers!).

New Benefits

  • 50 credits per vote until Monday.
  • Top voter(s) at the end of each month will receive a special [TOPVOTER] rank for the following month.

Associate your account first!

3 months ago1

this is cool and all but vote duck in the skyblock event to win

3 months ago1

+1 calling backup

3 months ago1

Awesome 👍

I recommend that to boost new player joins the server banner is redesigned. It's currently 1) unanimated and 2) doesn't pop out to potential players. Most other servers have animated banners that appeal to players more than our current one.

Either Minehut should host an art contest for a new banner or SuperLeague designs a new one that would help attract more players.

3 months ago0

Nice 👍