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Tutorial | Uploading your offline world0
posted 2 months ago

This is an attempt to make a tutorial on how to upload your world you built offline.

FIRST: Find your "saves" folder. (Your Windows 10 files can be found by going to 'ThisPC'\LocalDisk\users\ {your account}\ then type AppData <-- ((just like shown)) at the end of this in the navigation panel. Then go to Roaming\ .minecraft\saves

  1. Once you've found the world you want to upload, right click on it and click the option "send to". Select the option that says "Compressed (zipped) folder". It will create a zip for you asking what you want to name it (I suggest making sure it's all one word or at least 'LikeThis', for easier use later. At this point, I went back one folder and created a shortcut on my desktop for quick access as I had 15 worlds to upload and would be doing this a lot.

  2. Now go to your browser, activate your server to load your MH panel and click the 'World Settings' tab. Click the 'Choose File' button in the 'Upload world' section and select your zipped folder you just made. It will now show up in the File Manager tab as "ul_WorldNameHere". Copy that entire name including the "ul" part.

  3. Next you will go to the 'Server Properties' tab, click on the 'Level Name' section and paste the name of the world you want as your first spawn world players will join when loading your server.

  4. At this point, you may want to go back to the 'Home' tab, type "save-all" in the console (Server Command) section and click the 'send' button to save your server. Now Stop your server and Start it back up just to be safe. After this, your world should be the default world you will join. (As added info, you will now see a "ul_WorldName_nether" and "ul_WorldName_the_end" in the File Manager, that's ok. It is added by default just so you have a nether and end worlds to go along with your 'World' world. 😄 If you have a nether and end world you want to bring over too, this is what you'll name them in your offline folder and repeat these steps.

  5. Enjoy your worlds!

Hope I didn't leave anything out, feel free to add a comment to this and I will be sure to add it too!


@Admins/Mods anything I can change/add to make this a proper tutorial so it will be added to the "Tutorials" tab? Not trying to "bump", just didn't want to make another post asking about this post.