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Adding Other Plugins0
posted 2 months ago

Okay so,

I know with skript you can mostly skript it to do what the plugin can run and yes, minehut offers a lot of plugins.

But I would like a feature where you could input a plugin with code or skripting something, because let's say you want the plugin "Bow Spleef" or "Spleef" and really need it to run the estimated server.

It may be a really hard drag, but it would be very cool and extensive for many different uses.

But I don't know that's just my opinion, Tell me what you guys think.

  • TrampL Formally Builder or Developer
2 months ago0

+1 to spleef

2 months ago0

Okay so, I was thinking since minehut needs credits to run everything, It could be that the "plugin/thing " it would cost like 2000c to get it and you could imput other plugins or enter a file you already have

I don't know, but it could possibly work!

  • TrampL Formally Builder or Developer