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Adding a "restart" button3
posted 8 days ago

This is a suggestion for adding a 'restart' button next to the 'start' and 'stop' buttons on the MH panel.

It would help for those that need to just restart their server when resetting plugin config's that require it and don't have a "/alias reload" command built in or can't as it would screw up the config doing so.


Would also like to see a feature in game called /restart (Stops the server "saves all files etc" then starts the server)

and also the /reload command is very buggy and causes problems within the files and plugins

Sorry I am just getting to this.. 😞.

Idk if this is what you meant, but for the record most plugins are getting away from the /reload cmd. I understand why as I've seen and had to fix first hand the effects of messing with what the /reload errors can cause.. you don't want to do it. But yeah a /restart MH cmd would make a super helpful addition, if not the better choice of the two (if I had to choose). 👊

8 days ago2


Here's the thing about adding that it would take longer to load the server then it would be to stop and start a server due to running more code to save the files, backup the files, and auto starting the server then loading the files and insuring its the correct file so no mater how you look at it the safer bet is to not add it so sorry


All of those things are already being done with a normal stop and start. Couldn't the same code for both the start and stop be added to the restart to just simulate a stop then start? No need for adding anything extra.

Edit: But I appreciate the feedback and not just putting "-1". 😀

more convenient

it can be done but it has to run more code to make it fully functional