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Need help refunding credits/fixing plugin0
posted 2 months ago

Hey i need some help! So i recently purcahsed Bedwars plugin and void plugin and i did everything right and everything works, but when ever i reset my server the plugin resets itself and deletes the entire game, is it possible i can refund the 2 plugins Bedwars and Void World as they were no use to them as they dont work. Id be so happy if you could fix the plugin and allow to set the spawn in different worlds and stop the retsrat button from removing my bedwars games or refund the credits please, thank you.

2 months ago0

Well the reset server removes everything so you can't do what you asked for, or it wouldn't be called reset. Also if you want a refund send an email to Last thing if you reset you should make backups of your important stuff to your computer so that you don't lose them