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Updated Support System4
posted 5 months ago

As of today, we are changing how we handle support for everyone on Minehut.

The Problem

Our current system has proven not ideal as we handle issues over the forums, discord dm's and #help, email, twitter, and in game. This has led to many issues falling through the cracks as well as limited our ability to identify trends to help us identify issues affecting multiple users that need to be addressed.

The Solution

We've added a new Support page accessible from your server panel (pictured below). This includes a form that asks for all the necessary information we need to provide support for a range of issues.

If you need help, you can go fill that out and it will send an email to our support team. From there, issues take the following path:

  • Support system (Zendesk) sends auto response to you acknowledging receipt of your ticket.
  • Support agent assigned to your ticket, will answer your question if able to.
  • If issue requires technical assistance, support agent assigns ticket to SLG tech team.
  • Tech team resolves issue, sends update back to support agent.
  • Support agent will provide you with an update and make sure the issue is resolved to from your perspective.

Helping the Future

This might seem like a lot of unnecessary steps, but it will allow us to better identify issues that affect multiple users. It will also allow us to train in a larger support team that will be able to resolve more and more issues as time goes on which means you won't be waiting around for an admin to respond to your Discord private message because our support team will be able to provide support while the developers work on fixing issues and adding new things.

In the future, we plan on adding a way for you to view all your support tickets on your panel.

Support Page

5 months ago1

This is Awsome Trent!

5 months ago1



and a possible solution to my on going bug

5 months ago0

Add a feedback so players can suggest plugins etc into the support

5 months ago0

That's what the forums are for. Support is for getting help with issues you're having.

Trent also maybe a live chat I’ve used it in the past but give a go don’t have to use it but I’m just saying maybe add a live chat aswell if people are online to help and you can have a support staff monerting the live chat or something idk just a thought.

5 months ago0

We have discord though :)

5 months ago0

what will the discord moderators do about the suggestions

well i guess yeh true. BTW can u add .nbs so we can upload .nbs files please there no harm i also did a post about this in suggestions it has good feedback.

XounautJunior Moderator
5 months ago0

forward it to admins in their staff chat?

5 months ago0


I attempted to submit a support ticket for not receiving credits for a second time this week, but when clicking 'submit' I got this:

When clicking the 'ok', it did nothing and refreshing the page brought me back to the empty ticket page. Any help will be appreciated.

I'm guessing I'm the first to use this? :D


4 months ago0

Your link is a 404.

I'm guessing files are only kept for so long by default..? I didn't set any "timeout" for it.. :( I will upload it again. But idk how long it's default time is that it will be visible

I also have the screenshots of proving I voted yesterday, the "top voters tab" with 4 votes in it for me for this month, yet my voting history is only showing 2 votes recorded for me this month. If you can send me an email or something it would make it easier for both of us. :thinking_face: