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Bedrock Crossplay Public Beta6
posted 5 months ago


Today we're launching the initial public beta of cross play between Bedrock edition and Java edition! This update is the result of months of hard work of multiple people on the Super League engineering team.

What this means

This means that iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices can now connect to Minehut and all player servers on Bedrock 1.8. Xbox, Wii, Switch, and other devices are not supported as they don't allow manually entering servers to join other than the official partnered servers.

Names and Accounts

Bedrock players can have spaces in their names as well as the same name as a Java edition player. To combat this, we are prefixing all PE names with asterisks and replacing spaces with underscores. My feel my mango Xbox live account name turns into *feel_my_mango when connecting to Minehut.

Bedrock accounts are completely separate from Java accounts.


All servers still run on Spigot 1.12.2, and our custom Bedrock proxy translates Java packets into Bedrock packets so that both can play on the same server. Because of this, each Java feature needs to be translated to Bedrock. For this initial beta, we only have features that were needed to run Super League Minecraft events so expect there to be a lot of things missing or not be compatible with Bedrock. Some of this is known to us, and some isn't, which is why we need your help collecting feedback and issues on this beta!

  • Warzone does not support Bedrock yet
  • Bedrock players don't see skins

Bug Reporting

Since this is an early beta, we expect there to be plenty of issues and features that aren't implemented. Please report and suggest everything on the forums and make sure to include:

  • Device type
  • Server where this happened
  • Step by step description of how to reproduce the issue

Connecting on Bedrock 1.8. Check out the screenshots below for a step by step. There is a barebones modal that replaces the server menu GUI. Please suggest improvements for it :)

menu servers add server connected menu

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Amazing work from the developers!

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I do likey

5 months ago1

Someone has been BUSSSY

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Ty Super League team! Best Minehut update ever! :D

Time to get on my windows 10 account and start playing :p

Well when 1.13 comes out for minehut java thats going to be AWESOME

5 months ago1

Ooooh :)

Amazing! I love how people somehow find ways to do these seemingly impossible things!

Nothing is impossible

go prove the cure for cancer has already been invented and that chemo therapy doesn't work to everyone in the world

omg i love it!

feel my mango

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you can tell a lot of effort went in to this! awesome job!

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Amazing but causes a little bit of lag

I often use actionbar titles on my server to show useful info, but since Bedrock doesn't have actionbars, it doesn't work. It's not a critical issue, but I would love to see, like maybe could make the actionbar messages appear as a subtitle?

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Will ranks transfer?

No, these are separate accounts. You would need to buy a rank for it just like you would if you got another MC account.

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Yeet (Also 2nd but first player)

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I Don't know what does that means and i don't want to know.

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It means you can now join Minehut on your phone or tablet!

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THISIS SO COOL! You know, I wish Mojang were able to make both java and bedrock exist in the same game.

IF they weren't able to, I'd be surprised. To be honest, I would put money on the only reason they aren't implementing it is because of the "partnership" with Microsoft.

Microsoft is making money off of the fact that console players have to pay to access the MC accounts (Xbox Live), online friends maps and of course servers. Java doesn't charge you aside from the initial buying an account and whatever you purchase (skins, resource packs, worlds, etc). So Microsoft wants to make sure they are making as much off it as possible before allowing all platforms to connect. Just my theory of it..

Then there's the fact that sony would probably have trouble sharing the profits with Microsoft as well.. Idk maybe I'm just rambling now.. :D

Microsoft is "all about da money." Mojang is "we just wanna let players have fun!"

In the end Microsoft's gonna have to make people pay for something so they can make some money off of it.

And also, you don't buy skins and stuff in Java unless someone makes you pay for it

Yup, that's what I mean. I just have the tendency to over explain stuff sometimes LOL.

And Ohh right, good call. THAT'S Microsoft too! XD