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posted 4 months ago


You might've seen a post made by the user Octagonular about me an hour ago. I am going to be dismissing all of his assumptions, and instead I am going to re-direct the spotlight over him.

I am a person who does not want to cause drama, but I have been dragged into the maelstrom, and now I must defend myself. I cannot sit idly by as he, out of all people, insults me.

As a person who has been a staff member on his server, I can tell you a few things about him I have learned in my time as a staff member. He abuses his powers, and he has banned a player because he kept asking for help. His explanation was he was trying to do it on purpose, which I doubt as he had been asking a different question after being answered.

When staff members would clash, he would always have an obvious bias for the staff member with a higher position, despite solid evidence being provided to say otherwise.

Even as a regular player on the Minehut network, he is still toxic, if you go on the forums and look around, you can easily spot him causing drama with another player. I have read some of his posts, and they contain him insulting another player or server.

I hate to continue drama, but this must be said. Moderators, feel free to lock this post.

  • Grandsma
4 months ago0

Ok there are many problems here and I’ll try to get myself out of this drama, so let me just talk:

Both of you guys are toxic and I do believe that you a more toxic than Octagonular I really do hope you’ve changed from that encouraging suicide phase in the lobbies.

There is really no point to this drama (as to all drama, as you could’ve fixed this by talking to him if you could or changing at least???)

Not that I’m saying this in an aggressive way (since legit every player that reads my replies always think that I’m very aggressive)

4 months ago0

First of all, I am going to say. You don't let on as aggressive in my eyes.

Secondly, I have tried to peacefully resolve my conflict with Octagonular by talking with him, but that has failed. He has labeled me a twisted and psychotic monster. I agree that I am toxic, everyone is a little toxic. But the way you have described me I take offense to, I am in no way as toxic as Octagonular.

Also, for the encouraging suicide, I am going to need some elaboration. I have bad memory, but that is something I can easily believe myself doing.

Thank you for your input.

  • Grandsma
4 months ago0

Your peaceful resolution was threatening to hack my developer, so I would talk to you. Nothing about this is peaceful. I wouldn't even describe this as dramatic, this is just malign.

4 months ago0

Also, you wouldn't have to defend yourself, if you didn't do all these toxic things in the first place.

4 months ago0


Could you please sort this out in DMs or something?, I will be locking this post as it's causing drama that doesn't need to be happening. Octangonular just like said in your post, if you have any evidence please report the player on the "Reports" category with proof.