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What you just did...*claps*0
posted 4 months ago

By locking that post, you just prevented Minehut from knowing the truth behind the scum...

That deserves a round of applause

4 months ago0

The post is still visible, anyone can view it. There's no reason to keep it unlocked though as it will eventually spark drama to happen which isn't what anyone wants here. Like Trent said, if you truly feel the player is malicious, gather some evidence and report it in the reports section.

4 months ago0

Also, the post was for informational purposes. Not for reporting the player. If I wanted to report the player, it would have been in the reports section.

4 months ago0

Let's just say someone made a post saying that you are a malicious person. You would probably make a reply back denying what they are saying, thus causing an argument to break out.

4 months ago0

You're starting drama on Minehut, something that we have a lot of, and don't require more of. I find it quite funny really. I see you constantly disrespecting players, both on the server, and on the forums. I can even find an example of this from your recent post ranting against me, I will just leave this here.

If you would like to talk, please do so in a civil manner, thank you.

  • Grandsma