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The most malicious player on minehut0
posted 4 months ago

NOTICE This can be disturbing to some users, only read what you want. This player, and I truly believe, is one of the most not only toxic, but overall malicious players on Minehut, and Minecraft.

This player has done all of the following, and somehow hasn't been banned. I'm sorry, I respect the staff team more than some players, but I have to say. You guys need to do your f***ing job.

The player has done all of the following, and more;

  • Told players to commit suicide

  • Threatened to hack users, and leak personal information

  • Laughed about autism

  • Obtained user's IPs

  • Just malicious, very, very, malicious

This is the worst player, I have ever seen

Do me a favor, spread #BanGrandsmaAlready

And this player is; Grandsma

4 months ago1

We take things like our user's safety in the online community very seriously. If you have any nefarious activity to let us know about, please post it in the reports section.

4 months ago0

Greetings, I understand that you want this player to be punished however, that is not how the Minehut System works. I remember around one year ago a similar post like this one was made for another toxic user, yet he wasn't banned.

Despite this, if you have any evidence that the player in question has broken any of the Minehut rules recently, I suggest you file a report against him with evidence and then the staff team will take action against him.

I appreciate you're concerns and effort to make Minehut a better place.


4 months ago0

This is mainly to show everyone how malicious this person really is. I know they won't get banned. Hell, why would minehut care?