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Vote for Credits6
posted 5 months ago

Voting is back!




You can now associate your Minecraft account to your Minehut web panel through the profile page. When you click the button to associate your account, it will give you a command /link <codehere>. Typing that command in the lobby is all you need to do! You can only associate 1 account at a time and can only change which account is associated once per week.

Vote history shows up on your profile page where all your other account info is dumped for you to see.


We currently are not giving out anything for the top voter of the month for December. We will see how it goes and then determine what we will do for the month of January :)

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Awesome feature Trent. Really, tysm for adding this. Trent is santa clause

5 months ago1

Can you shorten the delay for re-linking a Mnecraft account to 25 hours since 7 days is too long.

I was testing out if I can link 2 Minehut accounts to the Minecraft account(which worked) to see if I get 25 credits on both accounts if i were to vote(which only one account got). After that, I decided to un-link my account since I want the other Minehut account to have the credits if I voted(since the good servers I created were there. I also un-linked the other account as well in case if the account were not able to get the credits, but when I did try to re-link it, the duration for the link is 7 day(which I understand that people will exploit the voting system with alts). But why 7 days? isn't that too long just to re-link an account? A more reasonable duration would be 25 hours because its more than 24 hours and they can just vote again without changing accounts.

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Eyy, let's get it.

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"too long, didn't read"

Please add the link to vote in /vote in-game for easier access

4 months ago1

Even though 25 Credits seems small, you could earn 775 Credits if you vote for a straight month! Not too shabby for a reward if you ask me.

Also who here remembers when you had to vote for uptime? ‘v’

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Don't give him any ideas....

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Honezt, I suggest making a post about it on the "Suggestions" section.

My first question is. What the hell is this tl;dr?

And wow never knew this would get added..

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Too long, didn’t read

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nice! #Voteforfreecredits!

I voted but no credits welp

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Trent, can you make more voting things so we can vote more times a day ;)

4 months ago0

We made the reward 25 instead of 10 with the intent to never add more voting sites. We'd rather get boosted up really high on the only site that really helps us at all to be on the top :)

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like how a lot of servers have multiple voting links.

When I voted I didn't get any credits and I voted twice in seperate days

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Did you link your account and type your username with correct capitalization?