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Limited Edition T-Shirts2
posted 6 months ago

Minehut now has T-Shirts for sale!

Purchase on SLG's Shop only

The Details

  • Only 25 made
  • Limit to 1 per purchase
  • US only
  • $25 (includes shipping)


Limited Edition

These are limited edition shirts, meaning we only printed 25 of them. Once we have an idea for demand, we will place another, larger order of shirts as well as potentially some other items (sweaters or hoodies). But that order will not be the exact same shirt, so make sure to get one of only 25 exclusive shirts!

Wow! Minehut is like expanding a little, that’s awesome!

ezpz. got one

sadly it isnt possible to ship it to europe

6 months ago0

hmm $25 for a t-shirt, hmm

6 months ago0

including shipping... hmmmm

6 months ago1


5 months ago0

hmmmmmmmmmmm, bump.

5 months ago0

smart :)