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One Time Payments1
posted 4 months ago

One time payments are here!

  • Pay once instead of creating a monthly subscription
  • Subscribe to save 20%
  • PayPal still only way to pay (stripe in near future)

🔗 Check out the credits page


Subscription prices are staying the same, and are a 20% discount on one time payments. Prices are shown below.


4 months ago1

tysm. i'll buy some credits later <3

4 months ago0


people will still just buy the subscription and cancel it xD

BennyDoesStuffSenior Moderator
4 months ago0

You can't pay with your PayPal balance or a gift card with a subscription though.

4 months ago0


Eyy, one time payments are here boi's

4 months ago0

You shouldn't use paypal, people can chargeback.

4 months ago0


:O cool.

Makeing things easier for people, nice.