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Pumpkin Carving Contest - Win 5k Credits2
posted 6 months ago

Happy Halloween 🎃

We're doing a contest to see who can carve the coolest Minecraft or Minehut related pumpkin!

How to Enter

  • Get a pumpkin
  • Come up with a cool design that's loosely Minecraft or Minehut related
  • Carve the pumpkin
  • Take a picture of the pumpkin with your MC username written somewhere in the photo (not through photo editing software)
  • Tweet your photo @MinehutMC with the hashtag #SLGGoodGrief
  • You can have multiple submissions, and ask friends for help (but only 5k credits for the winner).

How to Win

  • Top pumpkins will be shown on Good Grief next Friday, October 26th.
  • We'll choose a winner during the stream.
  • Winner gets 5000 credits deposited into their Minehut account immediately after the stream

You have until the start of Good Grief to enter your pumpkin - 2pm pacific time on October 26th.


If I had a pumpkin, i'd enter.

6 months ago0

i'd totally enter but i'll be at bootcamp. 'tis the season to be jolly lalalala.

6 months ago0

It's not even Halloween yet .-.

6 months ago0


6 months ago0

It will be in 12 days.

6 months ago0

Didn't know you had to wait till Halloween day to carve pumpkins... Lol

6 months ago0

I guess you can wait till Halloween to carve a pumpkin but seriously, it gives you one day just to show off your pumpkin :/

6 months ago0


Give me my 5k credits now plz

Totally real pumpkin
6 months ago0

Give this man a reward

Wait, no photo editing software. Nvm...


6 months ago0

if we're allowed to vote for best pumpkin i'm voting for this


6 months ago0

We still only have 1 submission. Unless someone else carves a pumpkin, ez 5k credits for that user!

6 months ago0

dw im making the best pumpkin ever but i havent submitted bc i dont have twitter

maKe aN acCouNt tHen

Hitler Skin!!! Ban him!!!!