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New Halloween Lobby3
posted 7 months ago

Happy October!

Minehut's lobby is now a haunted mansion! The map was built by the great Cyclone Designs.


The map was built for Super League's Zombies minigame, so it has 4 rooms that can be unlocked. Each week, we'll be unlocking a new room of the map on Minehut. When a room is unlocked, there will be an easter egg placed in the new room and the first to find it will get 2000 credits! Right now, only room 1 is open.


  • Oct 1 - Lobby Released
  • Oct 5 - Room 2 unlocked
  • Oct 12 - Room 3 unlocked
  • Oct 19 - Room 4 unlocked
  • Oct 21 - Super League Zombies event!

Stay Updated

The rooms will be opened during the Good Grief stream on Fridays.

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I found a button at the top of the roof in room 2

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7 months ago0

Looks amazing, can't wait to see this in use!

7 months ago0

It's live on the server right now :)

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Looks slick

The lobby doesn't even look that good at all... Don 't mind me sharing my thoughts and opinions. Not saying its bad im just not into these kind of builds

s i c c

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Omg cool!

And Gratz to whoever finds the rooms first and gets the credits!