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115 Plugins Updated2
posted 5 months ago

I went through and updated 115 plugins today with a ton of help from Benny. The rest of the plugins either didn't have an update, or became premium.

Click here for a full list with links that we used to download

Updated Versions

Please take a look at note the new version of the plugin and where we downloaded them from. Some of your plugins might have new features!

Getting the Updates

These updates will apply to any server that's started since the announcement was posted. If you want the updates, simply restart your server!


If you run into any issues, ping me on Discord (Trent#4071) and I will take care of them right away!

Update 9/14

  • mcmmo fixed
  • SkyblockHoloStats fixed
  • Hack Detective disabled because it's broken on 1.12.2
  • Slimefun fixed
5 months ago0

The plug in bed wars reloaded was broken during this update. Will it be fixed anytime soon? 👍

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5 months ago0

when life gives you 115 plugins u update only 2 perfect

heck ye

5 months ago0


The link won't load for meh D:

5 months ago0

Try again, office online is having some issues right now but you should be able to get through.

Okay, Thank you

EDIT: Still not working, I let it stay for about like 3-5 minutes and it's still not loading. I'll try again in like 10 minutes to make sure its updated.

5 months ago0

Can you try using a different browser? I haven't had any issues opening it.

great my server is all broken. Stupid trent i mean thanks for updating like 115 plugins but my server is broken and i cant even fix most of them!

5 months ago0

The post said to ping me with issues you have so I can fix them, not complain without any details on the forums where I can't do anything about it :)

Trent, as snarky as usual

5 months ago0

Good job!


Ty Trent for updateing some plugins finally!

Finally! Plugins won't ask updates again! 👍

5 months ago0

incoming "the updates were too good for minehut, we will have to revert back to the outdated versions. sorry for the inconvenience" sorry for being a negative nancy lately but minehut just seems to be going down the drain.

5 months ago0

Fixed a few plugins as noted at the bottom of the post.

Well done I’ve been apart of the minehut community for ages but you guys are the best and sooo helpful thanks for that!!!

5 months ago0

GG 👍