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File Manager and World Uploading6
posted 6 months ago

File Manager

The file manager has gotten a few updates that we hope will be useful for you guys. The new features are the following:

Uploading files

It's finally here! You can select files from your computer and upload them directly to your server. Files will upload to whatever folder you are currently viewing. Only certain file type uploads are supported. The types you can upload are:

  • .yml
  • .json
  • .txt
  • .sk
  • .nbt
  • .mcfunction
  • .schematic
  • .properties
  • .csv
  • .png

Creating folders

Clean and simple. Just like creating a new file, you can now create new folders.

Delete mode

You can now delete files more easily using delete mode. Just change to delete mode and click delete on the files or folders you with to remove. Once you're done, you can exit delete mode by clicking the trashcan icon again.

World uploading

We've had world uploading for a while using the /ul command, but we did not have a web panel version. Now we do! You can find it in the world settings section of the web panel. You can select a world zip file and upload it directly to your server without any extra steps. The /ul command still works too, so you can still use that if you would like.

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Finally folder creation!

BennyDoesStuffSenior Moderator
6 months ago1


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! My prayers have been answered!

6 months ago1

Nice, this is honestly a really good update, it was worth the wait.

6 months ago1

Now, we shall uprise not really for Multi Admin (Giving People Console without giving out your account credentials).

There's technically a way to do this with DiscordSRV, and you can even restrict what can be done with that console, but it's not the best way to go about sharing consoles but before Minehut releases the ability to share consoles I dont see any other way happening

6 months ago1

Finally a good update!

6 months ago1



Quick question tho, when we upload a world does it replace your current one?

MotionqSenior Moderator
6 months ago2



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Well done, looks awesome!


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why no .db

6 months ago0

Good point. Can you tell me which plugins this would be helpful for?

6 months ago0

Off the top of my head, zPermissions, CoreProtect, and Skript SQLite storage mode.

Why would you use SQLite if you're using Skript? Just use a MySQL database then.

6 months ago0

Best DEV ever ♥

6 months ago0


Finally, the day has come! :thumbs_up:

Now we can upload server icons.

Oh wait it won't work.

6 months ago0

big moves, lookin good.


6 months ago0

Adding functions gonna take extra in 1.13 when it's fully on minehut, since it have datapacks. But great job

Me: (Sees Update) YES! FINALLY MY SERVER IS BACK ONLINE! (Goes to and starts up server) (Stays on starting) You still haven't fixed the problem to my server :(

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But my commands.yml still doesn't work.

6 months ago0

Noice and juicy update right here.


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Patiently waiting for Downloading stuff

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Where do I appeal to get unmuted please help

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6 months ago0

no .jpeg or .gif :(


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File uploading is temporarily disabled, when it will be back ?

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