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Jr.Mod Application

This is where you can apply for Junior Moderator on ArUwU:

If you get accepted as a Junior Moderator, you will go through a small trial period after which we'll promote/demote you to mod/default. We'll take into account your activeness, your punishment count, your false/unnecessary punishments, community feedback about you, etc.

Do not ask for your application to be read or it could risk an instant denial.


Good luck!




Format for applying for Junior Moderator:

In game name:

How many hours are you able to stay active on the Discord per day?:
How many hours are you able to stay active in-game per day?:
Your time-zone:


Why do you want to be staff here?:
Do you have any past experience? If so, elaborate:
What makes you unique/better than other applicants?:


Are you experienced in screensharing?:
Could you find a ghost client in a screenshare?:
Do you own any SS tools? If so, which ones?:


Anything else we should know about you? (Accomplishments, skills, hobbies, and other recreations outside of Minecraft):


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