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  3. Moved to Community Support. Please post in the correct category next time!
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  5. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minecraft Username: Pork_Loin Discord Name: PorkLoin#3883 Age: 15 Timezone: CST Can you speak fluently in any over languages (Multilingual)? I can't. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you have a microphone? Yes Do you have the ability to record? Yes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why are you applying for staff on Atroisty? I think I am able to be a good part of the staff team. I think I can contribute to making Atrosity having a better community then it already does. I am active on the server and the server's discord. What makes you a better applicant than others? I am online quite often. I am able to help people with questions they have about the server. I can record hackers when they're on. I am able to tell a difference between hacking and skilled pvpers. Do you have any previous experience if so what? I do not. How much time will you be able to contribute to being staff? 2-3 hours minimum daily. What would you class as your biggest strength? Moderating Chat. What activities do you do outside of minecraft? Im going to be help my school's Varsity Basketball team after school every day. I am also apart of Speech. Have you been banned on any servers if so what? None that I can remember. How do you think the community would feel about you being staff? I Think they might be alright with it. I'm not certain though. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Will you be able to do a voice interview? Yes Will you be able to come to staff meetings? Hopefully. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other/Notes: My parents are divorced. Every other weekend i got to my moms and I wont be able to get on as often. I also wouldn't be able to record on the computer at my moms. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. 1. Is there a way to make all logs to save unless you delete them 2. is there a way to revert logs
  7. Ok so I checked out the plugin and went to see if there was a link which there was https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/screamingbedwars-1-9-1-14.63714/ I highly suggest you go through it. It has all the commands and what they do and a few videos! Hope this helps mate
  8. Ceppy might not be as honest and kind as you think. In reality, he is a destructive being known for the murder of thousands and the annihilation of Kurtis' home! Absolutely terrible!! Don't believe me? Check out this SHOCKING, authentic proof of his crimes!!
  9. yeah this is just a generic 200 post milestone post so yeah. Also GG to Jackson on 1k posts
  10. Yum I like the Skriptza
  11. Topic Locked to prevent Necroposting Locked
  12. You didn't make this? https://www.mc-market.org/resources/9206/reviews
  13. How do I delete clubs lol

  14. Vituco

    custom packets

    like is it "packetsend %packettype% packet"?
  15. Vituco

    custom packets

    in Skellett what is the "send packet" command?
  16. PyroPi

    [!] CLICK [!]

    Thought you guys wouldn't notice reeeeeee
  17. Me and my friend were building a huge city on our server when a person named 17Simon came in our server. He helped us build so we gave him "op". He was building for us when he summon millions of withers, then de-op'ed us and then banned us from our server. We spent 7 days on the server. We managed to get unbanned using the Minehut page and the damage was crazy. When we did /kill @e then the Withers kept spawning. We broke the cmd block and we got rid of them. The damage was too much to fix in one day.

  18. This has been suggested many times, and I would love to see something like this implemented. I can't see any potential issues with this command, +1
  19. We noticed a bug over the weekend that was preventing some servers from starting that we just patched this morning. Please try again If you're still having issues, fill out a support ticket on the panel.
  20. The town plugin will unclaim all plots but the spawn plot of a town on server restart. I have looked in the config and online, but I cannot find a solution.
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