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  2. Minehut was down earlier. If it continues having problems, go to File Manager > logs > Scroll to latest.log copy and paste everything there into pastebin.com then put the link in a reply here OR make a support ticket at https://minehut.com/support/form
  3. Make an appeal in the Appeal section part of the forums. Chances are, you'll be unbanned a few days to a week from now.
  4. You need to go to the main panel Appearance change 'Server Type' to Spigot then on your version tab, 1.17 will be available. A word of warning, if you have an advanced server using extensive scripts from the Skript plugin, this can break a lot of those scripts.
  5. Click the Activate button and wait. If it refuses to even go into any state besides Hibernation, go to https://minehut.com/support/form and fill out a ticket. Should take a day or two.
  6. rosathorn

    can't connect

    Interesting. I've never seen this error... Well, best choice is to just contact support like it tells you to. Open a ticket, wait a few days.
  7. All joins will be tracked in the log folders, you can download and check those out.
  8. You can hide the chat in vanilla Minecraft in the chat settings menu. And "Better anti cheats", could you list a few?
  9. Today
  10. The requirements are actually pretty low, they require the amounts that they do as anything under that and you likely won't get any new people playing on Minehut.
  11. You've already been unbanned once. You aren't getting unbanned. aka your appeal and all the ones before it have been rejected.
  12. Oh i wanted to ask why this option was created? Why only allow the creation of servers?
  13. I mean there isnt a harm in fiddling with the things
  14. Im not exactly sure if the video you are talking about in the server list is considered an ad. I guess it's a way to showcase clips that they gotten. Im not too sure about the whole thing
  15. Jesus thats a lot of posts...
  16. You can follow up on the minehut discord server's Announcement channel to see why the servers are laggy for some point. And also probably because minehut kinda flimsy : p
  17. I imagine someone attempting to buy that
  18. unban me pls 
    my minecraft name is evlmny
    i did nothing wrong 
    and send me a new discord link

  19. i was playing for the first time on the server and i was having fun, about 1 hour later i get disconected and sent back to the main minehut lobby, and when i try to join back, it dosent let me join, pls unban me. ps: my mc name is evlmny and send change the discord invite link cus its expired
  20. A few days ago, I believe a troll joined my server and took me and my friend's ores and griefed. They added a ton of axolotls in our axolotl tank, took our diamonds, and killed a lot of our villagers. Our base was far away from spawn too, so the person must have op. We ended up using op to get all of the diamonds back, we spawned some villagers, and we tried killing all of the axolotls. Sadly today, the griefer joined the server again and added some signs. Me and my friends find this really annoying and we just want to have a relaxing time playing minecraft on minehut.
  21. Awesome skript! Have no idea why i didnt seen this before! + 1 follower
  22. Why was I perm banned? I was no playing around with world edit with my friend and then all of a sudden I got perm banned for bottling. I think I was hacked or the anti cheat glitched?
  23. but why did it whitelist automatically
  24. That means they whitelisted the server and you aren't part of the whitelist. Not a glitch.
  25. It will be fine, the chances of you having any problems from the person who ddosed this won't probably mess with you, your not popular and they can't really do much.
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