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A club for members of the OldGaffle server for the purposes of discussion, suggestion, and reporting.

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  2. Should I make a second season so the server isn't stale? This would likely include: Addition of new map(s) Rebalancing Addition of new fun features All data would be reset because I would have to change from using player names to player uuids in compliance with best scripting practices. Also new seasons generally include a reset. Fun Christmas event (when Christmas comes) General debloating of the server's code. (The reason I stopped working on the server is because the code became so annoying to work with.)
  3. It has long been discussed my need for staff and how desolate the server can be throughout the middle of the day. For this reason, among others, I have decided I need some staff. I will select the most qualified people and I trust they will do their part to continue the work of cultivating a good server community. Thank you to all those who apply. Good luck! P.S. Apply in the staff applications section. Do not apply by responding to this post!
  4. I think a grenade launcher would also be nice when it hits the ground or someone it explodes into many snowballs.
  5. I really like this idea. What item do you think would work? Please do not say rail.
  6. Maybe a rail gun, shoots 10+ snowballs in a straight line, which has a 10 - 20 second cooldown on use the normal upgrades will apply
  7. There is room in the player hotbar for one more thing and I have no idea what to add. Could be a placable thing similar to bombs/walls, a gun, or something else? I have basically no idea about what to add here. Does anyone have any interesting ideas?
  8. I am essentially asking these questions: Should they do anything? If they do something, what should that be? I am considering making xp partially dependent on killstreaks. If I do this, should the progression be exponential, or linear? Right now killstreaks only affect the number of placable cobblestone blocks received after a kill. I think they should be more interesting! What do y'all think?
  9. I also like the idea of an island map but i would have to do something about the water though. Can't have that becoming frustrating as water so often does in minecraft. Particularly for anyone who plays on a version below 1.13.
  10. I've wanted a place where new update ideas and such can be discussed, so here it is. I have come up with a few new map ideas for the server such as cityscapes and an island map, and checkmate agrees with the cityscapes map but I think more would be good so he knows what to add when he adds the maps.
  11. This is exactly what I am doing today.
  12. The server is sick, and has a lot of unique and cool features but, it is getting kinda boring for me. I have 21 prestiges and nothing to really do I think the server needs more upgrades and prestige upgrades.

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