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The official forums club for Observant, the best box grinding server on Minehut! Re-released on July 23, 2022. Join the newly revamped Observant!

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  2. Where: In game Discord (and Discriminator): Kapsteri#2664 Discord User ID: (Only add if you are appealing a discord punishment) Punishment Type: Mute Punishment Reason: No Did you deserve your punishment? No Why do you deserve to be un-punished? Because i asked to unban my friend in the chat and then i got muted for the reason "No" Evidence:
  3. What even is this.. Denied.
  4. ---------- COPY PASTE THIS PART ---------- Name (First and/or Nickname): Sebastian Platts Age:14 leather MC Username (and all alts):littlewinner550 Discord (and Discriminator): cool guy#0301 Have you applied before? If so, when?: I have not applied for this server ever What is your time played? How often can you be online?: I can be online for at least 2 hours minimum and 2-4 hours max Why do you want to be staff?: I want to help out the community and the server Do you have any experience as staff? If so, where?: no Why choose you over other applicants:i believe you should hire me for 3, the first reason is I have the skills , the qualities and the experience witch are suitable for the job and I believe that is important because I can straight away be checking up on the server and contributing in a positive manner and make a differed quickly and I have the experience to start helping the server quickly, the second reason is I'm a very positive enthusiastic and motivated person and having researched in the server I believe you to have ambitious plans for the server and I believe that being able to help the server and work with you and even events I will be able to help u achieve goals , the final reason is I will be a positive role model to the server, I'm somebody who is very loyal, honest and I will always be respectful, and those are the three reasons why I believe you should pick me Scenario: Someone comes on the server and bypass racial slur filters. What do you do? (Give an honest opinion on what you think should happen):I would immediately mute them and tell the staff in a community conversation on the discord Scenario: Someone comes on the server and uses KillAura hacks, blatantly. What do you do? (Give an honest opinion on what you think should happen): I would ban them and I would 100% let the owner and staff about what happened who and any extra information Did you read the guidelines?: yes Do you understand that you will be severely punished if you abuse your power in any way?:I do understand Do you agree to not ask a staff member to read your application?:I agree Tell us a bit about yourself, where you're from, what you like to do, let us know that you're a real person with a real life: as u know my name is Sebastian, seb for short and I come from the England in the uk and I mostly don't have anything on my schedule so I mostly play Minecraft but I do a bit of sports like basketball, football and even a bit of hokey. I sometimes go out with my friends and go to the town centre (I have the coolest base on hypixle it is insane twitch streamers has read it was mega ) but enyway im a very nice and talkative person and not shy to talk to people. ---------- END OF COPY PASTE AREA ----------
  5. Name (First and/or Nickname): Opins Age:32 MC Username (and all alts):Opins Discord (and Discriminator): EarthSpinnerYT#1220 Have you applied before? If so, when?:I have it was 2 months ago What is your time played? (Check using /playtime in game):5 days 16 minutes and 32 seconds How often can you be online?: I play a lot usually from 5:00 western time to the end of the day Why do you want to be staff?:Because I want to help people Do you have any experience as staff? If so, where?:I do It was on a SMP Why choose you over other applicants: Because I am great at being a admin and have lots of experience
  6. Ethan has something been going wrong lately is that why your in a bad mood
  7. Where: In game MC Username: Lumonoi Discord (and Discriminator): HeylookitsNub#5014 Discord User ID: (Only add if you are appealing a discord punishment) Punishment Type: Ban Perm Punishment Reason: "Mom slander" I said "ur mom" Did you deserve your punishment? No Why do you deserve to be un-punished? Yes, at most it's just a mute Evidence: (If you have any video/photo evidence of when you were punished)
  8. Where: Both MC Username: KasperL123 Discord (and Discriminator): KasperL123#0001 Discord User ID: Punishment Type: blacklist, Permanernt Punishment Reason: Ban evading Did you deserve your punishment? No Why do you deserve to be un-punished? My little brother got banned from observant ign: Alien_From_Mars and i didnt do anyhthing and i just got banned. Evidence: Observant ban.mp4
  9. I was banned like a month ago made 3 appeals and im still banned why i literly did all the proof u needed and i didnt hack why just unban Username: Harfull
  10. Where: In-Game MC Username: Harfull Discord (and Discriminator): Harfull#2378 Punishment Type: Ban Permantly Punishment Reason: KillAura Did you deserve your punishment? Nope I wasn't using Kilaura I was using regular mc optifine Why do you deserve to be un-punished? Because I did nothing to get banned I was lagging alot and then it just banned me Evidence:
  11. I didn't help Jun and sly ban evade, they did it on their own. In fact I didn't even know they were doing it the whole time, i only knew when he was asking about vpns, and he told me and sly that he was noskincat a while back, then i told you bc I didn't want to risk getting banned, but now I am. I didn't even help version ban evade, i never talked to him after he got banned, bc he had nothing to do, and he would always want to play hypixel.
  12. I was in my friend house and i got bored so i got into minecraft and i was joining from my alt and my friend who got banned for a week didnt told me that he got banned and while i was got into the the server with my alt i got ban with my alt and he got blacklisted and it will be great if you could give him whitelist on the server
  13. This day is a possible day that the server will be reset.
  14. until
    I'll be on vacation, popping on momentarily on my laptop (possibly), but other than that, unavailable.
  15. Discord Server Rules Be Respectful This applies to everyone, normal members, staff members, and even bots (but they can't really take offense to anything). No Politics/Religion Discussions Talking Politics/Religion is strictly prohibited. No Sexual References/NSFW/Illegal Activity Please refrain from talking about these things, as this is a PG rated server. No Excessive Swearing/Cursing Swearing at users is prohibited, swearing casually is okay as long as it's not excessively. No Harassment Based on Race/Gender/Nationality/Sexual Orientation Violation of this rule will result in an immediate ban. No exceptions ever. No Revealing Personal Info Please don't reveal any personal info about yourself or others, for example your address or full name. No Advertising/Offensive Media Malicious Links/Promotion is prohibited. No Exploits These rules can't possibly cover everything that is considered not okay for this server, so don't try to be "smart". No Explicit Names/Profile Pictures Keep your names, statuses, and profile pictures rated G. They also should not have any special characters in them. Do not misuse channels Read the description of channels, and follow that description. For example, keep memes out of general. Do not Ghost Ping Pinging someone then deleting the message (especially if they're offline) is considered ghost pinging and is against the rules. Use Common Sense If you think someone could possibly be offended by something you say or do, don't do it. Use common sense and be conscious of your actions. Age It is against the TOS of Discord to have an account while under 13 years of age. If you are found younger than 13, you will be reported to discord. Minecraft Server Rules No Hacking/Cheating Any kind of unfair advantage provided by Modifications to your client is strictly prohibited. Even playing on a hacked client is prohibited. Respect You must respect all other players on this server, especially staff. No Advertising Advertising unauthorized sites/servers is prohibited and will result in a ban. This now includes telling other players on Observant to join another server, even if it is just for a "1v1". No Discrimination/Slurs Use of derogatory terms to offend someone of a certain race, ethnicity, nationality, etc is absolutely not allowed. No Threats This includes but is not limited to: DDoS, Suicide/Death, Doxing (Revealing their full name, where they live, etc) Keep Swearing to a Minimum Keep in mind, Minecraft is a kids game, don't go overboard with the swearing. No Sexual References This is especially not allowed on the Minecraft server, as there are usually younger kids that shouldn't be exposed to that kind of thing yet. No Abusing Glitches If you find a bug with something and do not report it OR report it, but still abuse it, you will be severely punished. No Spam/Flood Spamming the same message(s) over and over again is not allowed, as well as spamming the same characters or ramble of sentences in one message. No Spawn Camping No waiting outside to kill players that are naked unprovoked (if they are hitting you first/stealing then it's fine. Use Common Sense Not every violation can be listed here, but if a major rule was left out, it will be added to the list. No Excessive Toxicity Repeatedly showing disrespect to a player is prohibited. No Outside/IRL Trading You are not allowed to trade in game items for outside perks, like Badlion Client merch, and paypal money. You ARE allowed to trade in game items for inside perks, like Watchdog rank, or a donor plot. No Scamming for Ranks It is prohibited to scam for an in game rank. If you promise someone a stack of roses for the Bubble rank, you are expected to give them those roses before or after they buy you the rank. If you give them the roses, but they do not buy you the rank, that isn't against the rules, but if you get the rank, but refuse to give the roses, you will be permanently banned. If you do not follow these rules, you will be punished as the staff member sees fit.
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    • So, I have been trying to create a script for a mini-game, which requires a changing world border. My issue is, I can't find a way to set the world border in my mini-game world using skript. Anytime I try making it execute the default border command, it sets it in my server's main world (world). Is it even possible to do this? If so, please help me out!

    • HI im Zack i am a nice dev and very calm and chill i dont ban or kick without a good reason my own server (which need players and staff look at my other posts) Its called Godcraft234 im hoping i can get enough credits to make it online 24/7 but anyway im good at commands i know a little abt building but i am a chill person i am a fast truster so if u r very nice or cool at anything i trust u i might even make u co owner u never know lol. And my server is still in development so if u have any suggestions pls feel free to tell me when im online which is on school days 4:00pm to 7:30pm and on weekends i always check on my server to make sure theres no abusing staff but as i said im looking for staff and co owner and a builder and a mod and admin and if we have to much mods i will give u jr mod and thats all bye hope u join have a nice day u all

    • looking for staff and players for my new server its still in development tho so i need builders and staff and admins mods and maybe a co owner if u r interested email me at ZackAttack189@hotmail.comĀ  or i will be on my server during weekends maybe most days and going to be on school days to check on it at 4:00pm thro 7:30pm the server is called Godcraft234 pls join and if im on when u join i will let u have ur own nametag or nick so pls join and if u like it make a ad pls. whoever makes the most ads will get co-owner and a top player rank and the 2nd one will get admin with the rank Best player so pls join tysm.

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