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Released! $100 Paypal #1 island skyblock reward

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  2. We released! Come join us at play.kibimc.com
  3. KIBIMC will be releasing soon and we would like to have as much people on our discord community as well as in the game. The server is based on SkyBlock, so if you enjoy mining, fighting bosses, building and interacting with members come join us! if you find a bug please report it to a staff member or a developer online. Keep in mind right now we are whitelisted and when we release we will be a early-access server. During the early access period we can put time into adding stuff such as MMO levelling and collectables, we are thinking outside the box! Want to join our discord? Click here
  4. KibiMC is not fully released yet, we are still working hard to give everyone the BEST skyblock experience. We should be releasing soon if everything goes to plan.

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