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What is Parasite?
Parasite is an open world zombie experience where you'll be able to join a faction and fight against hordes of zombies! But that's not it, you'll be able to discover the mysteries and wonders of our huge map! Along with fighting your faction enemies, you will be able to loot buildings to your full extent! Find loot that possibly no one else has, explore areas that may have the remanence of what was there before the invasion, and more!

Why Play?
Some players may ask why you'd want to play, well we plan on having something for just about everyone, we'll have a gamemode specifically for PVP, obviously the main purpose of the server PVE and a massive looting experience found in major games like Destiny, skill trees that you can expand for ages until you turn... 80? Yeah that sounds right. There is also a bunch of tiny little secrets to find within our map for those little sneaky adventurers 😉

When is this Releasing?
We are not sure when we will release currently, but once we have a found date this will be updated and people will be pinged

Is there going to be a Beta?
We most likely will have a beta, some time before the beta starts we will release applications for it and get as much amazing little rascals to help us play test the server!

(Information may be updated as time progresses, and things will be added)

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