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ValkyrieNetwork is a minehut community service that has been hosting for 4 years. We provide fun games with cool activities and events. Plus we do giveaways through out the community!

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  2. Thanks for asking Ezekia, you already have/get all permission as soon as you make your ValkNet server. It's as simple as installing a plugin, then doing a command related to it. Commands can be found with /help <plugin name>
  3. The 5th Anniversary of ValkNet. ValkNet is one of the most popular servers around on minehut and used to be the most popular servers in the past years and we never stopped. We will continue our community service for everyone! ~Hosted by TacticalModz. (and still from this day on) I'm very happy to make an huge community and ValkNet is my successful projects i have ever done so far in my entire life!

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