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ValkyrieNetwork is a minehut community service that has been hosting for 4 years. We provide fun games with cool activities and events. Plus we do giveaways through out the community!

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  2. Okay, so I have a few things I wanna ask (the first one is a joke): Should we name this category 'Ezekia's Questions' because I'm the only one that posts here? I know that World Guard is coming to ValkNet, but what features will be blocked? What normally causes the services to be down? How much Skripting was put into this? I've run out of questions so ask me some lol
  3. Advertising is perfectly fine as long its hosted by ValkNet. All rules listed here: https://valknet.namelesshosting.com/rules/ Post Locked ~TacticalModz
  4. hello again so uhhh can you advert ur valknet servers here if so, look below if not, i dont know lock this or something advert: Numeric - PvP and Parkour! A clicker based RPG-ish server that is actually fun for once! Obviously you can't join unless I start it up or there is no one playing, so try to join when I'm online! Go apply for staff on something i dont know k bye
  5. Thanks for asking Ezekia, you already have/get all permission as soon as you make your ValkNet server. It's as simple as installing a plugin, then doing a command related to it. Commands can be found with /help <plugin name>
  6. The 5th Anniversary of ValkNet. ValkNet is one of the most popular servers around on minehut and used to be the most popular servers in the past years and we never stopped. We will continue our community service for everyone! ~Hosted by TacticalModz. (and still from this day on) I'm very happy to make an huge community and ValkNet is my successful projects i have ever done so far in my entire life!

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