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Creative Hub Community
Hello, If you are new welcome to the place to express yourself. We are still in development with a whitelist on our server
but you are allowed to join our discord community, we have a fully setup connection in our general chat so you can talk in minecraft through discord.

Guns Update Project
This guns update is a project in the works and will be in the works for a very long time, an estimate is about 1-3 Years to finish.
Builders are needed a lot during these times the Owner Cactiminez will be having the server down and whitelisted for the time
and most days he will be in configs of the server.


Collaborating Servers

We are collaborating with a server with the same theme as ours it is also in development.
The in-game username is the following BobRossPBS


Collaboration Apps
If you have a server and wish to collaborate well then the only way possible is to DM Cactiminez on discord to ask about the application
More info Later

Copy & Paste into a webpage URL.


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