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Now supporting a new server!

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LotOfPVP.minehut.gg and LotG.minehut.gg
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  2. LotG


    10/10 best speech in 2020
  3. LotG


    Report: Username: Abusers username: Opped or Not: Video or Screenshot evidence:
  4. Bypassing the anti-cheat sucks, With this reports tab you can report many players as you want, That are hacking or using strong language bypassing the filter.
  5. Rank: (optional) Why: Age: (optional) Have you been staff before: Will you operate LotG greatly:
  6. LotG

    Spring Starts!

    The yearly event from LotG!
  7. Username: Choice Ban Reason: Up to the admins Was it fair: Yes or No Unban Reason: Your Choice
  8. I will awnser them later.

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