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Deserta is a Unique Minehut server, where you need to survive in a desert & manage temperature as well as your thirst bar. Purchase houses, make shipments for money, and reign supreme. Good luck out there.

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  2. Name: NoHacJustPanda
  3. UPCOMING EVENT Hey guys, upcoming event @ November 3rd @ 5:30PM CST // 6:30PM EST // 3:30PM PST Giving Away: x1 /wings command (temp flight x2 $15,000 (coins) x1 mansion built for specifically you x1 Super fast & unique horse Be sure to be there for the Event!
  4. the server said if i join forums i get free 1k coins so yeah my username is bodoke82
  5. UPDATE LOG: . Added /tribe . Do the command for command help. You can buy speed & strength upgrades for your tribe, too! . Added horse stables at 97 173 -553 | Operates like purchasing a house . Added tips in chat that broadcast regularly . Added a title tutorial for new players . Added helpful holograms at spawn . Prevented /home from being abused(?) . Fixed AC's not working. Now, you don't lose temperature when near one FOR GOOD. . Fixed other bugs I can't remember.. . Added daily quests - do /daily to view them! . Added referral code. Someone needs to do /code <player name> that player will receive $450! Only works once per player. . Upped the money shipments give you . Fixed tiers hopefully . Added other things, not entirely worth mentioning Come join @ deserta.minehut.gg
  6. Deserta is going under all-day maintenance, and will be back on October 27. Update log: . daily quests . some code optimization . simplify a bunch of things . drinking will no longer injure you, canteen is just a more effective way of carrying water . adjustments to the looting system . add more helpful things for new players . add crates . -There'll be horse stables in each town where you can buy a safe place to store your horse . a grouping system that allows you to upgrade your tribe
  7. LastMC


    my ign is: LastMC
  8. SheScreamsIce
  9. When the server releases, your coins will be distributed.
  10. You will get your free coins on October 23. The release. :3

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