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Dupehax is a Minecraft HvH (Hacker versus Hacker) server. This server does not ban for hacks and has a VERY weak anticheat. If this interests you, get out your gaming chair and come have fun! Our gamemodes are Duels and KitPvP but we will be expanding to things such as Skywars.

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  2. What is HvH? It's basically PvP but hacks are allowed on the server. Yes, there is a weak anticheat, but most decent clients can bypass it. And by the chance that you can't, you can buy an anticheat disabler for just $1-2 on our shop. What gamemodes do we have? Currently, we have KitPvP and Duels. Soon, we will be adding gamemodes like Skywars. If you have some gamemodes to suggest, ask Epicsaurus on the server and he will consider adding it When is the server open? How can I join? And how can I know when the server will be open? As of 8/1/20 at 5:24 pm E

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